Chris Brown Knocked Up Karrueche Tran Before Dumping Her For Rihanna, ‘Allegedly’

October 24th, 2012 // 36 Comments
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Seen here partying with Rihanna Monday night because they’re not even hiding it anymore, Chris Brown reportedly knocked up Karrueche Tran, according to so you can almost guarantee none of this happened, but it’s fun to pretend:

According to one of [Karrueche's] friends . . . she’s PREGNANT with Chris baby. According to our snitch Kae is two months pregnant.
The insider, who is one of Karrueche’s CLOSEST FRIENDS told us, “Kae wanted to start a family with Chris, she thought he wanted that too . . . then this [Rihanna mess] started. Right now she’s confused, but she still wants Chris in her life, and their child’s.”

If Karrueche really is pregnant, let’s all agree getting dumped by Chris Brown is the best thing that could’ve happened in this situation short of him dying the minute he hears the news. Unless she doesn’t want the baby, in which case, it’s the worst thing that could’ve happened because now she not only has to pay for an abortion, but take an entire day to drive down to the clinic when she could’ve got a free one using the stairs in her house. So thanks a lot, Chris, you really know how to spoil a girl.

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  1. Matt Lauer

    “Kae wanted to start a family with Chris, she thought he wanted that too…”

    Emission accomplished. She didn’t say anything about him sticking around to help raise them.

  2. You know, I wouldn’t even mind the racist dirtbag massive that usually comments on these sorts of stories going hog wild on this one.

    This guy is the gift that keeps on shitting.

  3. skunk

    chile suppote…shes set for life

  4. Park

    Karrueche Tran is way better looking than Rihanna in the face department. She should be thankful that Chris Brown haven noticed it…or else.

    • Shilee

      Rihanna is pretty and shapely and very talanted. Kae is tooo short not pretty and have a very ugly shape. Her legs are very ugly. Broke looking for somone to take care of her. One word Groupie

  5. lol

    Nah, this little impotent woman beater can’t even get it up, nevermind get a girl pregnant.

  6. womenarestupid

    why in the world would she go back to a beating scumbag oh ya i forgot women nowadays have no self esteem and like to be treated like shit its a sad world we live in AWESOME ROLEMODELS….. What a JOKE

    • Because I respect myself, the day some poor bastard will think that I’ll tolerate a slap, let alone being beatten to a near-coma, is the day he will endure a knife piercing his skin. Rihanna has no such self-respect. Nowadays, girls are taught that it’s okay to endure violent-possessive-jealous behaviour because it means that they are looooved. (See Twilight, 50 Shades of Grey and any fucking rom-com.) So don’t you dare put me in that category because I got a vagina, you manly, pussy-magnet, super tough guy. xx

      • womenarestupid

        if people didnt idolize these pieces of shit and the media actually did somthing other then glorify these sub-humans i wouldnt be seeing 95% of the women ive ever met be with piece of shit guys that lie cheat and steal so your one of the smart ones at least your awake….. hopefully we will be rid of these cockroaches and live with love

    • Thank you so much for striking yet another blow against misogyny, while at the same time demonstrating why it’s so easy for daughters of men just like you to have more self-esteem! I applaud your sterling efforts to spotlight the fact that male abusers have an overwhelming need to dominate, control and belittle women because, like all pathetic bullies, they have a pathological need to feel superior to someone else. Your name just says it all – yay, you!

      • womenarestupid

        i say these things because its true women dont have any respect for themselves how could they when they allow or look for the bad boy type of guy all the time just because thats whats the TV says is good and cool…. Cheating is just something you have to live with so you can be like snooki and getting beat on is okay as long as it makes the news JOKE OF A SOCIETY WE LIVE IN….. PS my name means what im trying to get across women like myself need to wake up and see the true men out there that treat women with the respect and that they deserve the best

      • YESSIR

        Well Said i too know more women in my life with dickhead boyfriends then not women need to wake up

      • Look, moron, the low self-esteem comes first, it isn’t a byproduct of looking for “bad boys” or even following what TV says you should want. While lying, cheating and stealing are shitheel things for anyone to do in a relationship, that’s not the core “abuse” issue here. When men like Tiger Woods or Jesse James cheated, Elin Nordegren and Sandra Bullock were blamed for being cold and withholding so naturally they had to. Several times a day, in fact. Kristen Stewart, on the other hand, is just a whore who wronged poor Rob Pattinson.

        It’s usually the abusers who seek out the potential victims, not the other way ’round. They know what type of high school girl or older woman they can manipulate, and which ones will kick them in the balls and drop them at the curb if they try any of that “I love you, that’s why I’m keeping tabs on you 24/7 and making sure you don’t have anything more to do with your friends and family because they don’t love you like I do” shit. The fairy-tale addict who thinks she’s the only princess in the world who can transform the misunderstood and lost bad boy into a prince and make him whole by the magical power of her love is another aspect of this dynamic, but generally the abuse victim feels she’s worthless and doesn’t deserve anything better than being an emotional or physical punching bag for the man who claims he’s doing her the favor of putting up with her. Shit, she’s such a nothing that he must truly love her, because God knows no one else would. And her family and friends often lose patience because she doesn’t snap out of this spiral on their timetable and leave her to it, because if she can’t listen to them and leave, then clearly she “deserves it”.

        FYI, you don’t become an abuse victim overnight – there’s an actual grooming process involved before that first trip to the hospital. Looking at what a shitbucket Rihanna’s father is, it’s not too surprising that she grew up thinking that women are there for men to walk all over. Having money and fame isn’t an instant cure for that sort of early indoctrination.

        Boneheads like you who reduce things to an overly simplistic “women are stupid because they don’t behave like I want them to and have self-esteem NOW and drop the boyfriend I don’t like, right this second!” are part of the problem, not part of the solution. There isn’t a fuck of lot of difference between your condemnatory mentality (and I use that word with reservations) and that of the common or garden variety of abuser who justifies his actions by claiming his victim deserved to get hit because she didn’t listen to him and do what he wanted her to do.

      • unjustifiable

        sounds like your the fucking idiot who either gets beat on or is doing the beatings get a fucking life homo if women would listen to their friends or family members to ditch the fucker thats beating on them or treating them bad and look for someone to actually treat them right cause there are many real men out there who love there women.

      • Oooh, burn. Really, now, if I’m such a homo, how likely is it that I’d be in a situation where I’d either be beating on women, or getting beaten by them? So that was not only utterly lame and pathetic as far as insults go, but totally gratuitous as far as slinging hate and abuse, the things you profess to be against. Would you care to trot out a racial or religious slur next, just to make sure you cover everything? So much for your wanting to “live with love”.

        Some advice – please get some grammar and punctuation the next time you try trolling here. It’s painfully obvious that you’ve already high-fived your own post as YESSIR, and are now cluelessly posting under a third alias. Unfortunately, it’s equally as illiterate as your first braindead brainchild, “womenarestupid”, so your feeble attempt to make it look as if someone (who ain’t you) actually has your back has failed miserably. About your original sobriquet – you really shouldn’t judge all women by your own deficiencies.

        Of course there are real men out there who love THEIR women, but I have a feeling that your major mission in life so far has been to get your girlfriends to break up with whatever boyfriends you hate (which is probably, oh, about 100% of them, amirite?) because they’re all lying, cheating, thieving cockroaches. And judging from your “women are stupid” attitude, my guess is that they’re not exacting complying with your master plan and selecting the men you feel are appropriate for them, are they? Something tells me you’ve heard “get a life” so often that it’s now your go-to response to everyone who dares to disagree with you.

        Good luck with that – I think you’ll be using it a lot in future.

      • Justifiable is completely right. It is in fact an insidious, deliberate tearing-down of self esteem that gets a woman to a point where she can be abused like that.
        You (Odd random troll) obviously haven’t read or comprehended anything he said.

  7. Joaquin ingles

    Bunch of dumb animals.

  8. Rihanna Chris Brown Together Party
    Commented on this photo:

    His t-shirt says: Black Pyramid.
    Illuminati much?

  9. YAAR

    You mistakenly used “Up” instead of “Out” in the headline.

  10. Rihanna Chris Brown Together Party
    Commented on this photo:

    Which of them do you think would win in a fight?

  11. I dunno, I’d say Karrueche kind of dodged a fist… I mean bullet, here.

  12. El Jefe

    Rihanna the Retard, it just keeps getting better.

  13. Bionic_Crouton

    This has all the makings of a Maury Povich episode.


    her face not mine.

  15. Cait

    Yeah, I’ll be honest, I read that as “knocked out” the first time around.

  16. I can tell she’d be a stellar parent already by her choice of man.

  17. Rihanna Chris Brown Together Party
    Commented on this photo:

    I really do give two shits – said no one ever. * rolls eyes *

  18. “Knocked ‘up’,” knocked “around”, knocked the fuck out. . .

    Probably a valid, predictable progression there.

  19. duh

    if anyone actually believes this they’re an IDIOT. mediatakeout is the most ridiculous, least credible source ever. they were saying she’s been pregnant since they first started going out and always say they have evidence that he hits karrueche with ridiculously old pictures.

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