Chris Brown Approved Rihanna Questions

March 22nd, 2011 // 86 Comments

Naturally, the immediate reaction of every Chris Brown fan is that Good Morning America ambushed, or “baited,” him with questions surrounding the night he bit Rihanna in the face and neck after viciously beating her for peeping his cellphone. Turns out, like any talk show interview, GMA approved the questions beforehand with the celebrity so they could sit there and toss him softballs preventing any sort of violent outburst where, I dunno, let’s say window gets broken and shirts suddenly disappear. TMZ reports:

Sources tell TMZ … Roberts insists both she and other “GMA” staff members spoke with Chris before the interview and asked if it would be OK to fire off “a few questions” about the Rihanna incident … and Chris approved.
As TMZ first reported, Brown flipped out after the interview — and apparently smashed a window in his dressing room.
Robin is telling people at the show she did NOT try to set him up … and insists, “I’m pulling for the guy.”

For a media that’s “trying to bring him down,” Robin Roberts really was pulling for him if you watch the interview. Christ, she fucking laughs with him when he keeps trying to change the subject back to the album. Because – Haha! – isn’t the life of a celebrity so deliciously comical? “Look, he’s trying to make millions of dollars by not showing remorse for beating the living hell out of a woman. My what a hilarious rogue. I hope he pulls through this alright.”

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  1. Michael (The Man)

    What a wasteman!

    • its me fuckers

      can you imagine the fame whores that are ‘attracted’ to this guy KNOWING he has a violent streak in him? *sigh* Imma gonna be FAMOUS! Chris Brown beat me too!

      Just like Michael Lohan, anyone who dates the man is just asking for it. Look at his history!! The vag-kicker! And Kate Major is a fuck-head as well for going back t that stupid fucker.

      • jenyjenjen

        100% in agreement. Kate Major had star fucker all over her face, and nearly got killed for it yesterday. Michael Lohan isn’t even a star, his a scumbag..

  2. Hey Fish I think you and Chris Brown should get a room. Your obvious mancrush is a little tiresome.

    • +1 on the bromance hardon lol. To boot (no pun) there are even two other bitchslap-related people in the news, sorta. Michael Lowhead got arrested on another domestic last nite. And the man who taught Ike “the fist” Turner piano just passed at age 97 (RIP Pinetop!)

    • RoboZombie

      STFU. Fish is just calling out this little punk bitch, sorry your hero betas women and that gets YOU hard.

      • no, PUSSY, TITS and ASS get me hard. where the fuck is it already it’s almost mid afternoon and nothing but chris brown. sorry if you rather stare at chris brown posts all day to get hard

    • this should be the last of the articles. otherwise it’s Chris brown day.

  3. Basically he was asked pre-approved questions, then waited ten minutes to sing and dance– *then* go to the locker room and blow his stack. Mustav been expecting kudos for not bitch slapping Robin Roberts on live tv

  4. BT

    What a fucking ignorant moron.

  5. Gack

    Douche. Bag.

  6. Hurp

    We get it, Chris Brown gets you hard.

  7. Really?

    Chris Brown is right, everything in the past shouldn’t be brought up anymore. The Rhianna beating, Hitler, Slavery, shit, he should speak to Israel and Palestine about letting go of the past and how record sales trump a man who really hasn’t changed.

  8. RoboZombie

    He’s such a f*cking PUNK!

  9. When I was young we had actual musicians who treated women well and knew how to behave. Real artists, like David Lee Roth, Poison, and RATT. I just don’t know what the world is coming to these days.

  10. Eric

    Chris. Brown. Beats. Women.

  11. bumper

    Chris Brown is sure looking gay these days.

    I wouldn’t be surpised at all if his anger stems from closeted homosexuality and comes out as violent acts towards women.

  12. Wow, Chris Brown rapid fire today.

    Anyway, I guess I owe Robin an apology, it did sound like she was baiting him…but, if the questions were pre-approved…

    …that just means Chris Brown is that much more of a douche.

    • Daemon8666

      My turn to reply to you lol. I’m just wondering if he approved all those questions, or just “a couple questions” generally, because he lets a couple go, but then clearly tries to get back to the album, and she just kept pushing. You can see how uncomfortable he is. Again, not an appropriate response, but she did what any interviewer would and went for ratings over his comfort level.

    • BrandiLye

      Just with those ratings hungry monkeys at GMA wanted and his douchelord self ate it up. I know he’s a moron, but I still feel bad for the guy, he’s a kid…

  13. Hurp

    What do you expect from the guy, to do every interview and just constantly say sorry? Even if he did this, you still wouldn’t accept it. You’d still being saying garbage like “Look he’s trying to make millions of dollars by not showing remorse for beating the living hell out of a woman”. Hurr hurr, hilarious. I didn’t realize that to be a successful blogger, you need to dismiss common sense, I figured it was just exchanging link campaigns with more popular blog sites. Guess I learn something every day.

    The guy has already shown remorse. Whether you want to accept it or not, is perfectly within your right as a human being. But stop assuming he should be doing nothing but talking about what happened, or expressing remorse 2 years after the fact because even if he did, you’d still be breathing out your mouth about it like a fool. Maybe this is part of your method of appealing to female readers? Who knows, but I imagine more women are still willing to fuck him, than you. Get over yourself.

    • bumper

      He hasn’t shown remorse, he has been told to ‘show’ remorse. The guy is a sociopath, not capable of feeling remorse. And it’s painfully obvious, this is why we blog about it.

      • Daemon8666

        Sociopath? Really? Someone completely cut off from emotion looks like this? Imagine if he got angry.

    • lol

      So just because some dumb idiot fans want to fuck him I should get over it? Lol, out there any celeb, even Gary Bussey can say girls want to fuck him. Theyre celes.

    • RoboZombie

      Apologist: a·pol·o·gist
      a person who makes a defense in speech or writing of a belief, idea, etc.

      In this case the idea that being a misogynistic asswipe is A-OK!

    • The Internets

      Dear Hurp,

      You are a fucking moron.

      The Internets

    • LJ

      If Chris Brown didn’t want to have the questions asked, he should have said that he wanted to avoid the topic to the GMA staffers who spoke to him before he went on the show.

    • JC

      I think, at this point, the problem isn’t that everybody wants him to say he’s sorry constantly. The problem is that he blames Satan and/or loses his shit like a badly behaved 4-year-old when the subject comes up, which just makes people want to dig into it more. You know how he could stop the questions? Be remorseful and boring. Just say, “You know what? I screwed up. I did a bad thing, but I’m trying to be a better person.” The end. Then people would stop asking him about it. But such a savvy media strategy would be well beyond his two non-communicating brain cells.

    • ham

      No, I think Herp has a good point. We want to hate him. And people live down to expectations. And fish is really beating a dead horse at this point. We got all up in arms over it, what, 50x? That’s enough. Everything’s already been said. We get it.

  14. Deacon Jones


    So not only does he look like a chimp, but he fights like one too?

    Biting the face and neck? Was he trying to rip her face off her like what happened to that woman who kept pet chimps?

  15. mean tina

    Keep the Chris Brown posts coming if only for the PURE COMEDY of his fans posting in comments. Bottom of the barrel, I think even LaToya Jackson has a better caliber of fan.

  16. steph

    . douche.
    I sincerely hope “the fans” leave “the album” on “the shelves”.

    (I heard charles manson was quite a soprano, maybe we should run out there and buy his album… its all about the fame and the fans I bet too…)

    ‘tsk ‘tsk Chris. ‘tsk tsk.

  17. p-nut

    Bunch of racists on this site giving Charlie Sheen a free pass but getting all up on Chris Brown.

    • RoboZombie

      Yeah that’s it. let’s see, was Chucky on GMA today? No? Then STFU!!
      Take a look at the comments on the Charlie postings you moron and you’ll see he doesn’t get a free pass. he’s as big a douche as this guy. I think I’ve said it before: hey should put Charlie, Chris and mel Gibson in the same room until they destroy each other. What a wonderful world it would be….

      • Hellisforsissies

        Robo, Small room? Hell no! Small boat in the middle of nowhere, somewhere south of Australia near Antartica. If any of them survive the boat ride, they can chill on the ice!

    • Charlie Sheen has been given a free pass? The guy has been raked over the coals continuously for a month now.

      I realize when you’re a moron, the race card might be the only thing you’ve got to play…but give it a rest, it doesn’t work any more.

    • The Internets

      p-nut: another moron…

    • Actually they are both ass-clowns and most people know it. Most people can also express a thought in a complete sentence.

  18. zomgbie

    so give this attention sniffing drama queen just what he wants- 3 articles in a row on a celeb blog.

  19. Cock Dr

    I’m a straight woman & at this point I’m begging the blogger to please forget this douchebag for the rest of the day & post some tits.
    Nice tits mind you, not Jersey Shore crap.

  20. Mark B

    Howsabout some tits some time today? Even some gross ass Snooki tits or Ke$ha tits. Just put some god damn tits up to get this shit stain Chris Brown taste outta our mouths!

  21. Frank Rizzo

    Fish, your relationship with Chris Brown is like Taco Bell with my anus, even when it tears you up, you still go back for more

  22. Troll Replies

    Three posts in a row about this fucking turd? Fuck sakes, Superficial. You are part of the problem you fucking dumb shit.

  23. It’s not like freaking out and smashing windows in a TV studio is actually news or anything. That happens every day, and you never see any mention of it when it’s Will Smith or Michael Cerra smashing windows and trying to start fights with production staff. Oh wait…because that never happens.

  24. The network had the interview done by a WOMAN? Wow! Kudos to her for such bravery. That would be like entering a tiger’s cage with a steak around your neck. I think we can all agree Chris showed great restraint by not biting her face or beating her senseless. Had to have been hard….

  25. sc4play

    Pull your damn pants up, Chris!

  26. Juano

    People can go back and forth on whether he was set up or whether he’s a jerk, but it seems to me that the fellow has some serious problems. You can be an idiot and claim that Rihanna asked for it, since she seems to like singing about S&M, but you know what, there’s a difference between an “act” and how you feel when somebody beats the crap out of you.

    Perhaps in his mind, he feels enormous guilt and when people ask about it, he gets very defensive. At any rate, he needs some serious help, both to help him deal with his anger, but more importantly, to be sure he doesn’t attack someone again.

    • boo-de-sac

      If by “serious help” you mean beaten within an inch of his wretched life, I’d have to agree.

      • Juano

        You might think that would help, but it would probably just confirm in his mind that behaviour like that was appropriate, since you were pounding him into pulp just like he did her.

  27. All that is rough in the world

    “Forgiving All Ma Enemies”

    Wrong approach bro. A great philosopher once said “rough em till you see the whites of their eyes”.

    Hire me as an advisor. Ill have Madison avenue and Rihanna at the back of your hands once again…

  28. g-moonie

    I am suddenly morbidly ashamed of being a Laker fan…..

  29. Diane

    Dear Chris Brown,

    If you don’t want people to dwell on the brutal beating you did to another person, perhaps you shouldn’t have beat her to begin with.

    I am sorry to tell you that a good deal of your F.A.M.E. lies around you being a notorious woman-beater.

    Please stop telling people that they need to ignore what you did and focus on the hear and now. We will focus on what we choose to focus on, and you don’t get to dictate the terms. Unless you want to come beat us up too. I doubt that would surprise anyone.

  30. perez_hilton

    Yawn. Most boring day ever on this site. Writing about Chris Brown is the equivalent of writing about James Blunt. Show us some Momsen nipples and quit fucking around.

  31. Gerbil in my Butt

    Just why is this fuckwad famous?? Does he have a talent?? Other than, perhaps, beating up on women? Go the fuck away!

    • Reece

      Have you actually seen him perform? Of course he has talent. He’s one of the most talented artists out there right now (although im hating his pseudo r&b/disco/dance stuff he’s pushing now) .

      That being said, he’s an idiot. He clearly has rage issues and acts like that 12 year old spoiled brat with ADD we all grew up with who was always getting in trouble and we all knew was going to end up in jail…except they ended up giving him a record deal…

      yes, he’s said that he’s “sorry” but I think people keep talking about it because he can’t give a clear answer about anything. One minute he says hes sorry, the next he says “that stuff doesnt matter”… if someone bit my face off and then said it didnt matter I’d take a bat to their face and then ask if that mattered…

      The interview wasnt even that bad… if you really listen to what theyre saying Chris changes the subject to focus on the album, but when hes asked about his music he ends his answer with a reference to his past and the “haters”. If hes going to keep referring back to something she shouldnt have to keep ignoring it. LOl and to be fair to her…the answers he gave about his album made absolutely no sense. It seems like the only time he can form a full sentence is when its to say “stop hattin’…face bittin’ don’t even matter no more. Dat was like 2 yrs ago…window punchin’ aint nothin either”

      • Diane

        Clear example of why stars should be seen and not heard.

        We watch tv and movies and listen to music cuz we like them. But why should we care about the person behind the role? They’re just another person doing a job. Does GMA interview the person who checked you out at Walmart or handed you your coffee in the drive-thru? No. So why do we continually idolize every frickin’ idiot who happens to have a job they’re good at?

        Chris should focus more on keeping his mouth shut and just doing his job. And definitely not talk about “haters” because that makes him sound so damn ignorant and uneducated.

  32. mel

    chris brown has an impressive sense of fashion. and his “owbum” is first rate. and excuse him if the weather in new york is so unseasonably warm that he felt compelled to remove his shirt.

  33. The Critical Crassness

    (C) an’t (H)alt (R)age (I)’m (S)till (B)eatin’ (R)outinely (O)n (W) omen, (N) ow !

  34. tutti frutti

    I suspect if Rihanna had gone permanently missing after the attack, her age-progressed FBI picture 30 years from now would have resembled Robin Roberts.

  35. Chris Brown’s chest tatt says “symphonic love” … obviously he’s all about the percussion.

  36. Eric

    Piece of shit no good ignorant punk. He should have hurled himself out the window.

  37. homosapiens

    He kind of reminds me of Nick Cannon…you know, if Nick Cannon beat female pop stars instead of holding their shopping bags and bringing them their appletinis.

  38. Aggie

    I hope Chris Brown goes to jail, and his cell mate is a 6’6″ 300 pounder named Ice Pick, who really misses his girlfriend (let’s call her Starla). That is my sincerest wish.

  39. oh i know

    wow, after watching the interview with Roberts… can just FEEL him seething from her questions about “what happened 2 years ago”….bet it’s all he could do to stay in his seat…what a douchebag he is….he is D.O.N.E.

  40. Fai

    “Have you seen my baseball??”

  41. Fuck’em. GO FISH.

  42. Any woman who buys this CD deserves to get her eye dotted.

  43. Lisa

    dude is about the dorkiest brother I have ever seen, every day another goofy-ass picture of him. Making dumb faces, sticking his tongue out, wearing stupid outfits, saying moronic shit. and women go for this shit, even without the beating? weird.

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