Chloe Sevigny is either the hot one or the ugly one, internal struggle ensues

January 15th, 2009 // 90 Comments

HBO premiered the third season of Big Love at the Arclight Theater in LA last night, and apparently, Chloe Sevigny thought Rome was coming back because she toga’d that shit up. Nice? In the meantime, I included pics of the other “wives” (Ginnifer Goodwin and Jeanne Tripplehorn) along with Amanda Seyfried just for the hell of it. That said, I’m not endorsing polygamy, but if you want to test it out in my hot tub, I do endorse religious exploration. And bubble fights.

Photos: Pacific Coast News, WENN

  1. p911gt10c

    yeah, she’s hot here, I’ll give her that.

  2. Charlie Caligula

    Seyfried FTW

    (Goodwin has a gross side profile)

  3. somebastardincolorado

    Ugly one or hot one…doesn’t matter, she’s the one that sucks and swallows and does it on camera. Wonder how many “rehearsals” they had….

  4. richard McBeef

    Gotta love them Morms. Three time MILFs by the age of 20.

  5. freeside

    Jeanne Tripplehorn is the ugly one. No doubt.

  6. hooha

    #4. Where is goodwin’s side profile groos what picture please? I am not seeing this.

    As long as no one is being hurt there is nothing wrong with polygamy. For me the exclusivity of my marriage and the fact that only one person on earth makes me feel this way and is my best friend is what MAKES my marriage. For other people it’s about the more the merrier and the love and specialness grows with more people. Personally I like celebrating Christmas with just my spouse because people annoy me, other people love to spend Christmas with buttloads of relatives. Whatever floats your boat. Kids need a lot of support )we have no interest in having kids so again no worries) but I for one would probably have liked to have several parents to be there and be supportive rather than two strung out parent who were never around (it takes a village to raise a child).
    Also so many people struggle with monogamy (for us it’s not an issue because we hate people and are very introverted and only like each other), but most people can’t be tied down to one person and are probably (even though they won’t admit it) more suited to polyamorous lovin’.

    Anyway that’s how I see it, it’s not a funny comment, just my thoughts, and I don’t care if people take issue with them, to each their own.

  7. Deacon Jones

    Now that I think of it, maybe the Mormons are on to something…

    Instead of the same nagging bag your whole life, they get a nice break every couple days. Maybe I should try it

  8. Watch “The Brown Bunny”.

    That is all.

  9. mimi

    blonde hair = ugly

  10. Sheva

    The blonde daughter.

  11. Eggy

    They all look inbred. But maybe that’s the point.

  12. Mr. Mike

    Giniffer Goodwin looks like a sexy little monkey.

  13. Farthammer

    Chloe is one ugly skank. That huge mole on her nipple just completes the total fugly package.

  14. booooooooobies

    She is the hot one… tonight. Sometimes people have a good night, like you go out with friends and the prettiest girl looks like shit and the ugly one just looks the best they’ve ever looked. It happens.
    I have two cousins(sisters) and one is gorgeous, the other is pretty at best(that was the consensus). However the pretty one looked amazing in pics (her nose was less visible and didn’t look huge and so on) and the pretty one who had a rounder face didn’t photgraph well at all (but in person was just stunning, the camera just didn’t do her justice). Anyway it was funny because based on pictures the ho hum girl thought she was a goddess and behaved accordingly (too bad she couldn’t see herself in person) and would send all the family email after e-mail filled with pictures of herself and loved getting her picture taken and was that annoying person who always had a camera and insisted on photos being taken of every single minor even in her or anyone’s life.

    Like they say, every dog has their day…

    …and every cat looks like shit sometimes.

  15. @9

    hey hooha, please limit your comments to 100 characters or less.

    no one cares!

  16. booooooooobies

    However the plain one looked amazing in pics (her nose was less visible and didn’t look huge and so on) and the gorgeous one who had a rounder face didn’t photgraph well at all (but in person was just stunning, the camera just didn’t do her justice).

  17. Andrea

    #9 – In real life polygamy eventually extends to pedophilia. Just like “Big Love” had the courage to show in one subplot. So spare me the gutless “to each his own”.

  18. @17

    goes for you too booooooooobies.

  19. ew

    Awe hooked on phonics didn’t work for #18. That’s okay you can look at the pretty pictures.

    Chloe is a man. That is why you are confused, men always get a little confused around trannies. Don’t feel bad.

  20. justifiable

    Chloe isn’t bad looking, she just can’t dress for shit. And obviously Jeanne Tripplehorn caught it from her. That is hands-down the BUTT-ugliest draped tablecloth I’ve ever seen. Must be from the “Loving Yet Untalented Hands At Home LDS Collection”.

  21. robynnn


  22. The Borg

    She holds a striking resemblance to Mr. Man from one of the Scary Movie series.

  23. testing

    Chloe is a classic butter-face, her bod is slaming

  24. Jesse

    Big Love is exactly like when black guys date the inevitably fat and unattractive bleached blond white girls. Sure, the main character has 3 wives, but he’s yet to snag a hot one. It’s like he never learned how to ditch a skank after a night of drunken pigging.

  25. Mcfeely Smackup

    ” 5. somebastardincolorado – January 15, 2009 2:16 PM

    Ugly one or hot one…doesn’t matter, she’s the one that sucks and swallows and does it on camera. Wonder how many “rehearsals” they had….”

    That’s pretty much what I was going to say.

    I don’t know why we’re supposed to pretend this chick isn’t just a porn actress like any other. You suck a cock and swallow the jizz on camera for an “art movie”, it’s not a morally superior position than Jenna Jamison doing it.

    She’s trash, there’s no other way to put it.

  26. havoc

    I got nothing…..


  27. Tyler Durden

    #20. Not in all cases many polygamist groups hate pedophilia and are 100 % against it. Are you an expert? Do you have knowledge of every single polygamous society or do you just get your knowledge from television shows? Pedophilia is a repulsiove crime and religious cults are dangerous however pedophilia happens constantly in homes that aren’t polygamous. What about when women have several husbands what is your knowledge of that lifestyle and it’s dangers? So you think marriage to one person is working out well, because marriages are full of physical abuse, violence and sexual and verbal abuse and they last ever so long and seem to really make peopel feel awesome and don’t at all constantly damge the children that result from those marriages.

    Pedophilia is the same excuse people use regarding gay couples.

  28. Xyclops

    I will forever remember her for sucking that Gallo wacko’s dick on film.

  29. Let’s not forget, when deciding which of Bill’s wives are the hottest, that Chloe graced us with a cinema-verite BJ in “The Brown Bunny”.

    Also. if you’d like to see a hilarious video about the GUY WHO GOT TRAMPLED TO DEATH AT WALMART, check it out only at Digital Funtown:

  30. william

    In all seriousness I thought Chloe was ugly. But then I realized that she looks just like my lawyer. Now I fantasize about fucking Chloe much like my lawyer has been fucking me all these years and I get hard as a rock. I even masturbate while watching her blow job scene she did in that movie from a few years back.

    So yeah, she looks good to me tonight. As an actress you HAVE to respect her for giving a BJ on film, so I am giving her two thumbs up.

  31. justifiable

    #9 You’re a complete idiot. You’re assuming everyone enters into a polygamous union without coercion of any kind. Your tax dollars are currently supporting – through welfare and food stamps – a lot of cheats who have multiple wives and litters of kids by those wives. How entitled is that?

    If you think it’s just the equivalent of choosing to socialize over the holidays, ask a 15 year old girl how she feels being told she’s going to be the 6th wife of a 65 year old man. If you were part of that setup, then what you think “personally” wouldn’t matter a damn, you’d have to do what you were told by your husband or father, or be barred from all further connection with everyone in your family, and have to fend for yourself – so that means having kids whether you want to or not.

    It’s easy to be smug, stupid and complacent when you’re married to someone you want to be married to, and you have reproductive autonomy.


    watch and open your minds

    click my name for the fast waty to the link of an interview with a polygamist family, you can watch the whole show that interviews and examins polygamy.

    P.S. I have one spouse and would not want any other, but that doesn’t close my mind to other choices.

  33. kingofbeer

    butterface – nice legs though, i’d still hit it

  34. burnt cheeze sandwhich

    @ 32 sweet vid dude. i always wondered whut happnd wiht that dude who got run over by ppl at walmart

  35. think

    #35. you are the biggest idiot on the planet, you are talking about ONE typew of polygamist lifestyle. Watch the links I provided and use your brain, the whole show is available there and you can see the distinction between the horrific extreme you are talking about and other peoples lifestyle choices. Do you know anything about cultures where women have several husbands? You prove your closed mindedness by assuming I am from the U.S. this is the world wide web open your mind. The polygamist society on the show that lisa ling visits is a society where everyone lives in a MANSION they are very wealthy and are not on welfare. Fucking shelterd little child.

  36. She’s pretty… pretty fucking slutty for deepthroating and swallowing in a Hollywood film.

  37. watch EVERY video it is a long show and you get the full spectrum of polygamy. There are many kinds of polygamist families, some are absolutely horrrific, some aren’t. Most people have a narrow stereotypical view of polygamy.

  38. sensitive guy

    Is it just me, or does the one group shot actually look like an exhibit in a wax museum….. especially the middle two?

    keep away from hot lights….

  39. mud shark

    she looks like a post op tranny. plus he’s basically a whore as she sucked sperm on camera.


    This is the begining of the video that examins all the types of polygamy. Educate yourself before judging.

  41. bean bag

    ha, look how gay you guys are arguing about polygamy on the superficial. seriously, is this really the place? how about comments on this chicks bull dog face and the fact she may/may not have a ball sack. Thanks for coming by.

  42. meh

    #45 Perople argue all the time here about politics and religion, this is the place for whatever people want and of course for the joy of trashing famous loosers and judging peoples looks.

  43. dew

    First one is plain, 2nd is also plain and is wearing black hose with a white dress, EWWWW!

    Third one is pretty hot looking, has awesome shoes — even if they’re black with a blue dress. If you don’t have blue shoes, wear silver with blue. Those shoes would be awesome in silver too.

    It’s not really fair to compare the last one to the others, because of the age difference, but come on, she’s not so old that she has to wear a bedsheet.

  44. squiggle

    Chloe is very attractive, and so are Jeanne and Ginnifer. But Sweet Jesus, Amanda Seyfried is beautiful. That moment when she’s singing ‘Honey, Honey’ with the Mediterranean sparkling behind her… it makes me feel unworthy of living in the same world.

  45. Deacon Jones


    A lawyer? I’m jealous!

  46. justifiable

    #39 Since BIG LOVE is about LDS polygamy in Utah and not polygamy elsewhere what makes you think I’m talking about other societies? And I know about polyandry, which also isn’t relevant here. And because you’re completely brain dead, let me point out that I wasn’t talking about you or even to you, so unless you’re also hooha #9 ( proving you don’t have the balls to stand behind your last sentence) I obviously wasn’t making any assumptions about you nor where you live in my post – shockingly, not everything is about you. And since you posted after me, obviously I’m not talking about your stupid video link.

    If you want to assume that your whitewashed Oprah/Ling interview is the whole and complete story, just keep that comforting thought. There are enough people out there who’ve been on a receiving end of a different type of treatment, primarily in fundamentalist LDS sects, and now speak out about it to offset your puerile offerings. Talk about sheltered – do you sincerely think all LDS polygamists are wealthy and live in mansions, that no one takes on more wives or has more children than they can afford? Welfare fraud is a major dirty little not-so-secret issue in Utah. Grow the fuck up – and try not become an apologist for Warren Jeffs when you do.

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