Chloe Khan Doing Wet T Shirt Things and More News

Bette Midler out-played the play off music at the Tony Awards this weekend which is the kind of endurance you can only expect from a 71-year-old Jewish woman with a lot of people to thank. [LaineyGossip]

I don’t believe this for a second, but Katy Perry says she’s finished with the Taylor Swift feud. [BreatheHeavy]

I posted about the vagina storm brewing on the set of Bachelor in Paradise earlier today, but now it looks like Corinne Olympios is claiming she was too drunk for her sex to be consensual. This is going to get messy. [TMZ]

What did Alison Brie expect, auditioning for Entourage? That show is hands down in the top 5 douchiest series’ of all time. [E!]

Kevin Spacey hasn’t quite admitted he’s gay yet, but he did do a 7 minute musical number at the Tony’s last night so that’s pretty damn close. [Dlisted]

Holy shit, this exchange between Amber Rose and Piers Morgan was quite the ping pong match. I mostly agree with Piers Morgan only because I’m (unfortunately) well versed on Amber Rose’s past. [PerezHilton]

Ever wonder what it looks like for a bunch of old white people to go around a circle giving compliments to their friend who had his feelings hurt? Here’s Trump’s first cabinet meeting. (Don’t look into Betsy’s smile too long or she’ll turn you into one of the “poor”) [CNN]