Chris Brown’s Baby’s Name Is ‘Royalty.’ Literally.

In case you need more proof that Nia Gonzalez yelled “CHA-CHING!” the second she figured out Chris Brown is the father of her baby, she named the kid “Royalty.” Fucking Royalty. And now for the even worse part. TMZ reports:

As for Chris’ involvement … we’re told he calls Nia regularly and now says he wants to openly participate in raising the baby. Nia and Royalty live in Texas, and Chris says he’ll gladly fly there regularly to parent her.

Wait. Did that say Texas? Oh, thank God, they’ll shoot him at the airport. Phew! For a minute there, I thought Chris Brown might actually raise a child, but you really pulled through on this one, racism and guns. I don’t like either of you, I think you’re both generally retarded, but goddammit, I’m man enough to admit when someone’s done good. Put ‘er there.

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