Chris Brown Has Another Restraining Order Already

“I dedicate this award to morons. Without y’all, I’d be caged up in jail like the animal I am. Oh yeah, and God. Thanks for always siding with me over the women I terrorize.”

A few days ago, we established that Chris Brown now believes he’s in some kind of holy obstacle course on his way to everlasting glory. And since that’s not at all the paranoid delusion of psychopathic narcissist, here’s another completely unfair roadblock haters just put in his way in the form of telling him, “I don’t care if you can dance like Thriller. You can’t threaten to shoot people, you little moonwalking bitch.” Via TMZ:

Chris Brown now has to stay away from his ex-GF Karrueche Tran’s BFF too … after the singer allegedly threatened to gun him down and sent gangsters after him.
Joseph Ryan La Cour says he’s been on the receiving end of Chris’ rage because he stands up for Karrueche while she fights to keep Chris away from her.
In docs — obtained by TMZ — Joseph says Chris has been saying things like, no matter where they go “he will find us and shoot the place up.”
Joseph gets specific … pointing to an incident at Diddy’s Super Bowl party — in the docs, he says Chris got in his face and said, “it’s 2017 … Ima f*** you up every time I see you so you better get the f*** out of here before I lay your ass out.”

After threatening a man then not backing that up at all, he threw a drink at a girl and called her a bitch because that’s what Jesus would have done. If he keeps going at this rate, it would probably just be better for LA County to make a list of who he can get within striking distance of, and I’ll cut right to the chase: The Kardashians. With Caitlyn’s transition, they’re all girls now, so he’d be willing to take them on. What about Rob, you ask? Oh, nobody’s actually asking that? Wow. Good for you guys. This is good. We’re making progress here.

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