Cheryl Burke of Dancing With The Stars in a bikini

If you’ve ever watched ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, then you’ll recognize professional ballroom dancer Cheryl Burke enjoying the beach in Hawaii. If you’re like me and do more productive things like drink whiskey and build LEGOs, you have no idea who the hell she is. However, Cheryl passes the ever critical test of being on this site: A.) she’s quasi-famous. and most importantly B.) she’s in a bikini. Tom Brokaw once asked me how I’ve adhered to such high standards for so long. I just looked him deep in the eyes and said “No, Tom, you’re not getting a job here.” Then he sucker punched me in the pancreas. Non-fiction tale.

NOTE: Last pic is LSFW depending on your work’s areola policy. Here, we allow it. But only in the context of breast-feeding or stirring my coffee. Because, at The Superficial, it’s people who matter most.