Cheryl Burke wears a bikini again

July 8th, 2008 // 108 Comments

Cheryl Burke of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars hit the beach with friends Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey and let’s say Swamp Thing over the holiday weekend. Cheryl definitely has the ass of a professional ballroom dancer. I think. Okay, you got me: I have no clue what a ballroom dancer’s ass is supposed to look like. I assume something’s missing. Wait, don’t tell me; a chandelier! Ha! Superficial Writer, you old devil, you’ve done it again.


  1. whatever

    FAT. ASS.

  2. someguy

    First. I am a loser.

  3. Slout

    pear anyone?

  4. trumper

    So not freaking hot

  5. sillysalamander


  6. veggi

    She looks like the mom of the kids I used to nanny.. This is so exciting!!

    I”m gonna go guess jelly bean flavors now..

  7. jake

    for all that dancing she does, she sure is a pudgy little piglet.

  8. Voracious

    LOL @ 4!!!

  9. nipolian

    Pic 3…….a little CT through all the bush.

  10. Mark

    I think she looks like a dancer! She looks like a lot of the dancers at “The Mud Hole” just off I-95. Pitcher of beer for a buck, table dance 2 bucks, lap dance 3 bucks. Not bad.

  11. steve

    she’s a home-wrecking bitch. she sucked Drew Lachey’s dick and was caught red-handed by her now ex-boyfriend!

  12. No idea who this lady is but then again, not sure why anyone would know as NO ONE should ever be watching shit like Dancing With the Stars!

  13. Cindy

    In an interview she said she plans to follow up “Dancing” by breaking into the music biz, and that Mya was already advising her on how to present herself.

  14. Capers

    She is definitely quite pudgy….yet still cute……Don’t get her hairstyle, though…never have…….

  15. The Rule

    It’s ok for her to have that body, but she has to be willing to do anal, otherwise, no deal.

  16. Ted Mosby

    Soggy bottom girl.

  17. Harry

    If there had to be one DWTS chick to be seen in a bikini, why couldn’t it have been the Mormon girl, Julianne? There is no God.

  18. I agree with “The Rule” – if you’re going to say all that crap about “real women with curves” then you have to get that big round butt up in the air, spread those fat asscheeks, and give it up for Jimbo’s One-Eyed Rotor-Rooter. Otherwise, what’s the point of being “curvy”?

  19. Robert Acquafresca

    Where is the dirty latina maids trailer to go with this picture?

  20. Googlybits

    Em, she looks good and normal, you fat men who burp and fart at night craving anorexic whores!

  21. I hate you

    Yeah, I’ll bet you sick fucks really get action. Anyway, why the hell you want to put your gross tiny penis in where the shit comes out? Please, the most you ever get is probably your astrainged wifes victoria secret mags.

  22. LBI

    She’s no better than the chicks I plug at the Jersey shore…..when is some real talent going to be posted on this site???

  23. Rick

    Very disappointing butt shot. She’s chubby – really chubby from the waist down – and she’s known for being quick to suck cock, so it seems like she’ll be a fun bounce-around-in-bed (but don’t be seen in public) type of chick. From all the front shots, you’d expect a big round booty. Instead it’s soccer-mom wide and spreads into her massive thighs in a big orgy of hail damage. She’s 24 years old and a dancer. Unbelievable.

  24. Rand

    kind of thunder thighs.

  25. Bigheadmike

    Come on people. Again, another case where she is better looking and more successful than any piece you will ever have the opportunity to get.

  26. Matt

    “your astrainged wifes”

    #21 – you must be referring to the astringent your sphincter encountered, causing you to write that comment.

  27. Kate

    She’s only 24? I thought she was like 38 or something. Yeah she’s chubby and yeah she’d look a hell of a lot worse if she weren’t so tan, the dark skin makes her look thinner. But i mean, she isn’t completely lost, some cardio and strength training and she’d be looking a lot better.

  28. Ed

    “Come on people. Again, another case where she is better looking and more successful than any piece you will ever have the opportunity to get.”

    You must be looking at a different set of pictures. This is a very ordinary looking girl, like all the ones who put on the “freshman 15″ and never take it off. By 24 they’re lugging around big fat thighs that are only going to get bigger with time, then truly enormous after they have kids, until you get the she-beast that you see all the time on family vacations. It’s sad.

  29. I hate you

    Yeah, fucked that up, but you get my point.

  30. Dennis

    She looks overweight but when I watch her on that dancing show,,,,, I want to bang her like a cheat screen door on a winding day!

  31. Dennis

    She looks overweight but when I watch her on that dancing show,,,,, I want to bang her like a cheap screen door on a winding day!

  32. coffeebean

    Neck to waist – 6
    Above neck – 4
    Below waist – 2

  33. Racer X

    I bet she could go all night.

    /I’d hit it like a single up the middle

  34. Eric

    #25 – you must be one of those simpering guys who work hard to curry favor with women. Be a man. This somewhat cute, overweight, pear-shaped girl is who I go after when I’m at a bar, drunk, horny, and it’s only 30 minutes to closing time. And trust me, she’ll say yes. She knows she has to put out, with that body.

  35. VtFarmboy

    Hey dont knock it…… if she sucks and swallows who cares about a little chub. None of you are going to marry her anyway. she looks healthy not like shes starving her self to death just to keep herself employed. She looks better than the average 20 somthing and pictures dont cost anything. Like my father always told me never pay thousands of dollars for somthing you can get for 20 bucks……. just keep the pennicillin script ready.

  36. Kate

    what size do you think she wears?

  37. mimi

    … and FISH-HEAD still SUKS!

  38. veggi

    I’m scared. I’m beginning to agree with mimi..

    This is boring shit, fish..

  39. Tim

    Meh. My girlfriend has a much better body. So do a lot of the girls at the beach (thank god for dark sunglasses). None of them are rich or famous as far as I know, but I’m a man so I’m not looking to leech off a girl anyway.

  40. sixpack

    I’d ride that wave like muthafuckin’ Agent Johnny Utah.

  41. Miss Kitty

    Jeez! Who ate all the pies? For a “dancer” she must be really putting some food away in order to look that bad. Im her age and have no kids, but i don’t get the time to exercise that much i even i don’t have that much cellulite!

  42. pistola

    i’d say she’s a size 8 to 10.

  43. veggi

    Honestly, I don’t think I’ll come back here if it’s going to be bikini “stories” for the next 2 months. Some bit of actual celebrity news is better, even if it’s about some random mud person.

  44. veggi

    43- What the fuck is a random mud person, ya fuckin weirdo??

    See ya fuckers. I’m done for the day !! Yay me!!

  45. nipolian

    Every season during pre-production of DWTS one contestant is always overheard saying……..”Fuck, I drew the fat, ugly, Southeast Asian bitch!

  46. Wendy

    Is it safe for her to be running on the beach, with that big fault line they have along the coast out there?

  47. Vince

    She looks like my sister. My sister has 3 kids. She’s 35 years old. As far as I know, she’s never been a dancer.

  48. melindawarren

    WOW she has a really flat butt! She still looks good!!

  49. Barely Stearn

    Fat. Fat. Fat. Ridiculously fat.

    By the way: Who is this?

  50. Pameela

    shes kinda chubby for a dancer

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