Chris Brown Flips Out on ‘Good Morning America,’ Smashes Window

March 22nd, 2011 // 254 Comments

Chris Brown performed on Good Morning America today and completely lost his shit when Robin Roberts questioned him about the night he brutally beat Rihanna. Being an anger-management graduate and Christ-loving man of God, Chris naturally responded by ripping his shirt off (above), smashing a window and storming off set while threatening a producer. No, really. TMZ reports:

We’re told after the interview, Brown freaked out, storming into his dressing room and screaming so loud, the people in hair and makeup became alarmed and called security.
We’re told Brown was out of control, and one source present tells us he smashed a window in his dressing room, and the glass shattered and some shards fell onto 43rd and Broadway.
We’re told by the time security rushed the area, Brown had ripped off his shirt and left the building, blowing off another performance he was supposed to do for the ABC website.
And sources say … on his way out of the building, Brown confronted a segment producer, got in his face and stared him down. People from the show got in between Chris and the producer to diffuse the situation.

And, wait, it gets better. Chris Brown not only tweeted about the incident moments ago, but played the Charlie Sheen Card in the process:

I’m so over people bringing this past shit up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for there bullshit!

He’s since deleted the tweet, so thank God for screencaps. On that note, I’ve literally sat here since this story broke saying, “What a fucking idiot,” over and over again because, seriously, what a fucking idiot. On top of that, he brings up Charlie Sheen like a child asking his mom, “How come he gets away with it?” And, look, Charlie Sheen is a violent, women-beating asshole which people lose sight of way too easily, but guess what, so is Chris Brown. There’s allowed to be two abusive dickheads at the same time. I’ve checked. And even if through some sort of magic, there could be only one, Chris Brown still basically said, “Damn, why can’t a guy punch a bitch? Charlie Sheen does it.” I mean, just… just what a fucking idiot.

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  1. JosieBelle

    Hey Chris – Maybe you should have thought about how inconvenient the long term questions would be before you BEAT THE LIVING HELL out of your girlfriend.
    How dare you have to have consequences for your actions? Whine whine whiner…

  2. Chris Brown Violent Outburst GMA
    Commented on this photo:

    what up with his hair .only slim shady look good with it..dye it back to black^_-

  3. Unnecessary Grammar Police

    I just want to point out that it should be “their” and not “there” in the tweet. God help me.

  4. Chris Brown Violent Outburst GMA
    Double D
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    Boy’s gone drunk a whooooole bunch of albino juice.

  5. norma

    I wonder how all you “TEAMBREEZYLOLZ” fans would feel if this assmunching douchebag beat the crap out of your mother, daughter or sister. Would you still buy his albums and be like “HE MADE A MISTAKE OKAY?! HE PAID HIZ DUEZ N WE GON KEEP HIM AT DA TOP!!” I hope none of you reproduce but if you’re dumb enough to support this asshole, then I’m sure you’re dumb enough to not use protection 5 or 6 times, too.

  6. Aggie

    This kid needs to get the shit beat out of him. And don’t tell me violence never solved anything-this guy needs a solid ass kicking, there’s nothing else for it. I hope that judge who was praising him for finishing his 2 hours of community service feels like a dumb ass today.

  7. joe

    Great now Charlie Sheen has to out douche him to win back the media attention. WINNING!!!!

  8. The Listener

    I guess those anger management classes didn’t take. He needs to go back and get a refresher course.

  9. Chris Brown Violent Outburst GMA
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    I am not saying that Charlie Sheen is better than anybody nor would I say that he is role model. What I can say is, Charlie Sheen is not known in the media as a women beater. You know that people are always going to bring the situtation up regardless of where you go Chris. You can never avoid it. You did this to yourself. You screwed yourself. Still an asshole as you just proved once again.

  10. The Pope of Cleveland

    Hmm, Chris Brown wears Hanes…and Charlie Sheen did commercials for Hanes…quick somebody go give Mel Gibson a wedgie and see what his brand is!

  11. Chris Brown Charlie Sheen Tweet Twitter
    zach trollifinakis
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    Bringing past shit up? They still singing about how Ike beat Tina

  12. Cyb

    He’s a fucking idiot and so are the assholes that listen to his music.

  13. Mandy

    Why did he find it necessary to rip off his shirt? Psycho. Also, those tattoos of wings on his boobies look ridiculous.

  14. Chris Brown Violent Outburst GMA
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    (looks at nostrils) OH GOD, I CAN SEE INTO FOREVER.

  15. Some folks are rediculous

    If there was no clause in his contract prohibiting these lines of questioning, steps should have been taken the night before to prep him to better handle the situation. I understand his frustration, but at his juncture he is sabotaging his own career.

    As for the folks wishing this young man was dead, are you fucking serious? Some of you people are obscene and while you may not have beaten your girlfriends senseless or choked them until they fell unconscious, the fact you would wish death to your fellow human being makes you all just as a f-ing repulsive as you claim him to be.

    Remember, none of us are perfect, nor are we above making mistakes.

  16. Chris Brown Violent Outburst GMA
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    That’s one way to save money on Affliction t-shirts.

  17. Ani

    Anybody want to help me build a rocket to send Sheen, Gibson, and this guy back to their home on Planet Douche? (waggles toolbox).

  18. Joris, NY

    Robin Roberts did a great disservice to Chris Brown, I watched the show and Chris tried several times to redirect the questions to his album launch but Robin kept pushing.

  19. nicetown

    Leave him alone let the man live …all ppl make mistakes

  20. Chris Brown Charlie Sheen Tweet Twitter
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  21. Chris Brown Charlie Sheen Tweet Twitter
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  22. Chris Brown Violent Outburst GMA
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  23. #teamBreezy!

    I wish people would leave him alone! I’m sure he isn’t condoning what he has done, but there have much worse things “Celebrities” have done & yet they weren’t publicized as much as Chris. To call him a idiot is completely ridiculous! Every man shows emotion! People are just trying to bring him down the day his CD drops! He will succeed in life, NO MATTER WHAT! He is a great artists & a man as well! #teamChrisBrown! :)

  24. Force

    Anyone else tempted to tweet Chris that HE can be the woman-beating asshole that everyone forgives if he decapitates all of the others with a sword? Cause that might solve more than one problem…

  25. Mira

    He is trash. Garbage. Plain and simple.

    He may sell millions of albums, he may make millions of dollars. He will never win back the respect of the industry or the public.

  26. Davina

    Of course the segment Producer Brown stared down was a man, if the producer had been a woman Chris would have beat the crap out of her.

  27. Chris Brown Violent Outburst GMA
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    Why are his nipples scowling at me?

  28. Cavone'

    Dam I just wish everybody would leave chris alone!! I mean he is HUMAN!!

  29. All I know is that when he is 65 and 260 lbs, that tattoo is going to be hilarious.

  30. Antifratdude

    So, this dude is a fucking retard.
    He is a lousy musician who is obviously trying his hardest to build up street cred by beating women, throwing temper tantrums, and covering himself with GAY ASS TATTOOS (anyone else catch that “badass” tat on his chest? diamonds, stars, wings, roses and “Symphonic Love” REALLY?!).
    How easy it is to forget that before the Rihanna debacle, he was known as a baby-faced squeaky clean little twat. It’s too bad he doesn’t realize that only bitches hit women… Real men have no need for such violence, and know how to take responsibility for their actions.
    He thinks that taking responsibility means stomping his feet and telling everyone to stop talking about him. That’s his pathetic version of manhood. I know 7 year olds who know how to take more responsibility for their actions.
    This piece of shit should kill himself.
    He’s contributing nothing to the world, except for terrible music that gets no airplay.

  31. poopsmith

    speaking of idiots……its ‘their’ Rtard

  32. o shit

    I honestly dnt think he did wrong y da fuk do dey keep asking him bout dat persong shud of gotten slap right on da spop goo chriss

  33. Bally

    Chris brown is nuts he thinks he’s can go on a show and ppl wnt ask him why he felt it was ok for him 2 beat up Rihanna? Bottomline he’s a sick control freak and destruction of property is a crime so deuces 2 his crazy ass!

  34. Dodo Uptown

    There has never been a man more homosexual than Chris Brown. Would you fucking look at that gay, homosexual queen. He loves dong, cock and penis. Loves them.

  35. bk queen

    if that were u that people kept talkin about how would u feel !!people make mistakes and move past it !! maybe if people looked 2 the future and stop lookin 2 the past things could change !! who wouldnt be mad if something u did kept bein thrown up in your face every chance people have !!! i dont like what he did 2 rhianna nor anyone else who beats their woman or man but we need 2 learn that forgiveness is the best 4 ones self!!!spread love and forgiveness not HATE!!!

  36. Satan

    *chuckles heartily*

  37. b

    First pic looks like hillbilly star “String Bean”

  38. sergio hawse

    Let him be its the pass leave it there is he in the right no but it don’t give people a reason to keep fucking with him bout it this is wat they want to see people flip and yhats wat they got

  39. Chris Brown Charlie Sheen Tweet Twitter
    Chris Egan
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    Chris Brown Losing since does not know the difference betweem there and their. Charlie Sheen still winning!

  40. Chris Brown Violent Outburst GMA
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  41. Chris Brown Violent Outburst GMA
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    I think that Chris Brown was wrong for jumping out of that window. I understand that he was angry about the situation though. I don’t think that it was right for those people to ask him questions about things that happened in the past. He obviously is over that and is in a better mindset now. He also said on 106 and Park that he had givin them some cards with talking points on them. Stuff that he felt like it was ok for them to be asking him and talking about. All I am saying is that they should let the man breath and stop bringing up old shit. He is over it I thenk that Rihanna is over so America should just be over to. I mean damn people make mistakes like that all the time and people don’t talk about it as long as people have been on him for this. He made a mistake dammit. It is time to move on and let that shit go.

  42. Sonia

    Yeah, Chris was dead wrong for losing it. But I can understand his frustration. How long does a man have to pay for his crimes? I personally don’t believe that Rihanna was completely innocent in that relationship. I believe there were numerous fights between them, and I believe she was hitting him, too. There are lots of women who are the “beaters” in the relationship–for years. And as soon as the man hits back, she cries assault to the police. My problem with Rihanna is she hasn’t owned up to her responsibility in that situation. I do NOT condone fighting at all from anyone. But what’s a person to do? The law sentenced him. So why does everyone want to take EVERYTHING from him? Can a man have anything left? According to HATERS (those who didn’t want to see him have anything in the first place), they should take everything he has. Michael Vick can vouch for that. Totally understand: why does he have to keep answering questions about that. Rihanna isn’t talkin about it. When is it ever enuff?

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