Chloe Khan: Cartoon Cleavage in Repose

I don’t know what kind of angle this “day spa” had when they decided that their best advertising strategy was to make Chloe Khan the face of their business. Maybe something like this would work if you were running a strip club/car wash, but when I go to a spa I’d rather not have to compete with B-list strippers to get the best seat by the pool. Maybe it is actually a day-time strip club or something, I don’t know. Either way, it’s ineffective because I know nothing about their business other than there are women with cartoon boobs walking around with duck faces, drinking champagne.

Props for not using photoshop on her keister, though. Everybody’s got booty pimples and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Speaking of being ashamed, big shout out to my paparazzi plug behind the Baskin Robins for hooking me up with these photographic gems. This is what makes The Superficial the hard-hitting celebrity news YOU need to keep your day going right.

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