Sometimes Chris Brown’s Mood Is Rape, Good To Know

If you’re Chris Brown, the last thing you want to is be associated with a guy who violently yells at a woman to “Shut the fuck up and take this young dick!” However, if you’re Chris Brown, you’re also a goddamn idiot, so here’s a video from The Shiggy Show that Chris posted as his “mood” yesterday because apparently he finally realized the missing piece from his douche quiver is rape arrows. I knew he had it in him.

When The Older Females Keep Telling You That You Too Young

A video posted by Mr. Extra JuicyTheShoker (@theshiggyshow) on

In case any of you have been thinking about suicide lately, this motherfucker has 316,000 Instagram followers responding to this shit with “PAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That’s me, bruh!” (actual comment), so a couple of us are meeting in my garage later. We’re having punch. Yummy punch. — It has pills in it.

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