Chris Brown Blames Satan For Releasing New Rihanna Abuse Photos

While we’re on the subject of violent, egotistical women-beaters, apparently Chris Brown wasn’t too thrilled yesterday when posted two new photos from the night he beat Rihanna senseless. Fortunately he knows who the real culprit is and took to Twitter to tell everybody until his publicist shat a canary and yanked it down. Via ONTD:

- It’s ironic how “somebody” put this out right around my album time! Wow! I guess that’s supposed to be a strategic chess move! Unbelievable
- The Devil is always busy!! But when u have a destiny, nothing or no one can stop what god has planned!

Ah, my favorite bullshit Christian coping mechanism: “Bringing up your past is a trick of the devil.” Yes, that’s right, Chris Brown, Jesus forgave you, so you should never have to face responsibility for your actions again, you poor thing. How dare that horned bastard do this except, fuck you, we’re talking about fictional characters. So for this alone, and I’m not even factoring in the abuse, I want those Rihanna photos to be on the cover of every single one of your albums from here on out. Not that it would stop your fanbase, of course, but it’s the thought that counts. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to see what the Dark Lord has laid out for the agenda today. *reads list* “Keep being exceptionally salty this morning.” On it.

Photos: Getty