Of Course Chris Brown’s Cheating On Rihanna

January 4th, 2013 // 23 Comments
'Hi, I'm An Idiot'
Rihanna Chris Brown Bed Together Instagram
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Chris Brown beat the living shit out of Rihanna and left for her dead but she still took him back, so of course, he’s going to continue cheating on her like crazy. What else is he supposed to do in this situation? Treat her with respect? WAHAHAHA! In Touch reports:

In Touch can exclusively reveal that weeks earlier he cheated on her with Sommer Gargan, a blonde, blue-eyed executive assistant.
“He slept with her two different times at his recording studio,” an insider exclusively tells In Touch, on newsstand now.
After meeting through mutual friends, “They’ve been texting ever since — even when he’s been with Rihanna.”

Oh, good, he’s communicating with this woman via a phone that Rihanna might peep while sitting in the passenger seat of a car he controls the locks to. That’s not at all a sequence of events that should immediately alarm Rihanna if the inside of her head was nothing but a bear in a Team Breezy T-shirt banging cymbals together. “Beer and buttsex!” CLANG-CLANG-CLANG “Chris Brown’s cool!” CLANG-CLANG-CLANG “Hey, look a fist!” DING-DANG-DONG

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  1. The Royal Penis

    So this Sommer chick has a website where she shares recipes:


    Funny that her bio doesn’t mention a soft spot for bbc and her favorite past time of going to whore island.

  2. Hi -

    And who are you – a jack leg fortune teller? Your predictions are dismissed.


    Chris and Rihanna are of the lion breed. Karrueche is a kitten.

    It’s a jungle out here and lions need to be tight together to deal with the various challenges in this world.

    Chris and Rihanna are young lions and haven’t yet come into their full lion modes – but Oh yeah…they WILL come into the fulness of their power.

  3. P.S. Back when the so-called cheating on Rihanna supposedly happened, Chris had made a public statement that he’s single.
    How can you cheat when you’re single?

    Bum reporting – for real!

    • Have to agree with you on that, you sadfuck box of rocks, because NOTHING says to the public that you’re single and ready to mingle like beating the living shit out of your old ho and literally kicking her bleeding ass to the curb.

  4. Just a fun fact, Fish:
    I was unable to reach this site for most of the day.

  5. “Yo, I’ll take the battered fish.”

  6. kery

    this girl should think better and find another boy ;)

  7. Namehere

    Geez, can you stop making posts about these two idiots? She obviously loves him than he loves her.

  8. mark

    She deserves it. Idiot.

  9. Rihanna Chris Brown Together LA
    Commented on this photo:

    “Yo, girl, gimme your digits…Who, her? Naw, we ain’t together an’ shit. We just bumpin’ uglies when I fee’ like it, right Ri-Ri?”

    “I love you, Chris.”

  10. Seriously, what is wrong with him? He really looks like he is a Special Needs individual.

  11. Rihanna Chris Brown Together LA
    Commented on this photo:

    Illuminati sweater..

  12. GoatmealCrisp

    There is no way there is an actual person named Sommer Gargan. Who broke this story, Stephen Glass?

  13. Weirdo

    This bitch deserves whatever she gets. He’s like the black Spencer Pratt-spoiled,self important,ugly as hell and controlling. They were made for each other, douches!

  14. Treat her with respect?

    She’s made it VERY clear that she doesn’t deserve any.

  15. Rihanna Chris Brown Together LA
    Commented on this photo:

    Never mind the dysfunctional douchepair; I’m calling dibs on Incidental Paparazza and her awesome buttz0rz.

  16. Herman Bumfudle

    this homocie, suicide moment was brought to you by jay-z courtesy of defjams. and by defjams we really do mean death jams.

  17. thereaper

    reap what you sow you dumb ho!!

  18. lightning1

    i will not send flowers to the hospital next time. i will save them for the cemetary.

  19. gglartabrand

    Well, next time she takes a licking hopefully she will keep on clicking and behind closed doors where nobody can see the next time.

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