Chris Brown is Done Apologizing For Rihanna ‘Mishap’

March 9th, 2011 // 50 Comments

People often ask me why I spend so much time “hating” on Chris Brown when the Rihanna incident was two years ago. Because apparently that’s an acceptable amount of time to forget brutally beating a woman and leaving her for dead after she peeped your phone. Short answer? He’s still giving interview like this to Page Six Magazine. (Via Us Magazine):

“At the end of the day,” muses the “Forever” singer, “if I walk around apologizing to everybody, I’m gonna look like a damn fool.”
… In the wake of that shocking scandal, Brown says “a handful of people stuck by me,” including fellow musicians Pitbull and producer Pharrell Williams.
Still, he complains that many folks “turn[ed] away. They don’t want to get involved with it because they don’t want their name attached to anything negative. Unknowingly, they kind of show their true colors when they do that.”
He doesn’t exactly fault those former friends for walking away after the assault — which he calls a “mishap.”
“You can’t blame people for how they want to be portrayed or if they don’t want to be associated with somebody who had a particular mishap.”

*adjusts glasses, pulls out index cards*

Webster’s Dictionary defines mishap as “an unfortunate accident” or “bad luck” which somehow doesn’t quite apply to throwing a temper tantrum and biting a chick in the neck and ear after you’re done punching her. That more closely defines, oh I dunno, a crime. But semantics aside, let’s go back to Chris Brown saying he’s done apologizing because he’s in a “positive place” and more importantly doesn’t want to look like “a damn fool.” And he’s right. We all forget Chris Brown was the real victim here and people need to stop making him feel sorry about something he clearly has no remorse over. Can’t a man sell his albums and continue to think he did nothing wrong so that if a similar instance pops up, he’s not burdened by the thought of facing actual consequences? Otherwise, we’re just being racist. I didn’t want to be the one to say it.

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  1. Mike

    Chris Brown is fucking douchbag, i was driving and threw his cds out my window, no joke…im done with that loser, was a fan and now im not as a former GF of someone who was violent, this douchebag is TOAST!

  2. Rihanna Chris Brown
    Commented on this photo:

    At least someone is still pointing that out. I hate how everyone just overlooks that fact that he beat the sh*t out of a woman because he dyed his hair blonde. Why is this fucker even on the radio anymore. He doesn’t even say, “I made a mistake that I will forever regret…” It’s just like, oh, well that happened SO long ago, GET OVER IT! Oh, no one wanted to be my friend after that, they sure showed their true colors. What about YOU Chris Brown?

  3. doodles

    Rihanna looks like a tranny. Stop dressing like you’re so fucking ‘unique’ and wear some normal clothes. Girl has worst taste in clothing ever.

  4. Rihanna Chris Brown
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    she is so ugly

  5. Mandy

    “they kind of show their true colors when they do that.”

    Yeah.. they showed that they don’t like supporting a man who beats up women and sends them to hospitals. Idiot.

  6. hahaha...

    It’s so damn funny that CB calls his beat down of Rihanna a “mishap”.

    Like his fists just happened to find her face…lol…I couldn’t come up with a better “punch” line.

    What did they tell Rihanna when she had two black eyes?

    Nothing, CB told her twice already.

    (I know, ripoff joke…but hey I loved the Unknown comic)

  7. Ray Sist

    Some women need to think a little longer before dey open theys mouf. Chris was just doing what all guys need to do when the bitch get up all in yo’ face.

  8. Hahahahaha WHAT

    @Johnny Cage – HHM Foundation? Link? Couldn’t find the foundation doing a google search, or your assertion that 99% of the time, police favor the women in domestic violence cases. Back it up or it’s B.S.

    • Johnny Cage

      “HHM Foundation? Link? Couldn’t find the foundation doing a google search”
      “Couldn’t find the foundation doing a google search”

      Oh no….Don’t take this as a flame, but I feel more pity for you young lady than anything else. My dear any goof can the use the internet properly as well as the reply button. I doubt that pointing you or any other angry woman to the HEALTH and HUMAN SERVICES (HHS) will do any good. Because Lord knows you’d probably get lost there as well. This is aside from the fact you barely read or comprehended any of my original posts.

      I’m not going to stress it anymore. I’m just a fool. Us men are nothing but savage nazis and we know nothing and only women are good and smart. Now enjoy watching the rest of the debates on the The View.

  9. Mr Winter

    I would like my fist to have a ‘mishap’ with his jaw. :)

  10. Frasha

    Something tells me this girl is going to be involved in another “domestic abuse” case in the future. She just brings out the best in people.

  11. Rihanna Chris Brown
    Commented on this photo:

    Rihanna you having a raging boner. “Oh my god. This is really embarrassing. It’s the pleats. It’s the pleats that make it look like that. I’m actually going to take them back to the pants store right now.”

  12. Stephanie

    Superficial writer, as much as you do not like what Chris Brown did, you 2 have one thing in common. You’re the only 2 still talking/caring/filling airy blogs with this bygone issue. Rhianna is done squawking about it…maybe you should take a cue from her. Making it your goal to chastise someone for one incident in their life no matter how much you hate it..says volumes about your self righteousness. You’ve never beat a woman I’m sure. But you soap box is getting a little too tall. And annoying. And repetitive. And old. And repetitive. And repetitive. See what I”m showing you here? Thanks.

    • Jules

      Rhianna had to empty her blood-filled mouth before she could begin “squawking” about it, to use your odd choice of verbs. Plenty of people still see CB and think domestic violence.

    • LEB

      If he ever REALLY apologized or expressed TRUE remorse, the incident wouldn’t still be marring his career and reputation… or at least, not as much as it has. Fact is, the jackass isn’t sorry, and never was sorry. He only “apologized” because he was forced to, and because his PR rep probably told him that he’d better play nice and fake it or else his album sales might tank.

      If he had actually be sorry and ashamed of his actions, he would have expressed it in a heartfelt manner, withdrawn from public life for a while to attend intensive counseling and work out his anger issues, and would now be unashamed to admit that he is a reformed abuser who is committing to donating money and time to programs designed to help both victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. But is he doing any of that? Nope. He’s just bitching as though HE’S the victim, and enjoying his rock star life as though nothing has changed.

  13. ghost

    Chris Brown brings it up and the SW comments on it. Rather, the SW calls him out on whatever stupid thing Chris Brown says about it. Seems fair to me.

  14. Aw, c'mon

    Is it just me, or did retard rihanna get a titty job? Her chest looks 2x bigger than normal…

  15. Rufus The Cat

    Are you as hard on that fat piggly woman from Teen moms?
    Has CB Done his court ordered sentence and not beaten anyone since?
    Seriously drop it. There are people who ARE beating their partners, CB is not one of them at this time. Jesus says forgive.

    Interestingly, I think this is the post that has put me off the site, because a man is never done paying for his crime. If you perceive any man who has erred or grievously harmed another unforgivable I have to wonder what kind of saint you think yourself to be.

    • LEB

      Some sins should never be forgiven. Just ask the victims of all those pedophile priests. Those men are monsters, as are men who beat up women.

    • Brooke

      If Piggly Wiggly ever reached any form of success like what Chris Brown has, oh, I’m sure Fish would comment more on it. Although, it’s not like he hasn’t mentioned over and over that the world will come to an end because of Teen Mom. The problem though is that Chris Brown thinks he’s the victim here, and with Teen Mom girls… well… they don’t really do much thinking at all.

      • Rufus The Cat

        I don’t think success is the measure of guilt but I do agree with being critical of a lack of remorse. The ideas of penance, or of value change ultimately come down to the values within the individual. CB was guilty he did what was required for his sentence. if he has the sense to never mention it again, treats people with respect or at least personal restraint, and gets back to his life then everyone moves past retribution.

        I think that was the whole point behind Cb’s statement, because for some people you can’t apologize enough. Rihanna has said herself she’s done talking about it. Move on, and be concerned about current problems. He’ll have another 3 years of probation meetings and check ins, and a life time of restraining order to think about what he did.

  16. the captain

    are you kidding me?
    …..SO SOON YET!!!

  17. HackSaw

    Love me some Ri-Ri. I would destroy it.

  18. LEB

    ” They don’t want to get involved with it because they don’t want their name attached to anything negative. Unknowingly, they kind of show their true colors when they do that.”

    Yeah, like having MORALS and showing that they believe violence against women is wrong. But I guess true friends never abandon you no matter how heinous or criminal your actions are.

  19. Alien

    GABE? Is that you?

  20. Koi

    Thanks Fish! Agree with Julia. Nice to see a blogger consistently speak out against domestic violence. (Which is not, as some of our fine, upstanding blogosphere chums seem to think, a youthful mistake or a mishap. Probably wife-beaters themselves. Those who doth protest loudest . . .)

    “Chris Brown brings it up and the SW comments on it. Rather, the SW calls him out on whatever stupid thing Chris Brown says about it. Seems fair to me.”

    Right on, ghost.

  21. molly

    speaks volumes eh.. “done apologizing”? Anyone who felt any remorse would never feel they could ever apologize ENOUGH… lol

  22. Fish, seriously: WELL SAID & THANK YOU.

  23. Everyone

    Why is fighting dogs so much worse than punching girls. Michael Vick should get 5 minutes in the ring with chris brown. Brown is a cunt and his music sucks. I hate dogs. But i hate motherfuckers who would hit a woman worse.

  24. Everyone (hopefully)

    You are right. Chris brown is a cunt. And his music sucks. And i heard he likes to suck dick. Everyone in LA with a dick knows that.

  25. Rihanna Chris Brown
    Commented on this photo:

    she’s so sexy!

  26. Brooke

    Oh my god FISSSSH, haven’t you forgotten? CHRIS BROWN MOONWALKED ON TV!!! You know, like Michael Jackson WHO DIED FOR OUR SINS!? Duh! Get with it, Big Fish.

  27. The Listener

    Everyone here is so concerned that we remember that Chris Brown battered Rihanna. Did anyone think that maybe the victim, Rihanna, would like to put this behind her and get on with her life? Maybe she doesn’t want people to constantly remind the public of what Chris Brown did to her.

    Sometimes we’re so concerned about punishing the criminal even after he/she has paid his/her debt to society that we forget about the feelings of the victim.

    • Rhymes with Winning

      I agree – with all the jibber jabber about him beating Rihanna, we’ve lost sight of the fact that Chris Brown is a closeted homosexual who enjoys butt sex with men. Can we please drop all the crap about him beating Rihanna, and move on to mocking him for trying to cover up his love of gay sex with men?

  28. Mdee

    Thank you Fish!

  29. Aggie

    “They showed their true colous”.–ooooooh yes, shame on them for NOT BEING OKAY WITH BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF A WOMAN. They are most definitely the bad guys here. Anyone who doesn’t see that is just twisted, sick and twisted.

  30. Aggie

    Also, if you’re a woman and you stick up for Chris Brown I would ask that you please quit stealing oxygen.

  31. Pleated pants. Eeeeeeeeeew.

    Oh, and Chris Brown is a dick and all that.

  32. Mike

    Did you actually read the article? It’s available on line. He never called what he did a mishap.

    He was making a point about fame, which is the title of his next CD. And he was actually sympathisizinh with people who leave a person’s side when that person has a negative perception.

    The interviewer himself said that Rihanna was never even spoken about in the interview.

    He’s said a lot of bad things before, but this time he never said ”mishap” to describe anything.

    The interview is up online.
    Seems to be the only blog other than to have read the article. Cleary you didn’t because the excerpt you posted was copied and pasted and not in order.

  33. Debora Whatley

    In no way, is violence an answer, BUT I dont feel this young man needs to keep repeating himself. He’s paid the price for making a huge mistake ( a cowardly one, at that…) and I dont feel he needs to keep repeating himself BECAUSE Rhianna has CERTAINLY gotten past it! She has since been seen dating~which she has every right to~very openly. All her lyrics in her songs have been VERY sexually suggestive, her music videos are sexually suggestive, so its very hard for me to see her as a victim anymore!

  34. Rihanna Chris Brown
    Commented on this photo:

    Actually, this is at the Optus (mobile phone provider) campus in Sydney, not a restaurant.

  35. noreallystfu

    Chris Brown is right. and all you man hating/pu$$y on a pedistal fcktards should really leave this sht alone. Rihanna beat him up too. And lets not forget she went through HIS phone. Do you like people going through your things? NO. he may he famous but hes still a person. Kiss my a$$ if you dont agree. He paid his price now let him live his life. You all just hate to see hes still famous for talent and not for being btches like yall.

  36. Rihanna Chris Brown
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  37. Unbiased_Female

    This entire post is ridiculous, pretentious and completely unconstructive. I do not applaud ‘Fish’ anything, aside from opening another floodgate of hate comments geared towards a celebrity in the forum of ‘women’s equality’ and using the emotional pull of generic activism to gain credit, followers, etc.

    Not one single person who wrote any of the material above was either there @the incident or in any of the court hearings OR actually even KNOW these people aside from what they see on TV..

    As a female, and former victim of domestic violence and abuse, I can assure you that calling a male, DV offender a “worthless douche”, “ginormous cunt” and suggesting that he be “fucked with a machete” does NOT help the cause, and is in fact MORE insulting to WOMEN in its vulgarity and definition!!

    Every comment posted is a complete JUDGMENT but is stated as if it were quoted directly from Brown himself or Garagos, his attourney. Please STOP JUDGING PEOPLE YOU HAVE NEVER EVEN MET IN REAL LIFE, much less have never even seen or heard their music.

    To put it plainly, none of you know what you’re talking about, so don’t be so quick to pass such ironicly detrimental judgment.

    BTW.. in the previous, later reported, accounts of the couple’s domestic violence RIHANNA was infact the PHYSICAL instigator, as well as the night of this particular scenario. In the defense of women’s equality: she hit him first.

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