Why Is Chelsea Handler Naked? WHY?

August 15th, 2014 // 39 Comments
Warning: Photo is- Wait, Where's Her Nipple?
Chelsea Handler Naked Instagram

Chelsea Handler slept her way onto television before becoming Jennifer Aniston‘s best friend, so sure, I guess that makes her a better person than a Kardashian. I’m not going to fight her on it. And the reason I bring any of that up is because she decided to pose naked on Instagram yesterday and caption it, “I’m a Kardashian,” because, haha, get it? They Photoshop their pics, too. That was the joke right? Because you can’t see Chelsea’s nipple even though it should be right fucking there? Or is it because the famous one’s a porn star? You know what? I’ve already put way too much thought into this when I should be clawing my eyes out. Give me that fork.

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  1. Jay

    I would hit it and beg for more. Aint gonna lie

  2. DaKBro

    I wouldn’t hit it with 50 cents dick….

  3. Invertebrate

    Could cure me of the gay

  4. She think she’s hot. That’s so sad. Another nobody who was bombed to celebrity status by that damn E television!

  5. Naked doesn’t mean what you think it means.

  6. JC

    A picture of a middle-aged high school gym teacher getting ready to molest one of her students does not equal “sexy.”

  7. “I’m a Kardashian’s grandmother”. fixed.

  8. at least she’s more female looking than the other but-her-faced bikini beach trannies that are always featured here on the sup.

  9. Rico Jones

    Can’t stand this bitch. If she was a nice woman I met in real life I would be more than interested but her vial personality is a massive turn off… more so than her average looks.

  10. The smooth nippleless Barbie tits alone are enough to make me pass…

  11. Whatever this picture means, fucking congratulations GW writer. I congratulated you on facebook in the tread, but fuck yeah, reading stuff like this makes this (and geekologie) the best, and funniest, sites on the web!

  12. If she’s going to pretend to be a Kardashian, she’ll have to gain at least 50 pounds.

  13. JimBB

    Interesting Factoid: Demons don’t have nipples.

  14. dreamcrusher

    This scumhag’s face is not even load worthy. She is a vile piece of libtard trash. A talentless cum dumpster that sucked an E executives dick to get her own show that nobody watches. She is hoping her tits will draw attention away from her unfunny and toxic personality. Sorry Chelsea – even naked you are not interesting.

  15. Ragnar

    Looks pretty good for 50. What? She’s 39? Really?

  16. I finally figured out the reason that Lena Dunham gets naked so much on that lousy HBO show. She does it so Chelsea Handler can say, “Well, I look better naked than Lena does”

  17. Hmm

    I could have gone my entire life without seeing this. I hate this bitch.

  18. Hellsea Chandler looks like germans model Claudia Schiffer granny

  19. Michael Buble

    I saw her on Conan. She was trying to pull off some edgy humor, but ended up coming across as one of those bitches in high school whose body developed way ahead of the pack.

  20. This is not the “Chelsea Lately” cast member I wanted to see “naked” Give me Jen Kirkman or Heather McDonald.

  21. Klipper

    Dammit, Grandma.. put some clothes on.

  22. Now that I give her a little bit more consideration, she really does have a pretty good-sized rack.

  23. molly

    am i the ONLY one who sees the lines of a nude bra/underwear here? you guys are blind.

    & rude also. everyone post a picture of yourself NOW. i’m sure i’d rather look at chelsea.

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