Chris Brown Loves The Gays

“Damn, I’mma need a bigger door for this one. There a van around here?”

Yesterday, Chris Brown illegally parked his car, yet managed to talk his way out of a ticket because punishing celebrities in LA is apparently against the law. But before the officer showed up, Chris accused the paparazzi of calling the police just to get pics of him getting a ticket. He then used naughty no-no language, according to TMZ:

Before sweet-talking the cop, Brown accused several cameramen of alerting parking enforcement officers that his car was illegally parked, ranting, “Y’all niggas is weak. Did you all call them to try and film me? Y’all niggas is gay.”

He’s since apologized on Twitter, and look, I clearly have no love for Chris Brown and openly consider homophobia fucking retarded. But Jesus Christ, can we not get our panties in a bunch every time someone uses the word “gay?” (“Faggot,” I can understand.) A. Just like nigga, Chris Brown is allowed to say gay because of that time he had a boyfriend. That’s their word. And B. You’d figure GLAAD would be happy a non-repentant woman-beater who throws hissy fits when he’s asked softball questions is the kind of person who walks around calling people gay as an insult. They don’t always have to act so queer about shi- Wait.

Photo: INFdaily, Splash News

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