Chris Brown’s Changed, You Guys

“Okay, now do Jesus on the cross, but like, if he was gonna make it his Grindr avatar.”

Yesterday, Chris Brown lamented the lasting negative perception the media created about him after the only thing he ever did wrong was beat the shit out of Rihanna. It was a goddamn Greek tragedy how they reported facts about his continued violent outbursts, seemingly inauthentic apologies, and atrocious attitude towards women. Like the time when they made him seem like a monster who would throw rocks at his own mother by reporting about the time he threw rocks at his own mother. Fucking smear campaign, right? So like a fuckboy phoenix, risen from the ashes of a career he burned down with his own infantile rage, here’s Chris once again letting us know his mood on Instagram, and surprise! It’s rapey as fuck again:


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I feel like I say this a lot, but at this point if you have a vagina and you get within grabbing distance of Chris Brown, whatever happens is your fault. He’s a human ‘Beware Of’ sign. Keep away.

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