Chris Brown Loves The Gays

June 23rd, 2011 // 48 Comments

“Damn, I’mma need a bigger door for this one. There a van around here?”

Yesterday, Chris Brown illegally parked his car, yet managed to talk his way out of a ticket because punishing celebrities in LA is apparently against the law. But before the officer showed up, Chris accused the paparazzi of calling the police just to get pics of him getting a ticket. He then used naughty no-no language, according to TMZ:

Before sweet-talking the cop, Brown accused several cameramen of alerting parking enforcement officers that his car was illegally parked, ranting, “Y’all niggas is weak. Did you all call them to try and film me? Y’all niggas is gay.”

He’s since apologized on Twitter, and look, I clearly have no love for Chris Brown and openly consider homophobia fucking retarded. But Jesus Christ, can we not get our panties in a bunch every time someone uses the word “gay?” (“Faggot,” I can understand.) A. Just like nigga, Chris Brown is allowed to say gay because of that time he had a boyfriend. That’s their word. And B. You’d figure GLAAD would be happy a non-repentant woman-beater who throws hissy fits when he’s asked softball questions is the kind of person who walks around calling people gay as an insult. They don’t always have to act so queer about shi- Wait.

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  1. cc

    Gabourey Sidibe is gay?

  2. Thanks fish it’s mighty magnanimous of you to take his side on something.. There’s nothing lower than a snitch, those paps ARE everything he said with a broomhandle enema on bottom.. wut wut

  3. baron of all media

    Her: “Can I spit yet? Your semen tastes like Santorum. And I would know.”
    Him: “Bitch, I’ll punch the shit out of you if you spit that out without kissing me first!”

  4. MLVC

    I would love for that idiot to have to spend a month in jail and suffer through some Brokeback moments.

    • ZigZagZoey

      Yeah, butt he would enjoy it…
      He has always struck me as bisexual at the very least. He dresses very gay, or was that just that period of time after he beat Rhianna?
      I hate him.
      His arms look very weak and small next to Precious.

  5. Prettybaby

    The word is that HE himself is gay. Hasn’t anyone else heard this?

  6. shaq

    stfu fish you racist gay lover. oh your so high and mighty? you spend your time puttin up picks of naked celebs you jackass…

    • Fletch

      Hey Shaq, I think you have more important things to worry about than whatever Fish is posting. Make sure your homeys don’t roll over on you and spill the beans on the whole sex tape thing.

  7. “Y’all niggas is gay”

    So as far as GLADD is concerned, racial slurs pass without notice, but using “gay” in a non homosexual context is absolutely unacceptable. Chris was clearly suggesting that the paparazzi were behaving in a merry or lively mood.

  8. The Gays

    He loves us like he love Rihanna- beats us, insults us, and sends us naked pics…

  9. Dude of Dudes

    She’s so fat he’s going to have to punch her in the mouth twice.

  10. Chris Brown
    Commented on this photo:

    I love his grammar.

  11. Venom

    I would love to bash this jackasses head in with a baseball bat.
    The most arrogant asshole on the planet with his gay ass Sisquo hair.

  12. sparkymcgee

    So I couldn’t sleep last night and I watched “Takers” which happened to have Chris Brown as one of the “actors”. I was thinking…well it has Matt Dillon and Hayden Christensen. And Zoe Saldana is easy on the eyes. How bad could it be? What a horrible piece of shit movie that was. Just absolutely terrible. And to have to see Chris Brown in it just….just….

    I don’t know. Will I ever see another good movie again? Seems like they stopped making them about 20 years ago.

  13. Clarence Beeks

    I would love to see a bunch of gay guys kick the living shit out of this douchebag.

    • Jovy

      “Chris Brown jumped by a group of homosexual men”
      Seeing that headline on the news would be sweeter than sex.

  14. Rough's superficial aureole

    Assuming most the cameramen that was on the scene were white, shouldnt they be consulting with Sharpton right now?

  15. Lemmiwinks

    The fact that he MIGHT have gotten a ticket (if weren’t a celeb) is the fault of the paps, NOT the guy who parked the car illegally. Nice to see Chris is still taking responsibility for his conduct and it’s consequences.

  16. V

    There’s so many celebrities I dislike, but only Chris Brown is the one I consider not worthy of the success, attention and chances and I hope he loses them soon. He’s such a little bitch, and that’s another term I don’t use a lot.

    Nobody pisses me off like him. Just look at him! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh >:(

  17. Richard McBeef

    well he’s got a fat chick with him and everyone knows fat chicks are into the whole homosexual gentleman hag lifestyle.

  18. That bitch is so fat she fell in love with Chris Brown and broke it!

  19. Big_Mike

    Chris Brown seen hangin with his girl, Precious…

  20. My Left Nut

    I got this here chicken stuck in my teeth. CB, can you punch it out of me?

  21. mr. t

    no one says shit about him saying Nigga or nigger or whatever but the shit hits the fan because he says gay??? WTF?

    • uncle ruckus

      sign o’ the times…

      • nik

        My point exactly both with this dick CB and Tracy Morgan, I am most offended by the nigga this nigga that, this is the shit that needs to stop, black people need to realized this is not acceptable, or is this a American thing, if CB aka dick head had the balls to say that in Barbados his ass be handed to him that and the fact that we are still pissed about the Rhianna business. Never will be forgotten, NEVER! little woman beating asshole.

    • Barry

      Good point….our country is full of nuts on all sides

  22. Chris Brown
    Commented on this photo:

    So it looks like blacks dudes hang out against walls along the street whether they have money or not. WFT is the attraction to leaning against a building? I don’t get it.

  23. Opsidolala

    He should also release a statement on twitter apologizing to the English language.

  24. Chris Brown
    Commented on this photo:

    Wait a minute….I thought black dudes loved fat white women?

  25. right

    A tat’d up headcase who can’t come to terms with his own deviant sexuality.

  26. The Critical Crassness

    I’d love to be there when he tries to slap Gabourey Sidibe around….bitch would just sit on his black ass and squash the douche where he lay….fucking hilarious!

  27. Chris Brown
    Jenosaurus Rex
    Commented on this photo:

    I thought Precious turned her life around?

  28. the captain

    even sperm is stuck in his left ear, folks!!

  29. SMB

    …from “Louie” on FX (jump ahead to 5:10) …a brilliant dissertation on where the word really came from, and what it means when you use it …which is why ann coulter’s and south park’s rationalizations were both total bullshit …see, that’s the thing that gets lost over time; words come from somewhere, and words have meaning …same with nigger …there’s a lot of people (white) who like to use that bullshit line; “nigger is just an ignorant person” …no; nigger was created specifically as a highly derogatory insult for african slaves, period …and it has deep-rooted, ugly & hurtful connotations when used by anyone but us black folk …like todd lynn told colin quinn when quinn asked; “if you guys use it with each other, why can’t i?” lynn; responded; “because white folks have used up all their nigger privileges…you had it, you abused it, and now you’re on punishment.” …it’s easy for straight guys to try and rationalize why it’s no big deal to use faggot/gay as a regular ol’ insult, and it’s easy for non-black folks to try and rationalize why it should be okay for them to use nigger/nigga in regular conversation …but ya’ll can’t …it’s not your place …i always explain it like this; if YOU say; “jesus christ! my mom is such a fucking bitch!!!”, that’s fine, but, if I say; “jesus christ! your mom is such a fucking bitch!!!”, that is NOT cool…because it’s not your place …like The Rock says; know your role.

  30. miss shirley

    Fuck all yall hating as idiots waiting for a government check too come from a government and a mean mass media that don’t give a dammmm about yall.
    Team Breezy Bitche’s

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