Chris Brown Should Really Stop Tweeting

March 22nd, 2011 // 47 Comments

Despite deleting his Charlie Sheen tweet immediately following his violent outburst on Good Morning America, Chris Brown continued to use Twitter after the incident and retweeted the following gems from his fans over the past hour:

- I understand @chrisbrown, I’m going to buy F.A.M.E. Actually I’m gonna buy 10 copies and give them to my nieces and god daughters.
- go get @chrisbrown album he’s a perfect example of talent prevails over FAME
- @chrisbrown the media is just trying to bring you down… DONT LET THEM!!!!!

Dammit, they got us. Alright, here’s the deal: All of us in the media got together this morning and paid that window to antagonize Chris Brown to the point where he’d rip his shirt off and violently smash it to pieces. You see, once he dyed his hair blonde, there was no way we could allow someone to look fly and make dope music for his fans. The earth would spin right off its axis. So please, try to remember that Chris Brown is never at any point responsible for his actions because it’s always the media bringing him down. In fact, for our next trick, we’re going to make him give a non-repentant, emotionless apology so he looks like an even larger douche. That’ll teach him to be a super-dope graffiti artist. MUAHAHA! *strokes white Persian cat*

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  1. mememe


  2. Levi

    This is great publicity, it will def. help with sales. Kanye needs to step it up and slaughter a box full of puppies to top this shit.

  3. Kel

    I don’t blame him for beating the shit out of Rhianna. I would too if I had to hear her sing as much as he probably had to, but that window…it didn’t do anything wrong. :(

  4. Sarakiel

    Follow the logic:

    Chris brown -> Rihanna
    Rihanna -> punch
    Punch -> donkey punch
    Donkey punch -> charlie sheen
    Charlie sheen -> tiger’s blood
    TIger’s blood -> golf club vs suv (tigers ex wife)
    Golve club vs suv -> smashed window.

    therefore : Chris brow = smashed window.

    It all makes sense in the grand scheme of things. its the threads of fate, not chris ‘ fault. He is blameless.

    Besides the window was talking smack and just beggin for it… that slut. Go to hell window…


  5. Well, that went well… Keep up the good work media…

  6. Ruth

    Okay. So I’ve never have actually heard his music. I’ve just YouTube’d “Forever. I don’t get it.

  7. MR. T

    You asshole Journalist just won’t stop until you force Chris Brown to beat and kick another woman who will probably be asking for it. STOP WITH THE CONSPIRANATIONS AGAINST THIS PO’ MAN!

  8. Emm

    What a fucking douche… I don’t understand how he still has any fans.

    The first tweeter sounds like a real family man. “Who gives a fuck that this dude beat the shit out of a girl, have his album, niece! And remember, I don’t care if you get abused later in life!”

  9. log rollin'

    Is this the cover of the new Fine Young Cannibals album?

  10. That's Retarded

    that’s retarded

  11. YeahYeah

    CB is an asshole and his actions will always prove he’s an asshole. The past may be the the past, but he did still beat a female and never owned up to it.

  12. slappy magoo

    Am I the only one who wants to make a “Hey, did someone shit on the American flag, oh, wait that’s Chris Brown” comment but is concerned that someone will think it’s a racist statement and not a “Chris Brown is a piece of shit” statement?

  13. eatyou

    Hey, did someone shit on the American flag, oh, wait that’s Chris Brown

  14. josh

    Why is this an issue? Yeah, chris brown hit a woman and gets violent. So does every other rapper. And dont go on about how he’s supposed to be a role model, every little girl with chris brown on their ipod has some lil wayne on there talking about “run up in a nigga crib and shoot his grandmother up” too. If he hit some unknown woman like the others nobody would give a shit, he just happened to punch a multi-platinum selling RnB act.

  15. Just some friendly advice kids. When the world has got you down and you find yourself at the bottom of a deep dark hole, STOP DIGGING!

  16. Chris is showing the media savvy of a coma patient.

    If he’s going to explode into violent rages every time he’s asked about Rhianna, what does he think is going to happen? That shit is ratings gold…it would be like inviting him on the show and talking about fishing for 30 minutes.

  17. Joplin

    Robyn robbins is a BITCH that bullsh*t she pulled was WRONG I’m not sayin what he did to that girl was right but a piece of that story is missing out of respect for her Image but I believe he was provoked hints his actions… now robyn is lucky cause if I was there I would have SLAPPED HER for my own reasons. When provoked comes action follows consequences SO WHAT A WINDOW WAS BROKEN he needed air from all the flames that ppl can’t let go of. STROKES BLACK MAUI FROM EGYPT… WHO’S INCHARGE OF THIS NO BUDGET BLOG ANYWAY LAME. Your one of the media whores he talks about hatter

    • bumper

      Typical Chris Brown fan responds with a violent act. Lol at this blog being a ‘no budget’ blo… it’s one of the top 3 biggest celebrity internet hits. Maybe you’ll realize Chris Brown acts like a stunted child.

      You think Chris Brown isn’t a media whore too? He’s on Twitter all day and only cares about pimping his album. If you think he cares about his fans really cares, give me a break. It’s all about money and bravado. You might need to look that word up.

    • Eric

      What about Robyn’s brother? Baskin?

    • sarah

      You realize that even when provoked a man NEVER and I mean NEVER raises his hand to a woman? Even if she’s going at it hard–he’s most likely letting her get out his anger because he’s stronger. A real man would never hit a woman, even if she hit him first. Idc what’s ‘missing’ in the story–what’s missing is you don’t understand that even if she was flipping out on him and hitting him, look at her she’s tiny, and look at his muscles, do you really think he felt threatened enough by her to smash her had against a steering wheel justifiably? No. F*cking crazy ass people. He beat a tiny woman!

  18. alex

    Good thing we now now this violent offender shaves his chest. What a sissy.

  19. JOPLIN

    So every interview HAS to be about how he beat rihannas ass its unfair to his craft of music EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES AN EVERYONE HAS A TEMPER JUST HAVE TO FIND WHAT TRIGGERS IT AN THE MEDIA KNOWS HIS THAT’S ALL I’M GONNA SAY

  20. Alex

    Chris Brown loves America! At least mid-twentieth century America, back when women knew their place.

  21. Eric

    Chris. Brown. Beats. Women.

  22. sarah

    Ok… Wtf does F.A.M.E. Even stand for–i am aware it is an acronym. The only thing I’ve come up with is Fuck A Mans Excuses. It also bothers me that he used the wrong spelling of ‘their’…. If this is how he responds to small confrontations I can only imagine his next relationship!
    A brief glimpse into the romantic world of chris brown…
    Ahem: it be like this. Bitch be ridin’ me sayin’ its my turn to do the dishes–like a gentleman I tell her it be her turn to shut her damn mouth before I shut it for her. For some reason she didn’ get what I be articulatin’ and told me she didn’ want my excuses. I explain’ to her by rippin my shirt off that she the woman and I the man–hence my chest cus its manly yo. She still be trippin and in my face all askin me to do shit…. So I threw her out the window. I don’t know why people be on me about this shit when bitches be crazy! Me do the dishes? Bitch sit down–I just got myself a manicure.
    The end.

  23. buenaventura

    dyed hair, ripping shirts, senseless violence… chris brown’s mentor is hulk hogan.

  24. Chris Brown Twitter Violent Outburst GMA
    Commented on this photo:

    chrisbreezy9292 should be beaten, punched, kicked, and bitten then we’ll see what she has to say

  25. Chris Brown Twitter Violent Outburst GMA
    Ms Me
    Commented on this photo:

    I totally support him. That dude can throw down some mad beats.

  26. SuperT

    Media conspiracy or the most brilliant military strategy ever…damn you China

  27. bright white girl

    He’s lucky he lives now. Back a few centuries ago if he broke a window or fucked up a master’s slavepiece, he’d be sleeping in the barn with the pigs in chains, oh, wait!

  28. Turd Ferguson

    I hate when the media insists on bringing down perfectly good arrogant assholes.

  29. Those colors don’t run. They skip, though.

  30. Chris Brown Twitter Violent Outburst GMA
    Commented on this photo:

    Change of color? CHECK
    Destructve temper? CHECK
    Speaks of himself in the third person? CHECK

    Get me Thunderbolt Ross on the phone, STAT!

  31. skuddles

    This headline should read “Chris Brown should really stop breathing”.

  32. Chris Brown Violent Outburst GMA Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    you seriously have issues! if anyone should stop anything it would be you. Stop writing, matter fact stop blogging, no one gives a shit (obviously by your lack of comments)

    You should get a life and stop living in other peoples (Chris Browns) life! We all know that what he did to Rihanna was beyond bad, but he’s realised that, and no one in this world can judge him other than God! you aint God so get off your high horse and write about something worth reading!!!

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