Chris Brown Should Really Stop Tweeting

Despite deleting his Charlie Sheen tweet immediately following his violent outburst on Good Morning America, Chris Brown continued to use Twitter after the incident and retweeted the following gems from his fans over the past hour:

- I understand @chrisbrown, I’m going to buy F.A.M.E. Actually I’m gonna buy 10 copies and give them to my nieces and god daughters.
– go get @chrisbrown album he’s a perfect example of talent prevails over FAME
– @chrisbrown the media is just trying to bring you down… DONT LET THEM!!!!!

Dammit, they got us. Alright, here’s the deal: All of us in the media got together this morning and paid that window to antagonize Chris Brown to the point where he’d rip his shirt off and violently smash it to pieces. You see, once he dyed his hair blonde, there was no way we could allow someone to look fly and make dope music for his fans. The earth would spin right off its axis. So please, try to remember that Chris Brown is never at any point responsible for his actions because it’s always the media bringing him down. In fact, for our next trick, we’re going to make him give a non-repentant, emotionless apology so he looks like an even larger douche. That’ll teach him to be a super-dope graffiti artist. MUAHAHA! *strokes white Persian cat*

Photos: Twitter