Chelsea Handler seems like a fun gal

February 16th, 2009 // 87 Comments

It’s hard not to like Chelsea Handler–after all, by her own account she’s a foul-mouthed boozer who hasn’t shied away from the odd one-night stand or six in the past. (Mom?) Plus, she employs a Hispanic little person as her sidekick. Which is nice, as that demographic has been particularly affected by the economic downturn. (Where’s their bailout, Congress?)

She’s also returning with her E! series, Chelsea Lately, tonight, in a new time slot of 11 p.m./10 central. Make sure to check out tomorrow’s episode, where she interviews Married With Children‘s David Faustino. Has Faustino grown so desperate for work that he’s willing to dance for dog biscuits on national TV? Come on, entertainment gods…

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  1. Chris


    How much did the E! Channel pay this site for the blatant advertising?

  2. Chris

    And I wonder if her new cushy time slot has anything to do with the fact that she’s banging the head of E! Networks?

    Hmm…where’s Rorshache when you need him?

  3. smw

    was this necessary? the site’s already covered with ads for her show. we get it.

  4. Moe

    Sure would like to… HANDLE CHELSEA!!!!!! Get it??? HANDLE!!!

  5. I'm Sold

    Thanks for the commercial, Fish, you desperate cunt-whore.

  6. Blah

    I can’t stand this annoying,unfunny bitch

  7. Leo

    Who the fuck is this bitch. Who the fuck cares? I mean, anyone can drink and cuss. Big Fucking deal. Looks like she had a lobotomy, too.

  8. Christina

    Wow, nice blatant commercial here. Clever.

    Chelsea Handler’s show sucks. She laughs so much at her own jokes that aren’t even funny. I’ve seen it plenty of times because my roommate loves it and I’ve MAYBE laughed 5 times out of 10+ episodes. Yeah… that’s worth watching.

  9. sederunt29

    She and Ted Harbert are together?

  10. Channukiah Monkey

    You fucking sellout faggot.

  11. sirrix

    UGH. Let’s have some more shameless promotion please! Any other female comics you’d like to pretend are good? Roseanne? Margaret Cho? Oh! Oh! I got one! Paula Poundstone!

  12. DrunkenJules

    I can’t stand her. But thanks for reminding me the show comes back tonight!!

  13. amanda

    i love her books but her show has no appeal for me
    of course, neither does this blatant ad….

  14. Deacon Jones

    FISH, seriously, WTF?

  15. Caitlin

    Nice commercial. If you’re not going to be totally obvious about it, can you try not to make it, like, totally obvious? Thanks.

  16. Mama Pinkus

    fuck all you naysayers, I like her – and get over the shameless plug y’all

  17. Sid

    Hey, ease off, if Fish is going to post fewer Heidi/Spencer stories he needs to replace the payola somehow.

  18. fitzwilly

    Is it 1983 again?

  19. Emma

    Hahahaha this is soooooooooooo obvious

  20. Lowlands

    I think i like her too.How much did they pay??:)

  21. Arnie Fufkin

    It’s one thing for the ads to be plastered all over the sidebars and in between the author’s posts; that’s fine. But a post dedicated to pushing the show only? Yeah there’s the obligatory snarky attitude we’ve come to love, but still: where’s the je ne sais quoi?

  22. Ang

    Check out the fun bags on that hose hound!

    Not bad as desperate closing-time bar takeout on a weekday. Although she’d definitely make your headache a lot worse in the morning after she wakes up and starts talking.

  23. Lowlands

    I was already thinking,since when does a soccer team advertise on the superficial?

  24. incorrect

    This is the most disappointing thing I’ve seen all day. I come to this site for shitty celebrity news and pictures of girls in bikinis. This is just depressing to read a goddamn advertisement dolled up as a legit post. I hope your editors get taken out back and shot for allowing this kind of filth to get posted.

  25. RD

    holy crap! she looks like a late 50ish linebacker in drag! woof!

  26. mom

    Shes jewish right?
    not that I care really.

    I think she squeeks when she cums

  27. Darth

    Truly she’s got a great smile.Great smiles are mighty weapons to open doors.

  28. Talk about Bailouts..

    you should check out this hilarious video I just saw about the GiRLS GONE WILD PORNO BAILOUT (beware the man in the mustache!):

  29. Richard McBeef

    big fucking head
    wonky eye
    piss-ton of teeth
    and saggy ass tits

    fuck. i would rather see heidi and spencers paid advertisements, i mean posts, rather than this dogshit.

    fuck off superficial.

  30. sc

    “she employs a Hispanic little person as her sidekick”


  31. this is stupid

    Seriously? Man, this is obvious and really sucky. Next post should be about how shitty the Superficial is for doing such a ridiculous paid post.

  32. havoc

    Besides the fact that her face looks like 8 miles of unpaved road, she looks about as dusty as Kim Catrall. Whatever age she is, I guarantee she’s 10 years older.

    No thanks….


  33. really?


  34. jaja

    LOL the ppl bashing the superficial on this are retarded. They are the SAME ppl that will be on here tomorrow and forever more.

  35. Vince Lombardi

    OMG – she makes Heidi Montag look hot.

  36. j

    Did she smuggle the midget mexican across the border in her pussy? where is the news here?

  37. kipsy

    What is this shit? Any cereals I should try? Guess what I’ll make a point of not checking out tonight? As her show sucks, I don’t consider it much of a sacrifice.

  38. leisa

    the ads pay the bills. bills being paid keeps this site running.

    as for Chelsea – she’s great. she just played a sold out show here in vancouver on saturday.

  39. Mike

    Her head is probably about three times larger than her body requires.

  40. Chelsea’s hilarious….and pretty damn hot for her age. I’d bang her.

  41. PunkA

    At least show some Chelsea crack or a nip slip. Geeze, give us something with the shilling.

  42. Jim

    Chelsea Handler?! Well count me in.

    Speaking of counting… why deal with all the counting it takes to order a pizza… make tonight a Digiorno night!


  43. Mick

    I’ll marry her today, just so she can make fun of me on her show. Chelsea I can take it! Anytime you’re ready!

  44. lola

    I saw the show one time and I have to admit it was a heck of a lot funnier than I expected. You should watch it once. I never watched it again though, so don’t dig too deeply into this

  45. Limey

    I can say it’s the very first time I am disappointed reading the Superficial.
    I thought having the two sidebars, one ad above the page and another above the posts would generate enough revenue from E! without the hypocrisy of the article.
    I guess saying no to money because of principles is an outdated concept.

  46. flix57

    I can’t believe you plug this bitch!
    So not funny.
    “Oh hey everybody look – I have a Mexican midget on my show. How HILARIOUS!”
    Take a close look at her… she looks like Peter O’freakingToole!!

  47. The Pope

    She looks like she’s aged 10 years since her show started. You can tell a huge difference just by how she looks in the opening credits and then how she looks now. Yeesh. Time to either quit drinkin’ or get better make-up.

  48. LOL


    Are you insane? The site’s name is SUPERFICIAL, not “BREASTS AND ETHICS.”

    Of COURSE they’re peddling flesh. What do you think the site is about?

    The only thing people here really want to know is: any pictures of her naked?

  49. librasun

    I think she had some work done on her eyes, but not very GOOD work!

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