Eliza Dushku, Padma Lakshmi, Chelsea Handler pose nude

April 13th, 2009 // 110 Comments

Eliza Dushku, Padma Lakshmi and Chelsea Handler all pose nude for the upcoming issue of Allure magazine, and understandably there’s been some airbrushing done. Or Padma and Eliza were born without nipples. Who knows? That said, there’s no way that’s Chelsea Handler’s body. I always imagined it more gray. And with batwings.

NOTE: Pics are NSFW, so make sure to take your laptop to the restroom. No one will think that’s weird.

Photos: Allure

  1. PavlovianHippie

    All three plz. kkthxbyela~

  2. George

    Are the stars on the magazine itself? C’mon. I want to see some Chelsea Handler titties.

  3. Dana Kamasutra

    The tatoo on this chicks body says “My clit favors the left side.” This way she does not have to stop the foreplay by explaining what she likes.

  4. redsonja1313

    uhm ….WHY ??? are they naked in Allure ???? Chelsea needs a tan

  5. Galtacticus

    Holy shit! Who are these three cuties? Hard to make a choice,so i take them all three!

  6. Wow. Alright, alright. I’ll take it. Good thing Padma shaves… I’m just sayin’…

  7. shakeitout

    i love chelsea, but i dont think thats even her real face.

  8. Randal

    Every girl, lady and woman want to be Rose from the Titanic, even to this day and these three certainly have that quality painters look for. Beautiful smiles, sparkling eyes and soft looking skin.


  9. I would Chelsean Handle her

    I have always wanted to see Chelsea Handler nude. I watch her show from time to time and the outfits she wears where she shows off those amazing tits just teases you and it makes me crazy. She needs to do a sex tape or something where she is completely naked because as annoying as she may be, she is hot and I would so smash that and suck those big natural boobs.

  10. Rhialto

    Who are these bitches?

  11. His Huge Greatness Himself

    I only take one of them! No need to pack it!

  12. jeremy

    wow, someone get me a bottle of vodka so I can fuck chelsea handler.

  13. My Dang

    Good Lord, when did Eliza Dushku get a boob job? She’s still unbelievably hot. Me, though, I’d take Padma (I keep wanting to type “Patil”, from Harry Potter) Lakshmi. I can’t believe Salman Rushdie used to hit that on the regular. Lucky f***er

  14. testington

    I love all three of them! Padma is a great host, Chealsea is funny as shit (no matter how hard she tries Sarah Silverman isnt as funny) and Eliza is the shit!

  15. They all have the same body type, same size boobs, Im not sure which one id like simulate the satanic verses with…

  16. boobies

    Thanks for that randal
    i second what 13 said plus a paper bag for her creepy face

  17. You have to remember that the America you knew is now gone.
    Thanks to the negros and the rise of the welfare state, the conditions of our lifestyle are going down. Bush would have been out anyway but you weak ass liberals had to vote for the facade. It proves that you vote without research, so you must believe in stereotypes and initial impressions. Now prepare to give up your paychecks to the lazy welfare scum of the world. Obama has chosen to back down from any confrontation he has faced, and is hard at work at having a section 8 scumbag living next to the home you have worked hard to pay for, and taking the job you spent so hard at college to attain. The only winners are low down scum negros, so prepare for their kids to break into your home, steal your posessions, and kill you while you happily log into the superficial.


  18. George

    Why the fuck are you talking politics and spewing racism on pictures of fucking Eliza Dushku and Chelsea Handler? Are you retarded? Idiot…

  19. F*ckRandal

    @18 and all of the other idiots who do the same thing….

    Dude…you are an idiot. You are as dumb as those celebrities who start spewing their political beliefs just because they have a mic in front of their face.

    People come to this site to bullshit, check out hot bitches(or fat/fake bitches if you are gay or a fat bitch yourself) and make inappropriate comments about said hot bitches.

    Your political rant is as appropriate and appreciated as a discourse on metaphysics with second graders…even if you have something good to say – nobody gives a shit – unless you write it over the picture of some hot bitch in which case people will give a shit. But only because you are obstructing the view of whatever hot bitch is on the picture – not because they care about what you are saying.

    So I guess what I am trying to say is…shut the f*ck up before I kick your sister in the chin and castrate you.

  20. titsonsnack

    Ugh. Something about Eliza Douche-ku always has and always will remind me of a feral little monkey-thing. And why the hell was this in Allure? Has Allure gone queer?

  21. F*ckRandal

    I forgot to mention one thing…

    Whoever says anything bad about Dushku is obviously batting lefty.

    P.S. F*ckRandal

  22. Freddo

    Is it my imagination, or are at least 2 of them are wearing nylon panties that have been (badly) airbrushed out.

  23. Daryl G.

    what the hell is with the stars on the only nipple?

    What the hell is the difference between Playboy and Allure???

  24. Alyssa

    Isnt Padma supposed to be brown?

  25. These pics are considered NSFW??? Do you people all work in churches or something?

  26. Triumph

    These are 3 lovely ladies…FOR ME TO POOP ON!

  27. Megan

    Over-airbrushed pictures are just boring as fuck and not appealing at all.

  28. ~

    I am so sick of seeing toneless, fake looking photoshopped skin. Nobody has that completely opaque, monochrome rubber-like flesh, so why is it considered beautiful? I like seeing skin with litle moles and veins; It looks alive rather than artificial, like a corpse in a coffin.

  29. Megan

    30 –

    Thank you. That’s exactly what I meant.

    These girls have only one tone of flesh and it’s really not pretty looking at all. I want to see some fucking shadows and shit, and NOT from the burn tool!

  30. Airbrushed to shit. I’ve seen recent “out on the town” photos of Dushku and she is starting to look her age.

    Not that I still wouldn’t hit it.

  31. Megan

    Meant 29, not 30. I’m fucking 30. Now I’m 31. You get the idea….

  32. tim

    That Indian chick has a smokin’ body. Are they good in bed? I’ve only banged Caucasians, blacks, latinos and one asian. Black chicks just wanna get fucked all night – baby I just don’t have that much jam.

  33. Superballz

    AHHH! Fix the star!

  34. Jimmy

    That Eliza chick has a harsh face.

  35. Tracey

    I just want to throw a blanket over all three of them, they look cold.

  36. mcfeely smackup

    FYI to editors and morons alike everywhere…

    The words NUDE and NAKED have definitions that you do not understand. They mean that you are able to see body parts you aren’t normally allowed to see. If someone doesn’t have clothes on, but all their naughty bits are covered, that is not NUDE. That is simply “without clothing”.

    Nobody gives a moist rat fuck if some smoking hot chick doesn’t have clothes on, but has hands/legs/whatthefuckever positioned so you can’t see anything. That’s no god damned different from when she DOES have clothes on. Everyone is naked under their clothes, being able to SEE is what counts.


  37. AirMail

    Fish, what did you do to Eliza?

  38. Watch

    stop putting stars over the pics.

  39. Tatssuck

    Geeze Eliza… what’s with that hideous tat?

  40. Venom

    Padma is hot as hell.
    Eliza has always been underrated and hot.
    Chelsea, I can’t believe she has a body like that.
    Hot damn.

  41. JB

    I guess they look good. chelsea said on her show that they did a lot of airbrushing, so I mean, whatever. I think she’s pretty damn funny, though. eliza and padma are… well, alive, I’m assuming, so good for them, as well.

  42. Chelsea could land any midget she wants with a body like that.

  43. lo

    Dushku looks like she has brain palsy

  44. Danklin24

    Who else thinks Chelsea Handler is hot and hilarious?


  45. Danklin24

    Who else thinks Chelsea Handler is hot and hilarious?


  46. emily

    Chelsea looks great! in response to post #5–she doesnt need to tan–who says we need to get skin cancer and turn orange to look great! embrace the pale! It’s beautiful…

  47. Monkey Hunter

    My goodness,a whole day of actual human women.

    Of course,tomorrow,we’ll be back to the usual posts of swarthy monkey fucking Kardashians.

  48. Chelsea handler does not look like herself at all. Oh the wonders of retouching.

  49. moemoe

    Holy airbrushing

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