Chloe Sevigny is either the hot one or the ugly one, internal struggle ensues

January 15th, 2009 // 90 Comments

HBO premiered the third season of Big Love at the Arclight Theater in LA last night, and apparently, Chloe Sevigny thought Rome was coming back because she toga’d that shit up. Nice? In the meantime, I included pics of the other “wives” (Ginnifer Goodwin and Jeanne Tripplehorn) along with Amanda Seyfried just for the hell of it. That said, I’m not endorsing polygamy, but if you want to test it out in my hot tub, I do endorse religious exploration. And bubble fights.

Photos: Pacific Coast News, WENN

  1. she’s a unique beauty

  2. think

    #50. There are many types of polygamy so I really don’t get what the hell you are trying to say? It seems we are in agreeance as is anyone who says “as long as they aren’t hurting anyone…” The types you are talking about are hurting people clearly, but you act as if that’s all that exists out there especially from your comment at #35. I am aware that there are many types of polygamy and many are absolutely repulsive, other people who pracitce it do not believe in any of the abuses that are commonly associated with polygamy. Polyandry is relevant because if polygamy is always such a danger I wondered what your thoughts and knowledge of it are. Did you even watch the video? Oprah is a cow and I don’t care for her megalomania and such, but this is a good interview, it’s worth a watch.

  3. boogermeister

    man feet and a man’s big toe. Probably has to shave the hair off the big toe.

  4. think

    P.S. My comments and all the other comments were clearly regarding all types of polygamy, I just don’t understand where you got the idea that I think many types of polygamy are not sick and completely dangerous and full of corruption, fraud, child abuse and spousal abuse(to name a few offenses). No one here ever said that is not the case, the fact is not all polygamist families represent that however many think that is all that exists. That’s the issue I was adressing.

  5. Plobes

    Chloe is stunning

    She just makes herself look greasy and wird most of the time

    here you can see just how gorgeous she is

  6. Bill Clinton

    Polygamy is the shit!

  7. justifiable

    #52 I’m talking specifically about LDS and FLDS polygamy, and Oprah is a megalomaniacal cow, and I have seen the entire thing.

    But to answer you about the wider sense, in almost every type of polygamy you can name the woman doesn’t have an equal and legal say in things as the man – be it in Islam or LDS. I’m speaking here in a legal and social sense, not religious. True polyandry as a counterpart doesn’t exist so it’s not really relevant here. For instance, in Tibet and Nepal it’s more about one women being shared among men who are related than having the grazing rights to multiple partners that men have in polygamous situations – and even then, multiple wives are added to the mix. Women in that setup are still pretty much “inherited” chattel – if the husband dies, the brother gets the widow. The men still arrange the marriages and control everything.

    If you don’t have an equal say in things at the outset, if you’re considered from the get-go to be a lesser vessel or unequal participant who is supposed to be subsurvient, then any agreement you enter into isn’t truly consensual, so to define polygamy as OK “as long as it’s not hurting anyone” is sort of ignoring the abuses that are inherent by definition. Can you be considered to consent if this, and nothing else, is what you’ve been raised to do at the outset? If you’ve seen the show, the teenage kids are having problems with the lifestyle – the boy feels both entitled and conflicted, the girl hates the idea of it.

    Yeah, there may be women in the US who are perfectly happy being a third, fourth or fifth auxilliary wife, just as there are couples who are happy with swinging and partner-swapping. But I don’t notice swingers asking the government to subsidize their offspring, nor do I see them abandoning adolescent boys and requiring adolescent girls to join in. I’m not happy with a “lifestyle” that in its excesses requires female children to grow up devoid of education so that they’ll remain “sweet” and not have the wherewithal to challenge male authority of any kind. If it’s such a great setup, where’s the risk?

  8. Mike

    Chet is the pretty one.

  9. Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Batter Fried in Duck Sauce

    Would not hit any of them. Passing all four to the next poster.

  10. Guest

    She’s definantly the UGLY one. . .

  11. Guest

    She’s definantly the UGLY one. . .

  12. Guest

    She’s definantly the UGLY one. . .

  13. Guest

    She’s definantly the UGLY one. . .

  14. Guest

    She’s definantly the UGLY one. . .

  15. Guest

    She’s definantly the UGLY one. . .

  16. Guest

    She’s definantly the UGLY one. . .

  17. Guest

    She’s definantly the UGLY one. . .

  18. Guest

    She’s definantly the UGLY one. . .

  19. Guest

    She’s definantly the UGLY one. . .

  20. Dixie

    Chloe did a great job in her orgasm scene in Boys Don’t Cry.

  21. Sookie

    I don’t really think any of them are that attractive OR that ugly for that matter. Jeanne tripplehorn is the oldest and she is kind of plain, Chloe just kind of scares me and she does have some unsightly moles, but she’s pretty average and Ginnifer reminds me of a pixie fairy. I give them all a five on the looks scale.

  22. PunkA

    Real polygamy is about as exciting as having a coat hanger shoved up your rectum. Except, you are married to the coat hanger, it is a really ugly coat hanger and you are stuck with it once some religious dude says you have to take it. I saw no chicks looking remotely as good as Chloe when they interviewed all of the plig’s last summer in texas. It was horrible how unattractive they were.

  23. pil

    #72. The blond one on the Oprah link is WAY hotter than these chicks and so were her fellow wives.

  24. think

    #57. Well you do seem very informed.

    I have read that in some cases the women feel they have more control since they out number the lone man ( I realize it is more often a subservient situation and the women are not viewed equally). I just wonder if in some cases (maybe the minority) it is really a community lifestyle choice to raise children as a big family. We don’t have accurate statistics about polygamy as a whole around the world and in north America since many live in secret and inconspicuously.
    For me no one being hurt means no one being hurt on any level. There must be full and equal rights among the spouses and no manipulations regarding the choice in this lifestyle. I do believe that is possible. Clearly often it is not and this lifestyle does lend itself easily to abuses simply because of the design. I fully understand that this lifestyle has been is often carried out in the most deplorable manners imaginable. I still believe that doesn’t have to be and is not always the case and that families often are filled with abuse regardless of structure but that’s not an argument more just a fact about humanity it doesn’t justify anything.

    I DO question the number of children in polygamist families that seem to operate with respect and equality, since I have beliefs about greed, consumption and overpopulation (and the limits that people have in terms of parenting large numbers and being truly able to care for all each child needs and well being). I would prefer seeing people adopt many or preferably a few (less is more with children, you can give more to less) children who are in need and have no one then create more of them. So I think that element even in the polygamist families that seem to operate as a community with equal rights and responsibilities and without the abuses and corruption is a big issue.

    Any situation that is unhealthy or abusive on any level is unacceptable, certainly nothing is perfect and marriage doesn’t always mean 50/50 (as an example when one spouse is seriously ill and the other has to be the sole income earner and do the majority of the housework for a period of time). Again it’s not a lifestyle for me, but I do feel that if it can be lived in a respectful way then it is ok. Of course it is so often completely abusive, insane and beyond sick.

    My own beliefs are to respect different choices in life and I find it sad that we do have a history of tremendous intolerance in this world towards anything remotely different. However there is a difference between personal choices in life and harmful actions, and behavior. Certainly many of the polygamous sects fall under the latter. I am not religious (the essence of it does not appeal to me and I don’t believe in it to be frank) and while I do respect religious freedoms to an extent I do see a lot of harm in all religions and religious practices and freedom to me does not include the freedom to harm and manipulate others. As an example I really am all for open mindedness and tolerance and bigotry of any kind is disturbing to me however I FULLY believe a certain popular celeb religion is a very dangerous and sick cult that manipulates the freedoms and human rights of it’s member and is immensely dangerous and criminal. So I’m not one of those live and let live blind to abuses kind of person. Pot is an addictive and dangerous drug, I don;’t care how many cool Hollywood movies are made about it, medically it ‘s very helpful just as morphine is doesn’t mean a bunch of tards should be taking either for leisure, it has a much higher (pun intended) risk for lung cancer due to the lack of filters and it is a mind altering DRUG, it is not safe and it does cause long term damage.

    So I respect your in depth knowledge of the hideous side of polygamy and I fully agree that it is sick and destructive that it is abusive on every level to the women involved and the children raised in it and it still seems to be a very hard thing for authorities to crack down on which is really sad because no one deserved to be imprisoned in such a lifestyle and community. So I can understand that any support for some polygamist families risks causing apathy to the very real and serious problem of perverse and dangerous polygamous cults, sects and families that go unpunished and whose victims go unheard and un helped.

    Anyway blah blah blah I’ve gone on enough and some illiterate boob will probably whine about it, fuck them, if this site had an issue with long comments it would cut them off.

    I haven’t read this over and corrected it because I’m bushed. Anyway have a good night and thanks for the info.

  25. browncat

    #57: well argued and I totally agree.
    #52: that sort of ‘moral relativism’ ie, we should be tolerant of other people’s choices is nonsense in our present context. Women never have the same rights as men in these situations, they are ALWAYS set up for the benefit of men.

    There’s no such thing as ‘polyandry’ while women (as a class) don’t have the same power as men do.

  26. kate

    She is really very hot on the ***seekingsugarmomma. c om*** . There are so many hot pics on videos on that web. If you have a look, you will not want to move the eyes.

  27. wtfever

    This show is meant to cater to the convoluted fantasies of men whose ultimate dream is to have a sitation like this to allow for sanctioned infidelity. Open your mind my ass, polygamy is nothing but yet another typical male control scheme. Give me a “religion” where one woman can take on multiple husbands, and then we’ll talk

  28. Is she “TRACTOR-PULLING” with that nose, folks?

  29. justifiable

    #74 You’re welcome, but take a minute to look at #75. Tolerance for its own sake can be a very seductive argument – there are women living in this country who’ve had genital mutilation performed on them as children in Egypt and Somalia, and they’re adamant about their daughters now undergoing the same procedure. Where does “tolerance” fall in that argument? It’s a religious and cultural thing, so what right do we have to interfere here? It means their daughters will be respected iwithn their culture and religion, and will made more advantageous marriages, so why shouldn’t we allow it?
    Polygamy is against the law because it is inherently abusive and that means that those sort of Oprah cases where it isn’t ,and everyone is all consensual, are the exceptions, rather than the norm. There may be women in this country who enjoy being in abusive relationships and enjoy being beaten, but does that mean domestic violence shouldn’t be against the law because in that instance no one is objecting to the setup?

    If you appreciate the virtues and benefits of a communal lifestyle, check out kibbutzes in Israel, they’ve been doing that quite successfully since the ’1948 – and they manage that sort of setup just fine without polygamy, so to think that this is a familial benefit only acquired through that practice is a nice bright red herring. As regards the concept of equality – just how much respect will a boy have towards women as equals when he sees his third wife mother having to toe the line to the first wife, and both of them have to obey his father? LDS or FDLS polygamy in this country is based upon the idea that the husband is the dominant entity, the women are there to serve him and his needs – he is the priest in the family.

    Of course no marriage is 50/50 – like any dynamic, it always shifts. Sometimes it’s 60/40, sometimes 30/70, what have you, depending on circumstances – that’s what true partnershiup means, each one pulls the weight occasionally or takes charge when it’s necessary. But if you find yourself doing all of the heavy lifting, or, in this instance, when the power balance never shifts away from the husband, then it’s not an equal partnership, is it? Polygamy excesses couldn’t continue to exist without massive corruption at state government levels, and that alone is reason enough to assume it’s not such a benign happy setup as the poster couples on Oprah make it out to be. Warren Jeffs is just the tip of the iceberg, unfortunately, and that’s probably all you’ll get to see in your lifetime.

  30. TheMunger


  31. eggs

    Some very cogent, well argued points here. Thanks for the read. And I believe polyandry does exist in Tibet, but for entirely different reasons (lack of females due to infanticide and infertility). Also, in regards to Big Love, I can’t help but wonder who the target audience is. Women? Men? Polygamists? Utah?

  32. iAreMe

    OMG werewolves exist!!!

  33. lucy

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  34. lucy

    She is so attractive and I have seen her on Meetwealthy. com,I also met many Sexy, Curvy, Classy Women, open minded rich couples, hot rich guys, nice wealthy admirers, even some celebs.

  35. cielo

    she’s ugly!

  36. justifiable

    #81 Eggs, polyandry does exist in Tibet, Nepal and other areas as I mentioned earlier, but there it’s a group of (usually blood-related) men who share a wife, it’s they who choose the bride at the outset, it’s not independent women chosing multiple husbands, so that way it ensures family/group genetic survival. It’s not a true flip side to polygamy. I also have to wonder what’s the point of “Dexter” – to make serial killers more palatable to the rest of the world?

  37. It’s like Jerry’s GF in the Seinfeld episode only looks good in some light.

  38. big teeth

    Blech! Somewhere a carnival is missing their dogfaced boy..

  39. payingattention

    Anyone else think Amanda Seyfried could totally pass as Dakota Fanning’s sister here?

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