Chris Brown Pulled From ‘The Daily Show’ After Staff Protests


Chris Brown was originally scheduled to appear on The Daily Show last night but was replaced at the last minute by Nick Cannon in what seemed like your average scheduling conflict. Except on Monday, The Daily Best reported that Daily Show staff members were actively petitioning Trevor Noah to rescind his interview offer to Chris Brown because, well, he’s Chris Brown:

Several Daily Show staffers told The Daily Beast that Brown’s interview booking has become a cause for concern around the office. But while many staffers disapprove of the booking decision, host Trevor Noah allegedly hopes to use the interview to bring light to domestic abuse issues. Our sources confirmed that Noah brought up such a possibility during an all-hands meeting on Monday afternoon.
Noah’s own ex-stepfather violently abused his mother, at one point shooting her in the face and threatening to kill the young comedian.
Despite that personal history, however, some feel Noah might not be well-equipped to conduct a tough interview with Brown on domestic violence, considering his slew of jokes in poor taste on the subject.

Yes, because if there’s one thing Chris Brown is going to do, it’s respond well to being asked about the time he beat the shit out of Rihanna and left her for dead. These people practically saved Trevor Noah’s life. Oh, wait, never mind. He’s not a woman. He was already safe from an attack. My bad.

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