Cheryl Burke in a bikini and other news

March 15th, 2010 // 42 Comments

- Demi Lovato attempts to de-gay Joe Jonas with the strong, masculine arms of Jesus. [Dlisted]

- George Clooney is probably making love to women through the hole in a pineapple as we speak. [Lainey Gossip]

- Nicole Scherzinger is on Dancing with the Stars? How is that even fair? [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Denise Richards and Joanna Krupa are freeing the wrong puppies. [HollywoodTuna]

- Spencer Pratt just made Osama Bin Laden piss himself. Laughing. [PopEater]

- Rielle Hunter genuinely surprised a photo shoot involving a sex-tape-filming mistress wasn’t classy. [TheFABlife]

- Mischa Barton and kids with cancer. Why not? [Huffington Post]

- Slash likes ‘em pre-op. [StarPulse]

- Kirstie Alley eats until someone dies. [Celebslam]

- Johnny Depp having a pajama party with his evil twin Donny Jepp. (I have no clue.) [PopSugar]

- Miley Cyrus claims the Internet wastes your life. I’ll be the judge of that. *looks at house full of cats* Dammit. [Just Jared]

- Jude Law should get some sort of medal. [The Blemish]

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  1. Richard McBeef

    it looks kinda like miley cyrus, but pic 10 is stellar.

  2. El Scorcho


  3. Wowza

    She’s a complete babe.

  4. kurt

    Cheryl Burke is the only reason to watch dancing with the stars. With the sound off of course.

  5. yoyoma

    Nice meaty bitch. From the looks of it she finally decided to start shaving that hairy beaver. Now she’s even sluttier. Nice.

  6. I want the bikini

    Does anyone know the name of the designer?

  7. wtfchief!

    I bet her farts smell the same as Jocelyn Wildenstein’s…

    Least her face doesn’t look the same…

  8. pimp

    i nutted by pic #7…

  9. yoyoyo

    All pavement monkeys eat shit

  10. Dn

    @ 2
    Damn you! Now I’ve got the image of that hillbilly in my head.

  11. UM did anyone notice this is NOT Cheryl Burke. 1 Cheryl has a few pounds more then this girl 2. This girl has no African American in her

  12. Richard McBeef

    @13 – i don’t know what a cheryl burke is so no i didn’t notice. i thought it’s head looks like miley cyrus or roger ebert.

  13. So Disillusioned...

    Damn – I thought this girl was hot on TV – but she looks like a pear with those HUGE hips…gross.

  14. Hey mrmr, what the hell do these pics have to do with the canadian house of commons. Who gives a rats a_ _ about the canadians anyway, They can’t even decide what language they want to speak. AY

  15. milandir

    You can say it isn’t her, but it is the same bikini from the last time we saw bikini pix of her.

    She may not have any African American in her, but if she wants some jewish in her I will oblige.

  16. So that’s what Miley will look like in 20 years….

    Burke’s face without the sunglasses is scary

  17. Rough-er Madness

    Cheryl’s weight swings more than a pendulum. Pretty sure shell look different next week…Damn she’s meaty from the back…

  18. mfbinc

    she better call the cops…someone stole her chest….

  19. amanda

    am i the only one that thinks its odd that slash is talking to kerrang? does he not remember “get in the ring”?!?!?!!

  20. newt

    she’s awesome

  21. Hawgzilla Returns. No, some of these are alright.

  22. she finally decided to start shaving that hairy beaver. Now she’s even sluttier

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  26. captain america

    since twenty seconds we don’t care for other news anymore!!

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  29. FFF

    God she has SEXY FEET!!! Don’t you think!?!

  30. Not mother

    Yeah, I really do think. … It’s like raaaiiin on your wedding day …

  31. My favorite DWTS professional dancer.

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  35. el ces

    lovely all around. She looks good tan and like this.

  36. Oh my!!!How could you so sexy,I just can’t wait to … you!!

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