And Chris Brown Just Publicly Dumped His Girlfriend To Be With Rihanna. Wow.

October 4th, 2012 // 44 Comments
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Despite this blurry picture of the back of their heads at a Jay-Z concert last night that everyone’s freaking out about, I just assumed all these rumors of Chris Brown and Rihanna getting back together would inevitably culminate in him screaming, “Why you gotta bring up that old shit?” before throwing an elderly woman through a window. So imagine my surprise this morning when Chris Brown not only dumped his girlfriend Karrueche Tran, but did it in an open statement to Us Weekly that cites Rihanna as the reason:

“I have decided to be single to focus on my career,” Brown tells Us Weekly. “I love Karrueche very much but I don’t want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna. I’d rather be single allowing us to both be happy in our lives.”

He also tweeted the following last night:

Both r Free from it all!

So not only did Chris Brown suffer the most minimal of legal and career consequences for beating, biting and generally just trying to murder the shit out of Rihanna, he now gets to have sex with her again until she eventually peeps his phone and we do all this over again. Except maybe next time someone could give him a medal and the power of flight after Rihanna takes him back just in case he starts to think beating women doesn’t always pan out in the end. It’d be a shame to see that happen. He’s such a good kid.

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  1. Rihanna’s just prepping for her upcoming role as Whitney Houston in a biopic about her tumultuous relationship with Bobby Brown. Having your face bashed repeatedly by the same lover? So method.

  2. Dr. Cocksider

    A couple made each other: Supreme Douchebag + retarded stupid bitch= Classy role-model people

  3. USDA Prime McBeef

    Since Rhianna is too goddamn stupid / weak minded / low self esteemed to be even half a decent role model, hopefully she will get beat to death to convey an important message to young women.

  4. Jack London's sober moment

    well, if you’re a megalomaniacal, talentless, misogynistic cumstain of a human being that’s actually pretty romantic.

  5. Drew

    I love you Fish, but the hard on Chris Brown gives you is becoming too apparent.

    • I know, it’s so strange that he keeps pointing out that he tried to kill her and should be jail lest he do it again! Strange.


  6. El Jefe

    When Rihanna the Retard gets beaten up or killed, I won’t shed a tear or give one crap. She deserves whatever happens to her idiot ass.

    • EricLr

      Agreed. You get sympathy for one beating from me. If you go back after that, don’t even expect me to call 911 for your dumb ass.

  7. Saw this coming a mile away.

  8. I am publicly dumping Don Zaloog.

    Just kidding.

  9. Buck

    Battered wife syndrome.

    • EricLr

      AKA “Being a dumbass”

      • While I know battered women’s syndrome is real, it’s hard to believe it in this case. Lots of time women are afraid to leave because they are afraid the man will kill them, or they are not financially independent on their own, etc. Rihanna can hire security and she can pay for whatever the fuck she wants. The only power he has is what he gives her. Dumb bitch.

  10. jorge

    fucking morons – i smell a reality show in the works

  11. gev

    I think we should stop Hating and just wish the best.. What he did was wrong but they have moved . We should move on , It takes a bigger person to forgive and move on. Wish them the best #Chrianna

    • USDA Prime McBeef

      Can’t tell if idiot or troll….

    • kel

      Go to Oprah! Go to Oprah!

    • If by “bigger person to forgive” you mean “victim”, then you have it, but there is usually no “move on” in relationships like this. There is only “rinse and repeat”.

      He has learned fuck-all from beating her. The chair tossing incident shows he’s obviously just as incapable of controlling himself as he was before, so notghing will “move on” – no progress. Without some intense work on his part and acknowledging that he has a major fucking problem, she will always be the one who does things – like breathing – that will “make” him lose control.

      She, on the other hand, has fallen for whatever version of “I’m sorry, baby, I love you and I’ll never do it again” that most abuse victims delude themselves, time after time, into thinking is the truth, so there can be no progess. Because face it – “this time he really means it” translates to: he means it for whatever lengh of time it takes to get her back, and no longer. Again, without her realizing she has a major fucking problem, she can’t “move on” – no progress.

      Some women never live past finding how wrong they were, some manage to get away once they figure out that the douchebag with the fists o’ love is really not the only man who will ever love them, despite what they’ve been told by said douchebag, and some end up in prison for murdering their abuser in his sleep.

      What I find interesting is that you see this as a matter of her “forgiving” him and choosing to”move on”, rather than a matter of him manipulating the shit out of her in order to get what he wants and she being far too willing to buy the bullshit. So, essentially, you’re just as deluded as she is, and rendered totally imbecilic when the “I’ll never do it again” violin solo gets played.

      Good luck, cupcake – continuing to buy into a two-bit happy-ending fairy tale in the face of grim reality and a starter trip to the hospital can get you badly hurt – if not dead in the long run.

  12. Have you ever tried to beat two women at the same time? That shit is exhausting.

  13. How lucky is this fucking asshole? I don’t feel good feeling jealous of a violent, whiny coward.

  14. mrsmass

    this shitbag is such an egomaniac that he gives open statements thinking people give a flying fuck. why no press conference Chris?

    • USDA Prime McBeef

      thinking people give a flying fuck? What the fuck, are black people not people anymore? Racist.

  15. mel

    rihanna is so desperately stupid that i legitimately believe she’s mildly (at the very least) retarded. i’ve heard her speak during interviews. i honestly believe that she is incapable of absorbing information. she’s alien looking as well with that monstrous 8-head of hers. karrueche tran was hot in my estimation. i can’t make a call as to her brainpower, but she was hot.

  16. Arlene

    I had a sister like that. Her boyfriend would beat the shit out of her, she would move back home and swear she would never see him again, then turn right around and move back in with him. This happened five times before she ended up marrying him. You just can’t help women like this. She thinks of herself more as an object than a person, and trying to help someone like that just gets you sucked in until your own life sucks.

    After awhile you just have to say, “fuck her”. She’s an adult and she knows what she’s doing.

    With that being stated, I hope the next time Chris wails on her (and there WILL be a next time), I hope he bashes in her fucking forehead, that thing is hideous!

  17. Chris Brown Girlfriend Karrueche Tran Bikini
    Beer Baron
    Commented on this photo:

    Wait, she’s not asian.

  18. Athr

    Who cares what either of these useless (& ugly in rianna’s case) idiots is doing.

  19. carrie

    i’m not defending domestic violence or anything, but rihanna gives as good as she gets and according to a lot of stuff would routinely beat the crap out of him too.

    • Oh, wow, you’re right. Comparing his face after that night to hers, and you could tell it was equal.

      You are fucking stupid.

      • carrie

        i’m not talking about that night you dumb bitch. i guess you’re too fucking stupid to read all the stuff online about how she used to punch and slap him. or are you one of those idiots who thinks that men can’t be beaten up by their girlfriends. you’re fucking pathetic.

      • I’m going to let you in on a little secret, and it’s why your comment got a fucking lot of thumbs downs. Shhh… here it goes…


        if she was hitting him, he should’ve broken up with her, pressed charges, or done a multitude of other things than beat her ass. Do I need to repeat it?


        And on top of that, look at the two of them. Compare their body types. Do you honestly think what they could do each other would be equal?

  20. Chris Brown Girlfriend Karrueche Tran Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    This dude is hotter than Rihanna.

  21. Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardenal

    Didn’t they just get back together?

    She’s already blocking her face.

  22. SuckerPunch

    Ahhh, ain’t that cute.

    She’s cuddling up to the side where her half-beaten face is tattooed on his neck.

    Once a victim, always a victim.

  23. anonym

    Chris Brown’s clown face with Rihanna’s stupid face.
    I would like to see the baby they make.

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