Chris Brown Flips Out on ‘Good Morning America,’ Smashes Window

March 22nd, 2011 // 254 Comments

Chris Brown performed on Good Morning America today and completely lost his shit when Robin Roberts questioned him about the night he brutally beat Rihanna. Being an anger-management graduate and Christ-loving man of God, Chris naturally responded by ripping his shirt off (above), smashing a window and storming off set while threatening a producer. No, really. TMZ reports:

We’re told after the interview, Brown freaked out, storming into his dressing room and screaming so loud, the people in hair and makeup became alarmed and called security.
We’re told Brown was out of control, and one source present tells us he smashed a window in his dressing room, and the glass shattered and some shards fell onto 43rd and Broadway.
We’re told by the time security rushed the area, Brown had ripped off his shirt and left the building, blowing off another performance he was supposed to do for the ABC website.
And sources say … on his way out of the building, Brown confronted a segment producer, got in his face and stared him down. People from the show got in between Chris and the producer to diffuse the situation.

And, wait, it gets better. Chris Brown not only tweeted about the incident moments ago, but played the Charlie Sheen Card in the process:

I’m so over people bringing this past shit up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for there bullshit!

He’s since deleted the tweet, so thank God for screencaps. On that note, I’ve literally sat here since this story broke saying, “What a fucking idiot,” over and over again because, seriously, what a fucking idiot. On top of that, he brings up Charlie Sheen like a child asking his mom, “How come he gets away with it?” And, look, Charlie Sheen is a violent, women-beating asshole which people lose sight of way too easily, but guess what, so is Chris Brown. There’s allowed to be two abusive dickheads at the same time. I’ve checked. And even if through some sort of magic, there could be only one, Chris Brown still basically said, “Damn, why can’t a guy punch a bitch? Charlie Sheen does it.” I mean, just… just what a fucking idiot.

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  1. Fan

    Honestly wtf do you expect. guy has done everything he can to straighten himself out, and everyone keeps throwing the worst decision of his life in his face ???

    Who keeps bringing up the rape charges to Rapistberger ?

    Anyone asking Tiger about the Bitches in post match interviews ?

    Shit Charlie sheen is a good example, again and again he is given a pass…

    But what … this guy gets it thrown back at him every day ? Why ? Because he is a black rapper who fits the mold that we create for him and we take every chance to shove him back into it that we can ?


    • ain’t cos he black it’s cos he’s rationalizing

      • jenyjenjen

        I totally agree with Lolita on point 2. He was being given an opportunity, this wasn’t the media being out to get him, he was given an opportunity to show his maturity and growth and instead he became dismissive and twitchy, mumbling into the microphone and rambling on about “haters”. He sounded totally unrepentant. Also, he knew he was going to be questioned about the incident, it was cleared before hand. If, on the day of his album release he hasn’t come up with a better response to the questions, something about growth and the experience making him a better person, therefore better musically etc. etc. He deserves to give shitty interviews and have a failed media tour. The guy clearly isn’t listening to anyone around him who may be trying to coach him for the better. He’s just an immature, egotistical little fuck.

    • Lolita

      Woohoo, the race card!

      1) It’s only been two years. I realize in douchebag time, that’s practically millenia.
      2) They were giving him an opening to BE A MAN because everyone is wondering if he’s matured since then. (His answer would tell all.) All he needed to say was, “I’ve used my mistakes to grow as a person and artist. I’ll take the criticism because what I did was wrong. I can only try to become a better man and wish Rihanna the best. Which is what I focused on in this album…” segue to his precious album.
      3) Last time I checked, Mel Gibson is white. Charlie Sheen is white. Tiger Woods is a golfer, which makes him white through association. It’s not about race, it’s about being a fucktard.

    • “Honestly wtf do you expect. guy has done everything he can to straighten himself out, and everyone keeps throwing the worst decision of his life in his face ???”

      We keep bringing it up because he’s still a tantrum throwing little punk who has yet to show remorse for anything other than the damage it has done to his career.

      “Who keeps bringing up the rape charges to Rapistberger ?”

      Fish did, last time I checked.

      “Anyone asking Tiger about the Bitches in post match interviews ?”

      Don’t know, I don’t watch them. However, it should be noted that there is a difference between cheating on your significant other and beating the shit out of them.

      “Shit Charlie sheen is a good example, again and again he is given a pass…”

      By who? Everything I’ve read about him (other than the few apologists, like you are for Brown) has been scathing.

      “But what … this guy gets it thrown back at him every day ? Why ?”

      I’ll refer you to my first answer.

      “Because he is a black rapper who fits the mold that we create for him and we take every chance to shove him back into it that we can ? ”

      No. Again, I’ll refer you to my first answer.

    • Snickers

      Tiger’s black too, dumbass. Shove the race card back up your ass where it belongs.

  2. Snickers

    You can take the gorilla out of the zoo, you just can’t make it behave. This guy is an animal and he’s a disgrace to the human race.

  3. AlexK

    It’s a pity the douche-nozzle didn’t jump out of the window after he broke it. What a waste of perfectly good DNA.

  4. Critter

    it’s ‘their’… not there… such a role model

  5. Mashara

    “their” you ignorant fuck.

  6. Harsh

    No place for such sad racism. Black, white, Asian descent and more can probably agree Brown was in the wrong. Even if you think it, there’s no need to disparage an entire race of people for the actions of one douchebag.
    Racism will only die out when we recognize as an entire friggin species that race is a social category. If a young black kid stumbles upon this thread and reads such disparaging remarks about his father, or brother, or cousin, you can possibly be his first introduction to being ashamed of his blackness.
    If that makes you proud, I kindly ask you to shuffle off this mortal coil.
    Your kind had their glory days in white hoods and hangings.


    • MD

      What do you mean “your kind”? Are you saying only white people are racist? WAKE THE FUCK UP DUDE! There are racists in EVERY COLOR. You had a decent post going till you concluded it with “your kind” and “white hoods”. Get your head outta your ass PLEASE! Racism will NEVER die b/c too many people still pass it along to their children, they are bred to hate plain and simple. You think a white guy going into a ghetto is going to receive any love from the people who live there?

      Stop being naive and get with the times, racism is all over the damn place in all colors of people, it neither begins or ends with how black people are treated, it’s ALL ACROSS THE BOARD! I’d go as far as to say that more black people as a whole dislike white people than vice, versa!

      • MrGJG

        Jeez MD, you think black people dislike white people more than visa-versa?
        Come on man, just because they were cheering across the country when O.J. Simpson got away with butchering two white people, you think that means anything?

  7. BobTheBuilder

    all this talk about being on probation i hope you guys know he really isnt anymore eveything was dropped a couple weeks ago shit shows how much people keep up with the hip hop world talking out there ass

    • Jail!!!

      You’re retarded. They reduced the restraining order but he is still on probation. He was given 5 years probation. So yes, distruction of property could definitely be a probation violation.

  8. Scully

    Chris Brown vs. Kanye West tantrum off, who would win?

  9. Bringbackbabalu

    Wow, what a tool this guy is. Someone explain how a. he is nobody, the only reason ANYONE knows this chump is because of Rihanna…so what the fuck do you expect, you poser celebrity. Charlie Sheen…is an icon with some of the best movies ever made on his resume. His father was a hollywood icon as well, and he is better than you in every way Chris Brown. Is their a bigger tool anywhere on this earth than Chris “You only know me cause I beat up Rihanna” Brown. This guy is such a piece of shit, he isn’t even a man he is just slime.

  10. blt

    He should be held accountable for his actions. It doesn’t matter that he’s a celebrity, they should….whoa! Lindsey Lohan just his a baby outside my apartment in her car!…Now where was I? Right! Celebrity responsibility….

  11. Erin

    He is a LOSER and always will be.
    His career should be OVER for what he did.

  12. me

    I watched the interview and she egged him on. How many times did he say “that’s the past, let’s talk about this album” and she still insisted on asking about “are you allowed in the same room as Rhianna?” etc. I can’t stand this clown, but I can understand the frusteration of people holding something bad over your head and making that your label. But, he made his bed so I don’t feel completely sorry for him, however the media should let it go already. I know I’m sick of hearing about it. How about them Bears? Helluva season.

    • Oh, she was totally baiting him, but that doesn’t excuse him, it just means the interviewer was an asshole too.

      And other people didn’t make that his label; Chris Brown made that his label when he beat the shit out of his girlfriend.

  13. norma

    I’m still LMFAO @ the morons who have the nerve to keep defending this worthless piece of shit with the “he’s paid the price, let it go” excuse. He paid the price? How? Did he do any jail time? He got anger management, but it obviously didn’t fucking work did it?

    and LOL @ the person up there saying we hate him because he’s black all while CALLING HIM A RAPPER. Interesting.

    I’m glad you’re not supportive of this type of disgusting behavior, Fish. Seriously. I don’t ever post on this site but I love when you comment on Chris Brown. Kudos.

  14. shaybaby

    Wtf Give him a.break, that gma bitch was foul for bringing that ish up. Hating on His album. Mistakes happen he served His time.. leave him alone. Chris n charlie r 2 different types of people, so get over it….

    • And exactly what time, pray tell, did he serve? Probation and community service from a plea bargain?


      “mistakes happen, my man beat me too, i still love him” xoxoxo shaybaby

    • Aggie

      Since your parents are clearly cousins, I’m going to assume you need all the help you can get:
      What Chris Brown did was not a mistake, it’s something called assault. It’s a violent crime that’s against the law and (for non-celebrities anyway) it has serious consequences, so don’t try passing off beating someone unconscious and biting them as a “mistake”.

  15. Chris Brown Violent Outburst GMA
    Commented on this photo:

    The real story here is that he sat next to Robin Roberts for several minutes and didn’t even punch her in the face once. Good job Chris Brown, you’re a shining example of impulse control!

  16. trice

    I think there was something more important than Rhinna to be discussed and that was the music. The guy that was interviewing Chris Brown should have focused on the purpose of him being there. If a person always interrogated about the past even when changes and consequences have been paid, I would be angry too. It’s time to move on. And anyone that says different is q liar. If we did something in the past we would be pissed if we weren’t allowed to move on. I know I would be. Left the man continue with his life, Rhinna has.

  17. Chris Brown Charlie Sheen Tweet Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    He’s the wad his mom should have swallowed. What a waste. Learn how to spell … learn how to treat women correctly … and thank God you’re not in the pen, where you should be.

  18. charlestonsc diva

    Being a celebrity you should expect that your past “especially the bad” will always follow you. You have to be ready for whatever is thrown at you. I think he needs to go back to anger management and this time take notes and then use what was learned daily. He could have
    injured himself or someone else from smashing that window. I was amazed at his come back and I truly thought that he matured after the Rhianna situation. On the flip side why did the interviewer bring up the Rhianna situation… I would be pissed off too because today was not about Rhianna. But you have to learn how to roll with the punches. That was a low blow for that question to be asked. Next time that question is asked he should say is 2011 I can’t changed the past she has moved on and so have I…when will you…I have already apologize for my question please. Chris Brown please go back to anger management..there are so many other people. who wish they had the chance to be in your shoes. CONTROL YOUR ANGER. You don’t want to go through life regretting everything you do.

  19. John mclow

    Wat a freaking retard. His followers on twitter are goin to increase since people wanna see what other retarded things he is goin to do

  20. Carl

    Chris Brown is a closeted homosexual angry over his desire for men. It’s very clear what is going on.

    • Dumbass

      Yes! Why is it that the media ignores the fact the Chris Brown loves gay ass sex and giving dudes b.j.’s? Next time he’s interviewed, I want to see them ask him ‘So was the argument you had with Rihanna that triggered you beating her about your love of gay ass sex with dudes?’ I’d also like someone to ask him wtf he wears untied workboots for, when it’s almost certain he’s never done a day’s work in his life.
      He’s damn lucky the glass that he smashed didn’t fall to the sidewalk and kill someone. I worked in NYC and someone knocked a flower pot off their windowsill on the 8th floor, it hit an old lady on the head and knocked her out cold. Ambulance came, she was bleeding like crazy from the skull. A broken pane of glass could have sliced someone’s head off or hit a baby in a stroller.

      • hahahah

        Right do people forget he had texts from that other gay guy from a boy band in his phone, that;s part fo what Rihanna wa confronting. Chris Brown was fucking men in the ass. Of course blakc men don;t think that means they are gay unless they are on the bottom.

  21. You know if you were to cut his head off I would never be able to tell that that was the body of a bruthah…. Hmmm…. Let’s test that out…..

  22. Chris Brown Charlie Sheen Tweet Twitter
    Commented on this photo:


  23. Marceelf

    Why do you have Dennis Rodman’s pic above this story? GMA is becoming the new Jerry Springer.

  24. shaybaby

    I must say people in america are full of shit. So he Hit a girl back, so he deserve the death penalty? Negative. People need to realize that he is still a human being and is allowed to be angry when someone pisses him off. He is here to do music, other than that people need to get a life n quit talking His so personal. At the end of the day His music is the shit and theres no doubt about it #teambreezy#

    • “Hit a girl back.” I think YOU deserve the death penalty, you misogynistic fuck. HE BIT HER FACE you piece of shit. It’s never acceptable to hit a girl, ever. Also you weren’t there. Also you’re defending beating a woman. Fuck you.

      • Whoa…hold on there, Gay Magician. While I agree with your premise, that Chris Brown is a piece of shit who beat up his girlfriend, I don’t know that it’s fair to say that it is never acceptable to hit a woman. Had you said “It’s never acceptable to hit a person,” or “it’s never acceptable to hit someone significantly weaker than you,” I’d be on board. However, as I see it any situation where it is acceptable to hit a man it should be acceptable to hit a woman.

        Now, that raises the big question: it it acceptable to strike anyone, man or woman, out of simple anger? I’d have to argue no. It would have been just as unacceptable if Brown had beat the shit out of a man, to me at least.

        Am I saying violence is completely unjustified? Of course not, it’s acceptable to strike someone who is trying to cause you or someone else serious bodily harm (which, contrary to shaybaby, Rihanna wasn’t doing) and things of that nature. But for someone just to get angry and beat someone black and blue, bust their lip open, and BITE them ferchrissakes because they got angry is wholey unacceptable regardless of the gender situation.

    • hahahah

      Shaybaby’s baby daddy must beat her. She is used to thinking it’s normal. And he didn’t just hit her, he beat on her to a pulp.

    • sick

      Shut the fuck up shaybaby, go back to your own country’s worthless websites and stop cluttering up ours with your retarded grammer and spelling mistakes and complete ignorance. Yeah I agree, if you’re angry that’s your own deal, but in this country you aren’t allowed to beat someone or break a window that you don’t own, without there being consequences such as an interviewer razzing you b/c they know it’ll boost their ratings when you predicably behave like a little bitch. Piece of fuck, stay off this website!

  25. Ah douchbaggery…it transcends race and shows that we’re all the same on the inside. Well, the douchebags are at least.

  26. Pat C

    Maybe he’s in the wrong business. He should get a job where he’s not in the public eye, and isn’t required to deal with these questions – which he obviously can’t handle.

  27. norma

    lmfao @ people calling themselves “team breezy.” this generation, boy i tell ya. *walks away with cane*

  28. sweets

    Leave him the fuck alone. The bitch should never asked him them questions.

  29. Jasmine

    You guys are all some ASSHOLES….. Why ya’ll are on here steady bringing up old shit Chris Brown is somewhere living it up….. That shit is old, they should stop bringing it up….Hell, it two sides to everything…. Rihanna started it and got what she asked for….No, I don’t condone domestic violence but when piece of shits like you all don’t know what the fuck happened and always assuming shit…. OH FUCKING WELL… Half of America has an anger problem…. So what he smashed a fucking window, people should get off his dick….. If he’s asked to talk about his album, then that’s what the fuck Robin’s bitch ass should have done…. they’re always trying to bring him down but true fans like me will ALWAYS keep breezy on top…. Im sure chris brown doesn’t give 2 flying fucks what anyone has to say about him and neither do I…. All you crusty ass bombs can kiss my beautiful black ass…….

  30. shaybaby

    Chris brown was the shit b4 rihanna and is still the shit after her so quit hating. It gets u no where in life.

  31. Eric

    Chris. Brown. Beats. Women.

  32. Kat

    But, really, why DOES Charlie Sheen get away with it?

  33. cc

    I am not trying to sound like a tough guy. In fact, I am pretty laid back. That notwithstanding, I’d love to go step inside the octagon with this little shit. No gloves. I can promise you, I’d shut his fuckin’ pie hole for a month or so.

  34. nina

    Chris Brown is looking awfully gay these days. I wouldn’t be surprised if his anger comes from closeted homosexuality. It might be coming out as violence towards women. All of his fans should band together to love and support him out if the closet. Thoughts fans?

  35. nina

    You can tell exactly who the Chris Brown fans are before even reading their posts by their handles and lengthy keyboard spastic style of typing.

    • jenyjenjen

      And poor grammar. Just like Chris..

    • norma

      LOL so true!!

      “yall iz sum haterz up in here cuz he rich and u aint and fuck dat, so he hit a bish so wut?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TEAM BREEZY ALL DA WAY CUZ HIS ‘DEUCES’ SONG MAKEZ ME THINK BOUT MAH MAN DAT CHEATED ON MEEH. #teambreezy #deuces #jussayin #anotherpointlesstwittertagwhenyourenotontwitter”

  36. Nick Spencer

    Typical black.

  37. nina

    This whole Chris Brown debacle brings out the worst in black cultural stereotypes, he should be more concerned with his image. The women apologists do nothing for their stereotype either, in fact they perpetuate the angry black male by apolgizing for him. This isn;t how you get men in your culture to treat you as valuable. So few black women are married as compared to white women. Wonder why. Your men are trouble.

  38. American

    Somebody should ‘disappear’ him.

  39. Katie

    “Hi folks, I’m Chris and if you need a window broken, I’m your man! I’ll break your windows angrily, but efficiently, with my fist or with your head, heck, I’ll even break it with this huge chip on my shoulder that I carry with me everywhere. So call Chris Brown at 1-800-BREAK-URSELF and we’ll have a SMASHING good time!”


    Chris Brown’s gay or bisexual. He was fucking that one guy from a boy band in the ass. Black men don’t consder themselves gay unless they are on the bottom. What an uneducated moronic closeted homophobic culture.

    Then he has the nerve to make fun of his bottom for being a ‘faggot.’


    Hey, Chris Brown fans!

    You might buy his albums and make him money but you can never give him what he really wants! His respect back from the public. It will ALWAYS haunt him, the publics view of him is tainted and anytime he’s reminded of it, such as in this interview, he’s going to POP OFF, because deep down he knows he’s a fuck-up.

    Pride gone. Thats what he wants. Go ahead, buy his albums. I won’t, not me, nor most semi-inteliigent-to intelligent people. But you can’t by back RESPECT.


  42. eww

    Black animal!

  43. So people wonder what the difference is between Chris and Charlie:

    Charlie Sheen is a wife beater on drugs, Chris Brown is a girlfriend beater not on drugs (assuming). Charlie Sheen has shown remorse in the past (even if he didn’t mean it), Chris Brown can’t seem to even FAKE remorse. I mean, come on, Chris! FAKE IT, at least. I don’t care how many times he is asked about Rihanna, he needs to have a stock answer dripping with remorse and regret. He’s such a cocky prick. And so is Charlie Sheen, but I don’t see Charlie Sheen breaking windows and acting like a spoiled baby.


      Oh, I’m sure he does. And Charlie is an actor so he can ‘act’ remorseful but he has proved he isn’t. Can we just settle that they are both complete losers?

      I’ll give Chris Brown fans this one thing, Charlie does get off easier ‘cuz he’s a loved white.

      Fans of any of them are obviously the worse steaming pile of shit.

    • Unnecessary Grammar Police

      Charlie Sheen is worse than Chris Brown. Chris Brown has clear anger management issues and one confirmed incident of domestic assault. And he has never come to terms with that, apologized for that. But Charlie Sheen has years of misogyny and multiple cases of abuse and terror against women. People have been looking aside for years. Charlie is not sorry – he would have to go through a personality change for that to happen. I can actually see Chris Brown apologizing and reforming before Charlie Sheen, if he ever comes to terms with what causes his anger, whether it be his abusive stepfather or repressed sexuality or something else that we don’t know about.

  44. Chris Brown Charlie Sheen Tweet Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    perhaps he should learn correct grammar.

    • Jon

      lmfao all the book nerds are out in force today

      Dumb rappers who can’t spell.. 5/10 laffs

      Dumb people who expect rappers to spell.. 9/10 laffs

  45. Scott

    Hello? He ripped his shirt off so you can see “symphonic love” on his chest. In the Chris Brown Dictionary it says:
    symphonic love
    sym·phon·ic love   
    [sim-fon-ik luhv]
    1.a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person – as long as you don’t bring up the Rihanna incident
    2. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend – as long as you don’t question anything a celebrity has ever done.
    3. sexual passion or desire – and if they have to hit someone as part of that, so be it
    4. a person toward whom love is felt; beloved person; sweetheart – unless you bring up that Rihanna person.

  46. Jess

    On behalf of my gender, thanks for pointing out what fuckers these guys who attack women are, Fish.

  47. Anonymous

    Why does anyone give this piece of garbage media coverage? He’s worthless.

  48. Anonymous

    Why does anyone give this piece of garbage media coverage? He’s worthless.

  49. k

    What an idiot smh

    What an idiot smh

    Just stupid. Can one person be ?

  50. Bim

    I wish I was in his camp, I would just shaking him so hard… He just needs to say when asked about the altercation.
    “I’ll always regret what happen and I will continue on working hard to insure that it never happens again. My music is my focus right now and that’s what I’m here to share with you today.”
    Chris needs to remember the main stream media will always see him as a hot tempered black man that beats his women, once he continues to have outburst every time he’s asked about Rihanna that opinion will stay in the minds of the public in general. He just needs to acknowledge it happened, say sorry it will never happen again, and say he isn’t going to discuss details of that night out of respect of each of their private lives… After that talk about his music etc
    Side note he needs to stay off twitter when he’s upset

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