Chelsea Handler: ‘I’m Not Banging 50 – Yet.’

October 7th, 2010 // 35 Comments

Chelsea Handler took to her Twitter last night to address recent rumors suggesting she has a secret rendezvous with 50 Cent whenever they’re in the same town:

Everyone, calm down. I met with mr. Cent about a potential project. There’s nothing to report yet, ill let you know if there is.

While lots of outlets are calling that a denial, it sounds more to me like the determined pinings of a woman starving to get into the “Candy Shop.” — Can you excuse me? There’s a gun I forgot to put in my mouth. BRB :D

CHELSEA: So, do you like a woman with.. experience?
50 CENT: What? Girl, you be old like my moms.
CHELSEA: Old? How dare you?! *sprouts wings* Madonna. Attack!
MADONNA: Yes, my apprentice. CAWWW!

Photos: Splash News


  1. Burke, Esq.

    First! She is FUGS AND NOT FUNNY!

  2. Burke, Esq.

    Bitch has licked the lollipop yet, but wants it!

  3. Burke, Esq.

    meant “hasn’t”

  4. That Guy

    Smells like publicity stunt to me.

  5. Missy

    They’re both 35. ?

    • Gallo

      “They’re both 35?”

      Either she’s doing some creative accounting with her age, or she spent her 20′s doing speed. If you told me she was 45, I’d say “eh, she looks decent.”

      • Burke, Esq.

        Seriously, when is this bitch going to get honest with her age? What ever she is doing to defy it, is not working..sorry Chelsea, pickling yourself isn’t the answer either..

    • Gallo

      “Not banging 50, but pushing 50.”

  6. Taz

    She looks okay sometimes but in this pic only her tits look fuckable

    • No shit sometimes she looks hot as fuck on tv, but she looks crosseyed and outa shape here. Also excuse me if i say i think shes funny.

      Not entirely sure she photoshops her age. Could easily be all those years of booze and coke, but she does *look* fiddy years old

    • Burke, Esq.

      Push-up bra.

      • Doesn’t look 35. Looks like a tired and used up 35. If she was 50 you could say she looked hot for her age. I’d still do her though. I think she’s funny as hell and her wry sarcastic personality actually makes her more attractive to me.

  7. Chelsea Handler
    Commented on this photo:

    omg look at her calves. wow

  8. slapkatyperry

    stupid bitch, I’d still hit it tho

  9. Parker

    I’d bend her over and push some turd around. Of course, that’s all I got here.
    *bangs head against wall in desperate bid to create creativity inducing aneurism*

  10. Ned

    Besides the fact that she be white, what does Fiddy see in her?

  11. eileen

    Too old? They’re the same age!

    • Any Guy

      haha -yeah, ‘the same age’. only she’s 35 in dog years.

      bitch please, NO ONE believes you’re in your 30′s. late 40′s is more like it.

      unfunny, lying about her age – only famous because her ex was the head of the E! network and gave her a show.

      go away you old bat. 15 min have been WAY over.

  12. Chelsea Handler
    Commented on this photo:

    Crap! theres no way this lady is 35 shes agging so badly looks 45-50 yo, she dated Dave salmoni? double Crap that guy is too hot for her…………

  13. Dude of Dudes

    As it turns out 50 cent has some taste.

  14. Rancid

    Pic #3:

    Is that black broad wearing any pants???

  15. Matt

    It’s not 50… It’s Fitty or Fiddy but I prefer Fitty.

    Fitty cent, yo.

  16. Breath Johnson

    Hate to defend Chelsea Handler, but I think she’s just one of those people who always looked old. Even in her high school yearbook photo she looks 25.

    • Gallo

      Too bad they didn’t note the year. In her defense, the hair/accessories look like they’re from the late 80′s/early 90′s as would be appropriate for her listed age.

    • minx

      her jewish side is more prominent in the high school picture. nose job?

  17. GravyLeg

    Nice picture…

    So Fiddy likes them with arm pit flab…. Yum.

  18. Tom

    I leave the computer to vomit and shake myself unconscious.

  19. Lissa

    They are the same age….

  20. Leslie Lafitte

    Alcohol and drugs have a devastating effect on someone’s physique. It ages you. Add to that a bitter disposition, there you have it. Sadly this society concentrates too much in appereance. To Handler’s advantage, sexing it up with her boss got her where she is now.

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