Chris Brown’s House Got Robbed

Chris Brown’s house was robbed earlier this morning, and a woman was assaulte- CHRIS BROWN DID IT! IT WAS CHRIS BROWN! Sorry, sorry, reflex action. I’ll start over. Chris Brown’s house was robbed this morning after his aunt was forced into a closet at gunpoint while the intruders tore the place apart. TMZ reports

It went down at around 2:00 AM at the San Fernando Valley house Chris just bought. Three armed men forced their way in the house and found the aunt, put a gun in her face and ordered her into the closet. Law enforcement tells us the home invaders then ransacked the house, took money and other property and fled.
The aunt called 911 and cops raced to the scene, but the robbers were long gone.

According to Chris Brown’s aunt, the thieves knew exactly whose house they were robbing, and now his mom is claiming it was an inside job. You think?

Sources close to Chris tell us his mom, Joyce Hawkins, has been warning him for years about people she calls “no good-ass friends” — grown men who make their living as professional hangers-on to Chris.
We’re told the “friends” issue is part of the reason Chris and his mother have been beefing for years. Hours after the home invasion … Joyce tweeted, “Watch who you standing beside.”

Of course, Chris Brown’s mom could just as easily have been tweeting a warning to Rihanna, but who am I kidding? His goddamn mom helped him cry and pray to Jesus to avoid jail-time and then faked his community service. She’d probably hold Rihanna down. Or at least load the gun.

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