Eliza Dushku, Padma Lakshmi, Chelsea Handler pose nude

April 13th, 2009 // 110 Comments

Eliza Dushku, Padma Lakshmi and Chelsea Handler all pose nude for the upcoming issue of Allure magazine, and understandably there’s been some airbrushing done. Or Padma and Eliza were born without nipples. Who knows? That said, there’s no way that’s Chelsea Handler’s body. I always imagined it more gray. And with batwings.

NOTE: Pics are NSFW, so make sure to take your laptop to the restroom. No one will think that’s weird.

Photos: Allure

  1. boobies

    why do people use the superficial to type rude stuff about black people and fags? this is a celebrity gossip website, not rushlimbaugh.com
    and i agree, galileo was a pussy EARTH RULES & THE SUN DROOLS
    i still think chelsea handler’s a butterface

  2. BobuSappu

    I bet they’d look 100x better WITHOUT the Photoshop, with all their imperfections and the natural texture of their skin. And once again, we witness the “nude photo” where the NIPPLE has been airbrushed away!! Ridiculous.

  3. heather

    does anyone else think it looks like padma only has one boob?

  4. robert douche

    Padme’s got me pattin’ my schlonkstick.

  5. K

    i love you chelsea!

  6. Zorro

    Wow, Chelsea needs to do more of this, for another classy publication like Cheri. Seriously, someone as crass as her needs an equally crass publication. But fuck, I’d buy it.

    Also, who does the photoshopping for these asshats? I mean, you can see where they used the “heal” tool on the nips. Seriously!

  7. i like

    click name

  8. ahtnap

    Is this an underground Racist Blog?

  9. I love Chelsea Handler, but this photo has been airbrushed to the max! She is an elderly woman on the show, I noticed she had a big booty and thick thighs. His belly looks small super. It is a beautiful image.

  10. concise619
    Commented on this photo:

    Like staring at something so beautiful, thats never been seen before and just completely takes over my brain the same way a strong narcotic does. She is the most attractive female specimen ive ever seen!

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