Chris Brown Threw A Bag Full of Guns And Drugs At The Cops

UPDATE: Chris Brown has been arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

When we last left Chris Brown, his house was surrounded by cops after he allegedly threatened a woman with a gun who called 911 after fleeing. Since then, he posted a series of Instagram videos (below) where he says “fuck the police” and cites Black Lives Matter, but mostly just talks about farts – Not even a joke. – because motherfucker is high. And how do we know he’s high? Because he made a video saying the cops aren’t going to find shit, and then threw a bag full of guns and drugs at them, which I’m pretty sure qualifies as shit. TMZ reports:

Police have retrieved at least one gun, other weapons and drugs from Chris Brown’s home, after Chris threw a duffel bag out the window of his home … TMZ has learned.
TMZ broke the story … cops raced to Chris’ home early Tuesday morning after a woman called 911 and claimed he pulled a gun on her.
Police have been at the house since 3 AM and are in the process of getting a search warrant. Chris has not left the house, but multiple sources tell us he was defiant as he threw the duffel bag out the window, taunting cops and saying, “Come and get me.”

Real talk for a second: As much as I’m constantly refreshing TMZ to find out if Chris Brown is dead yet, and maybe crossing my fingers, there’s nothing I’d love to see more then this ending as boringly as possible. I’m talking Mr. Come And Get Me’s lawyer shows up, and then everybody has Frappucinos. Because, c’mon, Chris Brown wishes he could go out like Scarface, but he’d never have the balls to do it. — Unless every cop there is a woman, then maybe. Check their vaginas!

Enjoy these before they become Exhibits A, B, and C.

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