Cher admits to secret romance with Tom Cruise

April 30th, 2008 // 67 Comments

Cher sat down with Oprah Winfrey for a special interview at the Colosseum in Las Vegas where the legendary singer dropped the bomb that she was once getting Top Gun’d by Tom Cruise. The special will air May 8, but People has some details on Cher and Tom’s relationship:

“He was a shy boy. He didn’t have any money. One night we walked into this restaurant in New York and this girl came up, this waitress came up and she took our order and stuff like that and he said, ‘I knew that girl in school and she wouldn’t give me the time of day.’ “
Winfrey’s audience particularly appreciated Cher’s remembrance of the “long date” she spent with Cruise – “I lived in his apartment,” she tells Winfrey – which elicited cheers from the crowd.

Sometimes to pull off a joke I have to admit embarrassing facts about myself. In this case, that I have seen episodes of Will & Grace*. But, did anyone see the one where Jack was obsessed with Cher? I rest my case.

*Just so no one doubts I’m all man, during the episode I hunted a deer while competing in a NASCAR race. But that stupid helmet totally ruined my cucumber face mask.

Photo: Daily Mail, WireImage

  1. Oh Sweet Jesus, how great would it have been if they had a kid together. I’d have bet $5 the kid had a tenticle growing out of somewhere – and I DON’T mean he would have had a big schlong.

  2. T

    #46 – …And he looks like he’s going to take a bite out of her neck….


  3. Quinn

    If they had a kid, it’d have a beautiful SMILE!

  4. hahaha

    ugly, hairy chick with braces on the left, white-haired old perverted dude on the right. of course they got it on.

    i can’t believe i’m seeing banners for scientology on this site now…

  5. 1 MILF Hunter

    She looks like an old tranny.

  6. Anal Fistula

    well it all sort of makes sense, cher has a penis and TCLTC

  7. Arguman

    Cher’s face almost look like one of those Guy Fawkes masks from V For Vendetta. creepy

  8. zuzuspetals

    Does anyone else think that it looks like they are going to eat other?

  9. Sparqi

    Boy George called, he wants his makeup kit returned NOW

  10. TM

    WTF! Every celebrity admits to doing every other celeb after the 20 year gag orders fall by the way side and they need to jump start their own careers. You don’t think that PR on harrison and fisher is coincidental for the new movie??

    The photos is bad for so many reasons. Not the least of which is the dude on the left is hold his cock in his hand. Oh, wait. that’s a mic and Rocky Dennis is not dead!

  11. Kate

    Yet another insane “smile” by the Cruiser. I wonder if his face hurts after smiling like that. He is so fucking intense its annoying as hell.

  12. dwood

    For a moment I showed interest….until I started reading all the ridiculous and really hateful comments…….last time I tune in! Thanks but no thanks!

  13. herbiefrog

    one of those damn slipperly fishes said…

    *Just so no one doubts I’m all man, during the episode I hunted a deer while competing in a NASCAR race

    but if you remember…

    we negated that in starman : )

    [...and none of you can *really* drive]

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