Chelsea Handler Did It Again

(Did you really need to see that? Probably.)

In a new interview with Katie Couric just posted to Glamour’s website, Chelsea Handler insults Angelina Jolie again while singing the praises of Jennifer Aniston who’s apparently our nation’s most hilarious e-mail sender:

KATIE COURIC: Is there anybody who really makes you laugh? A woman who really makes you laugh, other than me?
CHELSEA HANDLER: Jennifer Aniston makes me laugh. She’s irreverent and hilarious, and she sends me really, really funny e-mails.
KATIE COURIC: She’s funny?
KATIE COURIC: And speaking of that, wow, girl, you went off on Angelina Jolie recently.
CHELSEA HANDLER: Yeah, I’m not a fan. She just doesn’t come off to me as a sincere woman. She seems like a woman that you’d really want to avoid.

“Oh, sweet, an e-mail from Jen. I always love these. ‘Angelina Jolie is a fucking cunt.’ Ha! HAHA! Oh, my God, I’m dying. And I’m totally using that. God, I wish people could see this side of her. I mean, ‘fucking cunt?’ You can’t just write comedy like that. I’ve tried.”

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