Chris Brown Is Done With ‘N*gga Parties’

“Damn, son. Just Googled these Chinese letters and this shit spells ‘Fake Thug Dance Like Girl’ over and over.”

Posted by Photo Boy

Things aren’t going great for Chris Brown. He can’t play his beloved “nigga parties” anymore, because people keep getting shot at them, his girlfriend dumped him, and now the pornstar he was trying to pay for sex is putting his dick pics all over Twitter. Via TMZ:

Kagney Linn Karter went on a Twitter assault a few days back aimed at CB … claiming he paid her $2,500 to be his escort. Kagney says CB thought the deal included sex, and when she refused to sleep with him he began bullying her online…But the tweet de résistance came when she posted photos of a penis which she says was attached to Brown, writing, “i can slap bitches now with chris browns d*** on my timeline all day say some SLICK S*** **pulls out CBs d*** WHAP.” Poetry, ain’t it?

Aside from the hilarious claim that he’s now trying and failing to pay for sex, I’m way more intrigued about this dick poetry concept.

Ode To Breezy’s Junk by Photo Boy

Hangin’ and swangin’,
With a limp like a pimp,
Sometimes bros can be hoes,
If it’s only the tip,

Can’t say it’s gay,
If females be present,
Bitch, put on your pants,
That pussy ain’t pleasant,

Shot callin’ and ballin’,
And by ballin I mean testicles,
For real, son, your nuts,
Put them shits in my face.

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Photo: Instagram