Chris Brown Might Have Assaulted Another Woman

Because the city already has a Fuckhead Blvd.

Chris Brown just won joint custody of his daughter this week, so there was no way he was gonna be havin’ no hos up on his bus, trying to peep on his private time with their cell phones. Everybody knows Breezy and phones go together like fists and Rihanna’s face. What, let it go? Nope, not ever. Via TMZ.

Chris Brown is at the center of an assault investigation after a woman claimed she was forcibly thrown off his tour bus in Colorado … TMZ has learned.
The incident went down Monday night outside Platinum 84 Gentleman’s Club in Denver where Chris, French Montana, and Fetty Wap were shooting a new music video.

Here’s the surveillance footage of Chris Brown’s No Phone Fun Bus™ – Now available for private bookings, and discreet murders!

So let me get this straight, Chris Brown parks his bus outside a strip club, and women willingly go inside, agreeing to abandon any capability to call for help or record evidence of what goes on in there? Fuck it, I’m done. Ladies, if you put yourself in that position, I’ve got nothing for you. Although, if you’re looking to settle down, I hear George Zimmerman’s still single. Should be right up your alley.

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