Chevy Chase wants Tina Fey to ‘go harder’ on Sarah Palin

September 16th, 2008 // 138 Comments

Somebody dug Chevy Chase out of the grave for the sole purpose of putting him on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to comment on Tina Fey’s depiction of Sarah Palin. Here’s what he had to say:

“I thought it was extraordinary how well she played her and much she looked like her, I’d like her, personally I felt we didn’t need the Hillary stuff, I’d like her to go even harder. I want her to decimate this woman. This woman, I can’t believe there hasn’t been more about it… It’s just unbelievable to me this woman is actually running for vice president.”

Jesus, I guess every “celebrity” is going to get a chance to sound off about Sarah Palin. If that’s the case, I look forward to Wilford Brimley’s insightful commentary: “Say, is that a dame arguing with a colored boy? No wonder my oatmeal’s not ready yet. I’m taking a nap. Don’t touch my mustache!”


  1. Just stopping by

    Middle America? I doubt that Middle America is posting here. I don’t know anyone who is voting the McCain/Palin ticket, and I know people from all walks of life. They actually spent time learning and understanding what the issues are reallu all about. Result? No McCain and no Palin.

  2. dude_on

    … isn’t Sarah the mother of a special needs infant? How does she threaten a used up one-schtick comedian who hasn’t been relevant in decades?

    The freaky liberals are worried that they won’t be able to shop naked at Trader Joes with their environmentally friendly knapsack for arugula, sprouts and soy milk. Utopia may have to wait. We need someone who can shake down the establishment with a nice rack. The Dems got milfed. Like it – own it. McCain has delivered t&a and the freaky elite give us J Biden.

    If McCain would roll out a few kegs and have a Hooters Girl parade he could put this one away for good.

  3. TomS

    Well…I’m MIddle American and I’m voting for Obama.

  4. McCaintruth

    In the 70′s, John McCain left his quadrapeligic wife because she was holding him back. This was the woman that waited for him to come home during the time he was a hostage.

    He was a notorious skirt chaser who paid out several thousands of dollars to keep affairs quiet from his second wife Cindy, who is his meal ticket.

    This guy makes Clinton look like Aarvid from Head of the Class when it comes to womanizing and lets not even go into how ‘trustworthy’ and ”selfless” he is.

    I think we can ask his first wife that question.

  5. Hollyweird

    Is that his nurse next to him? Or a truck stop hooker that he took shopping?

  6. Sumr

    To #50 Anon

    I’m a Conservative who did look into Palin’s record. All I gotta say is what a phony! She’s not who she pretends to be. I want change for my country — but this ticket won’t get us there. Talk about total BS. I feel like I’ve been cheated out of a winning lottery ticket.

  7. stephanie

    chevy chase is hot. well, at least back in the day.

    Also, I bet a large amount of his fan base has always been conservatives.

  8. me

    Last time I checked, SNL was a comedic satire with a broad demographic audience… not a politically biased news machine (though we all know most actors lean left). Does Chevy think his experience jumping in cold water with Christy Brinkley makes him more qualified than the governer of Alaska who manages an $11 Billion dollar budget, Alaska’s national guard, etc…? I’m glad Chevy is a washed up douchebag. It’s fun to see him try anything to get some media coverage.

  9. AirMail

    Sarah Palin is the news…

    and Chevy Chase is not.

  10. Goatse von Tubgirl

    Maaaaaaat Daaaaaaaamon.

  11. Liberal Media Aristocracy

    Forget Chevy Chase. I’m tired of Tina Fey’s unfunny comedy. Gilda Radnor, Mary Tyler Moore, Lucille Ball, Amy Heckerling, Ana Gasteyer, hell even Kristen Wiig are funnier. I could go all day…

  12. Tom

    Do any of these celebrities have a case to make against Palin or are they just out there spewing mindless nonsense? Honestly, 3 weeks ago these people didn’t know a thing about her and NOW every single one is coming out acting like shes the anti-christ. (excuse me, anti-obama)

    The truth is, Sarah Palin is everything the democrats wished they had in their candidate. A smart, articulate, attractive, charismatic person whose also…. get ready.. a woman! A conservative who shatters one of their favorite stereotypes!! And she can express ideas without a teleprompter. Oh No!

    Call it envy

  13. Liberals are Idiots

    In retort to all of you that say Sarah Palin does not have experience take a look at the facts:

    The Republican VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANIDATE, as Governor of Alaska, ran a state with a $10 BILLION budget, over 26,000 employees and was head of the National Guard. She also eliminated frivolous spending, sold the Alaskan private jet and has implemented programs that give $$$ back to the tax payers.

    The Democratic PRESIDENTIAL Candidate, as a Senator, had a $4.8 MILLION budget, and under 40 employees in the Illinois senate dept. 75% of his time as senator, has been spent running for President rather that working on LEGISLATION for the PEOPLE. And when he actually showed up to vote, he didn’t know where he stood on most of the issues so he voted “Present”. Oh but he had time to write 2 books about himself…

    The Republican VICE PRESIDENTIAL candidate has more experience than the Democratic PRESIDENTIAL candidate.

    Wake up people! B. Obama is going to run this country to the ground, raise taxes and create policies that will make the USA well on our way to a socialist society. I’m sorry but people need to take responsibility for their own success and failure and stop blaming the government for everything. More government= more problems and that what a democratic candidacy represents.

    Celebrities are idiots but I hope they keep putting out their dumb ass opinions out there. That just add more votes to the Republican ticket :-)

  14. The Facts

    Facts? If people want to regurgitate media spin, go right ahead, but don’t call them facts.

    These are the facts:

    Palin has a reputation for being ruthless, and for firing those who do not support her; even at the risk of violating the 1st Amendment. When she took office as governor, she replaced qualified public servants with friends who weren’t qualified to do the job, and had little if any experience.

    McCain and Palin have clearly lied about Palin’s record. For example, voters should know that Palin stopped the bridge to nowhere only AFTER Congress stopped the funding, calling it, “pork; and, she redirected the $201 mil Alaska had received for the bridge to other Alaskan projects.

    She only decreased earmark-funding requests AFTER the Bush Administration and Congress advised that severe cutbacks in earmark funding had to be made. Before that, Palin was one of the biggest “pork” spenders, per capita, out there. Palin left the Village of Wasilla with a $22 million dollar budget deficit. This “fiscal reformer” also increased the state’s budget spending by 10-14% last year, alone. Many of projects she vetoed had to be re-institued due to public protest and further legislative action, somply because she didn’t understand their importnace.

    Palin also wants to protect oil and gas development in the Arctic – not the environment. She has supported and wants oil and gas drilling anywhere in Alaska, including Bristol Bay, Cook Inlet, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the Arctic Ocean, etc. Keep in mind that 65% of Alaska is owned and protected by the US federal government. If you can’t get what you want as governor, you might get it on the VP stage or perhaps, God forbid, go even higher.

    She wants Alaska to have more drilling, more revenues. The reason she wanted to file suit against the Bush administration for including polar bears on the federal endangered species list is because you cannot drill on land that is inhabited by any endangered species.

    There are many more facts that dispute the media hype that another poster is quoting, but there isn’t enough room on these posts to write about all of them. If you wnat a start, I’d suggest reading the NY Times article os Saturday, Sept. Most of what they have reported, others have already discovered by researching Palin’s record.

  15. No, Palin supporters are idots

    “The Republican VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANIDATE, as Governor of Alaska, ran a state with a $10 BILLION budget, over 26,000 employees and was head of the National Guard. She also eliminated frivolous spending, sold the Alaskan private jet and has implemented programs that give $$$ back to the tax payers.”

    Governments govern citizens, and Alaska ranks 47th in population. And she “ran” it for less than 2 years, so it’s not like the jury’s in about her performance. And as “head of the National Guard” of Alaska she issue ZERO commands, so that point is 100% irrelevant to the experience issue. She eliminated TWO PERCENT of the spending budget for Alaska this year. Wow. Impressive. Let’s place a bet: 100 bucks says that put her LAST among the governors of the 50 states, since every state is running a deficit this year. Which bring us to “programs that give $$$ back to the tax payers” – not quite. She’s implemented WINDFALL TAXES on the oil industry, which is the true “governor” of Alaska ever since the pipeline was built. A Republican who calls “reform” the effort to decrease corporate influence over government policy and the implementation of windfall taxes on industries that, after decades of investments and hard work, are reaping the profits they earned. PERFECT – for a Democrat.

    “more experience” than Obama – one term as mayor of a town with a population of about 5,000 (at the time she was mayor), who elected her because they remembered her fondly in HER SWIMSUIT WHILE COMPETING FOR MISS WASILLA. And then less than 2 years as governor of one of the most backwards states in the U.S., that functions completely differently than 99% of the U.S. – how many state residents DON’T PAY STATE INCOME TAXES and GET REFUND CHECKS BACK from kickback funds from the oil industry? How on earth does that relate to solving the problems of the rest of the country? But no, let’s put our faith in her – after all, in Palin’s words, “we’ll be owe-kaye if we just fallow Gawd’s playn!”

  16. MississippiMike

    Sarah Palin is another Assembly of God freakshow. The Battle of Armageddon already happened inside her twat. I wouldn’t fuck her with your pencil dick.

  17. Sam

    Palin became mayor of Wasilla because the residents remembered when she flashed her boobs and asscheeks in the Miss Wasilla beauty contest, and she became governor of Alaska because all the horny lonely men in Alaska remembered when she flashed her boobs and asscheeks in the Miss Wasilla beauty contest.

  18. The Facts

    A quote from the NY Times 9-14-2008 “Once Elected, Palin Hired Friends and Lashed Foes”:

    “Many lawmakers contend that Ms. Palin is overly reliant on a small inner circle that leaves her isolated. Democrats and Republicans alike describe her as often missing in action. …

    During the last legislative session, some lawmakers became so frustrated with her absences that they took to wearing “Where’s Sarah?” pins.

    Many politicians say they typically learn of her initiatives — and vetoes — from news releases.

    Mayors across the state, from the larger cities to tiny municipalities along the southeastern fiords, are even more frustrated. Often, their letters go unanswered and their pleas ignored, records and interviews show. ”

  19. Truth doctor

    @59 – LOL, so true.

    First off, Chase’s comment seems to imply that he disapproves only because she’s female.

    Second, the fact that the loony left hates her so much only proves how good she would be for this country. McCain 08, Palin 2012.

  20. Buttplug

    Some asshole wrote:

    “Plus I freaking hate Palin, as a possible VP. It’s only because shes a woman that she is even here.”


    Just like it’s only because Obama’s a nigger that he is even here.

  21. Bill

    Dear Chevy and all other celebritys, SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH”S!!!!!!! Most of you dont have a fucking clue about the real world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Bill

    MississippiMike – September 16, 2008 9:36 PM

    Sarah Palin is another Assembly of God freakshow. The Battle of Armageddon already happened inside her twat. I wouldn’t fuck her with your pencil dick.

    Hey Mike , Shut the fuck up and go screw your cousin some more!

  23. Bill

    Guys, please disregard my comments above. I’m an idiot and I don’t know shit.

  24. Superman

    Die already Chevy Chase, your grave is calling out to you. Besides, from the looks of things, you’re practically there already.

  25. Lizzy

    #47 You are so right! These celebrities really think they know what we want to hear. Chevy,Pam,Matt, Lindsey,Oprah aka water buffalo and Babs with the big nose can shut the hell up because most Americans dont give a fuck what they think. They are so out of touch with the real world. Oh and all those liberal news reporters and journalists are biast one sided assholes. No worries because Obama is going to lose. Why do you think all the libs have gone crazy the past couple weeks. The Annointed One has lost his Groove or should I say Mojo. LOL I love it!!!!!!!

    McCain & Palin will win and the libs are shitting their pants!

  26. Lizzy

    Oh yeah and fuck the enviroment! I am sick of all you global warming gurus! Global warming is just a theory but Al Gore’s big headed, ass blew up to make all kinds of money. What an asshole! That’s why he pays GUILT Carbon Credits to his own dam Carbon Credit company. What a loser! And this guy actually won the nobel peace price, what’s so peaceful about talking about the destruction of the earth.

    Fuck recycling to! I stopped doing that a long time ago!

  27. justtheobvious

    Now I see why MSNBC has no ratings. Wow, I’ll stick with Fox News

  28. HorribleJudgment

    Yes, it seems every celebrity is against Palin. I’m against her too. But it about made me sick to see Pam begging the press to quote her on her oh so intelligent “suck it” comment, and reading about Lindsay’s moronic blog railing at her. As if Pam and Lindsay actually believed they could sway the masses, or sway the American public. Morons. But I don’t know. I feel a little different about Chevy, mostly because I agree with what he’s saying, and because he’s not coming across like just because he’s a “celebrity” (although that’s debatable nowadays) we should automatically agree with him. He’s not coming across like he thinks his disapproval of Palin is going to make some sort of blip on her radar. But look, Chevy Chase is a washed up comedian, who cares what he thinks anyway? I know I don’t. I just know, I don’t want Palin anywhere close to anything that has to do with the running of my country. I don’t care what any shit “celebrity” says.

  29. paulstar

    what strikes me as ironic is that the Dems want to raise taxes on the rich. (well — everyone, really, but especially the rich.) I guess the average celebrity is so well off that this doesn’t matter, but i’m sure the rest of us will feel it.

    here’s a quote that i think is appropriate for the times were in now: a Democracy “can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy…”

  30. Rudy

    I really dont care what celebraties say on politics wheather it be Chevy Chase Lindsay Lohan on the left or Jon Voight Gary Sinise on the right. Most of us are partly at fault I believe for these celebraties having these major egos. I mean when you turn on the t.v. and lets say the E network and all you see and hear is gossip on so and so celebrity was seen here or seen with someone, or vacation there I mean who cares. Any celebrity who just got marreid or is in rehab I dont care. I dont wish them no harm but what they do with there lives dosent effect my life in the least. And to many people seem to think it does when it truly dosent. So my advice to everyone (if they want it) is listen to both sides and make up your own minds. Dont let someone else (especially a celebrity) to the thinkin for you.

  31. Sgt. C. Foxtrot

    Wilford Brimley, both live and fictional, makes me lol.

  32. Sgt. C. Foxtrot

    Wilford Brimley, both live and fictional, makes me lol.

  33. Wgaf

    Here we have a has been flappin’ his lips about a woman he knows nothing about. Shitty Chase is that dip-shit kid you slapped around in school because he knew nothing of personal hygeine. He is the hog we gave a blanket party to in basic training because he truly is a smelly cat. Chase is further proof that the American entertainment industry has NO idea about the real world the rest of us live in. What a DUMB-ASS!

  34. Fuck Chevy and the rest of Hollywood! I guess it’s easy being idealistic when you completely lose touch with reality. I also really like how Hussein is having a dinner gala for hollywood a-listers that will cost them 250k a plate to raise more $ for his ridiculous campaign….all hush hush of course. What an insult to the hard working average American! $50 GRAND PER COUPLE!!!

    Should pay for the illegals and lazy burnouts because I’VE WORKER HARD FOR A DECADE TO FINALLY MAKE A DECENT LIVING…but now I’m in a tax bracket where I should GIVE AWAY my stress/honestly earned dollar to pay the illegal socialist health plan? Why I should I try? F-OFF HOLLYWOOD! Go let let the illegals and terrorist muslims set up camp in your gay mafia funded backyards!

    People wake the F-UP! educate yourself on Hussein Obama. Not through the main stream media that is ran by the gay mafia.

    Amen #47!

  35. laney

    Chevy Chase is DA BOMB, but Sarah Palin can suck my hairy dick, she’s a fucking dumbass.

  36. Global Warming and Republicans

    I would imagine it would be hard to make dumb christian hypocrites on the right wing understand science when they are still mentally in the dark ages.
    “Fuck the envirnment”. Nice mantra retard. Yeah don’t grasp how the ecosystem (that’s where we get our oxygen and water and food, stupid) works so you curse it thinking that demeans it significance?
    Man the repubs sure are a murderous lot of imcompetent fools.

    Go Federal Reserve Bank, son of Rothschild Empire (along with the rest of the planet)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  37. Dave C

    It’s hilarious how stupid liberals are. First, Palin is the VP nominee and yet you continually talk about her experience versus Obama’s. Compare Obama to McCain – they are the presidential nominees. Second, why the fear? You liberals have been flying out of the woodwork ever since she was named. Why? Because her presence on the GOP ticket is a threat to The One’s election? If liberals can’t get their messiah back on message they will lose again. Of course, with such a kick-ass Congress led by liberals the messiah’s election should be a foregone conclusion, right?

  38. Eric

    #86 you may be retarded, go get that checked out. How arrogant to think that humans can even make a permanant impact on the planet. This thing has been here for billions of years and will be here long after we are all dead. Global warming is a sham anyways. We are in a cooling cycle right now. Thats why only 2000 or so scientists are signed on to the global warming bandwagen while 30,000+ say it’s complete bullshit. Nice try you Liberal jerkoffs. Have fun with your next four years under the Republicans sorry you won’t get your handouts. Here’s a novel idea: try working harder and you may do better in life instead of expecting some socialist to give it to you. Obama sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Scotsman71

    I wonder if Chevy Chase realises that to decimate is to reduce by one-tenth?

  40. I really wish these celebrities would pipe down and quit trying to leverage their social status to promote their candidate (Oprah included). If it’s wrong for the politician’s to use their political office to promote themselves, it’s wrong for these idiological pseudo-celebrities to do the same.

    The only things that really matter are:

    1) The candidates voting history
    2) What the candidate plans to do

    If these two things don’t line up, odds are they are lying and not trustworthy.

    Having said all of that there are two things that are troubling. The first is universal healthcare, it’s been called a failure by the designer of the Canadian system and has cost many lives. Germany also has a similar system that the US could borrow parts from, but they pay 75% in taxes!! I don’t know about anyone else, but I wouldn’t like making a $1,000 and only taking home $250! The second concession would be the economy, we need a candidate that is willing to put forth legislation that will HEAVILY regulate credit card, loan (all kinds), and payday loan companies. Aside from the obvious energy issues, there are a number of other issues that are important as well.

  41. Cliff Clavin

    So Chevy, it’s fine to rip apart Palin, but H. Clinton is off limits?


  42. duh

    “How arrogant to think that humans can even make a permanant impact on the planet.”

    Why are basic chemistry and physics arrogant?

  43. Loser

    I am a celebrity and live in Hollywood. I have an opinion about politics that I feel everyone gives a crap about. People might even consider me a God of some sort since I get paid lots of money to do well…..jack shit. I pretend I am smart since I actually skipped school to become an actor. So if you are a freaking ass monkey and can’t form an opinion of your own….take mine….it’s worth….well freaking a rat’s ass…


  44. Joejam2845

    Chevy Chase is a typical Hollywood Burnout! And to get back in the game he has to trash any Repubican he can find!

  45. Dave C

    @92 – Hey, dumbass, I think he was referring to people living their day-to-day lives. My driving an SUV back and forth to work is not going to alter the climate one iota, and neither will a nation of us doing the same thing. It’s basic science – C02 makes up less than one tenth of one percent of our atmosphere; even if the concentration tripled it would still be a drop in the bucket compared to other gases. Hardly enough to have any impact on anything.

    Try education sometime. It doesn’t hurt.

  46. #9 Melissa, and some other numbers too, I forget what they were……anyway, what she says….ditto for me. AND, she is right about what she said in #9.

    Ta ta

  47. Sarah Palin

    Guess what Chevy, Pam, LoHo and Matt Damon, I got Chuck Norris on my side….and he can kick all your behinds… you can all suck it!

  48. dude

    Keep talkin Chevy, bring the rest of the hollywood wacko’s out, you’re gonna scare all the moderates over here to the right.

    All this does is rally the conservative base. Get the attention of that silent majority, piss em off, and they’ll make sure to be there bright and early to vote for McCain .

  49. Michelle

    I know that celebrities have a right to voice their opinions, but I wish they wouldn’t go so far in some of the comments they make and insult to many people that are on the other side. I would like to be entertained by “entertainers” without remembering how terribly they insulted people that believe the way that I do.
    Does anyone really vote a certain way based on a celebrities opinion? I mean if that is the basis of why you are voting a certain way you need to think about that. How many of us have the same wants and needs as Chevy Chase? Look into the issues people, and the records of the people running- get informed. This is not a popularity contest. Vote based on what is right for YOU- not Pam, Chevy, Barbra, lindsay, Alec or even the five or six conservative celeb’s out there. Your vote is a sacred thing, use it wisely!

  50. Mr Smith

    Zzzzz superficial topic where we read tons of superficial comments about boring simplistic American politics.

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