Chris Brown Started Fights With His Own Bodyguard And A Valet, Is Different Now, You Guys

Let’s do this chronologically. Yesterday morning, Chris Brown got on a private plane where he reportedly got in a fight with his own bodyguard and left him in Bermuda, according to E! News. A series of events I didn’t even get a chance to say proves this kid’s a violent shit show who will eventually murder Rihanna before he got in another fight over a valet charging him $10 at a bowling alley. TMZ reports:

It all went down at PINZ bowling alley in Studio City … where CB had been attending a charity event with his posse.
But when Chris went to get his car from the valet, the guy working the parking lot asked for the $10 charge … and Chris got PISSED.
After the valet made it clear he couldn’t release the car without the cash … the singer and his posse surrounded the guy … and at one point you can hear Chris say, “F*ck ten dollars.”
Sources at the scene tell us Brown was angry because he was only at the event for 30 minutes and felt like he was getting ripped off by the valet.
As tensions grew, someone in Chris’ posse can be heard saying. “We got the money … don’t worry about it.”
But Chris DID worry about it … and in a threatening manner, told the valet, “We gonna turn this whole thing on out.”

Keep in mind, Chris Brown is filthy rich and $10 is a fart in the wind to him, yet he was still willing to physically assault a man and face jail time over it. So just imagine how he’d react to, oh I dunno, say riding in a car with a baby that won’t stop crying, Rihanna. Yes, I’m talking to you, Rihanna. This path leads to death.

Video: TMZ