Chris Brown Won Joint Custody Of His Daughter

“I’m bout to roll up in that dispensary and bust a cap, I’m not getting high off this shit at all!”

If California’s courts have taught us anything, it’s that babies don’t matter, because they’re not rich, famous people. Unless we’re talking about adults with the mental capacity of an infant, but that’s an entirely different issue. Anyway, violent egomaniac, Chris Brown, just got joint custody of his kid, because he’s managed to not get caught hitting people with his fists for a couple years. Via TMZ:

Chris Brown just scored an enormous victory in his child custody war with his baby mama … he got joint custody of Royalty, and he gets to take her home today … TMZ has learned.

Brown and Nia Guzman squared off in a Houston court Friday morning. She not only wanted to deny Chris any custodial rights, she also only wanted to give him supervised visitation.

Look, for all I know, Chris Brown could be an amazing father. I mean, of course, he fucking isn’t, but is asking for supervised visitation really just a spiteful tactic in custody negotiations? I’m not saying I don’t think he should be allowed near his kid, but I am saying there are fences and people with tranquilizer guns at the zoo for a reason. “Well, honey, the lion roared at you because you peeped his phone. You can’t be disrespecting his property like that.”

You’re right, I’m still harping on the guy for shit way in his past. Here’s Breezy four days ago joking around about decapitating someone.

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