Chef Paul Prudhomme: ‘It’s just a flesh wound’

Famous New Orleans chef and TV personality Paul Prudhomme took a bullet to the arm at a golf course and kept cooking like it ain’t no thing. One time I burnt my hand on the toaster making Pop Tarts and hid under my bed for a week. This man is hardcore. The AP reports:

Prudhomme shook his shirt sleeve and a .22 caliber bullet fell to the ground, a spokesman for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office said.
Deputies believe Prudhomme was hit by a falling bullet, probably shot about 9:30 a.m. from somewhere within a 1 1/2-mile radius of the golf course, said Col. John Fortunato. Prudhomme did not require medical attention.
“He thought it was a bee sting,” Fortunato said. “Within five minutes, he was back to doing his thing.”

So being morbidly obese makes you invincible? I don’t think I like the message this conveys. Somebody hide all the firearms from Jennifer Love Hewitt before she gets any idea. Or at least take her to Applebee’s beforehand.