Chris Brown Knocked Up Karrueche Tran Before Dumping Her For Rihanna, ‘Allegedly’

Seen here partying with Rihanna Monday night because they’re not even hiding it anymore, Chris Brown reportedly knocked up Karrueche Tran, according to so you can almost guarantee none of this happened, but it’s fun to pretend:

According to one of [Karrueche’s] friends . . . she’s PREGNANT with Chris baby. According to our snitch Kae is two months pregnant.
The insider, who is one of Karrueche’s CLOSEST FRIENDS told us, “Kae wanted to start a family with Chris, she thought he wanted that too . . . then this [Rihanna mess] started. Right now she’s confused, but she still wants Chris in her life, and their child’s.”

If Karrueche really is pregnant, let’s all agree getting dumped by Chris Brown is the best thing that could’ve happened in this situation short of him dying the minute he hears the news. Unless she doesn’t want the baby, in which case, it’s the worst thing that could’ve happened because now she not only has to pay for an abortion, but take an entire day to drive down to the clinic when she could’ve got a free one using the stairs in her house. So thanks a lot, Chris, you really know how to spoil a girl.

Photos: Splash News