Chris Brown is Sending Rihanna Photos

Chris Brown apparently pulled an Anthony Weiner the other day when he openly tweeted Rihanna “you got that pic I sent you?” instead of Direct Messaging her. But before it was deleted, the tweet was screencapped by who’s now claiming the photo is of the penis variety:

Well now, we have evidence that Chris was sending Rihanna PHOTOS of himself!!! As the below TWEET shows, Chris was CLEARLY sending a photo of himself to Rihanna.
And get this . . . while we can not say this with CERTAINTY . . . we are hearing that the photo may have been a NEKKID PIC OF BREEZY!!!

Of course, this is nothing but wild, careless speculation, so naturally I want a turn: Chris was tweeting Rihanna the police photo of her face BECAUSE… she was thinking of telling everyone he’s… FRUIT LIKE FRUIT LOOPZ!! BOOMSHAKALA!!!!! CAPS LOCK MAKES MY WORDS ALL BIG!!!!

Photo: Bauer-Griffin