Chaz Bono is Topless

September 20th, 2011 // 111 Comments

Here’s a topless Chaz Bono lumbering around the set of Dancing With The Stars yesterday, and I honestly don’t know what I’m supposed to do here. Those nips started out as a woman’s, so protocol tells me I should censor them. But technically they’re on a man now, so that makes them acceptable for public view because ours don’t serve drinks. Except here’s where it gets weird(er): Somehow they’re not attached to moobs which makes me suddenly comfortable with all those accusations about Chaz playing God. “That’s right. Make me an obese man but without the breasts that go with it. Muahahahaha! Oh, and I want a dick you don’t have to shake after peeing.”


Photos: GSI Media


  1. juaquin ingles

    This is the most vile post ever on the fish. I’d rather look at madonna’s dead flounder snatch.

  2. Chaz Bono Shirtless DWTS
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow, K-Fed has lost weight!

  3. People please…..Chaz was born a woman who thought she was a man living in a woman’s body who changed himself into a man who who could date a woman but not as as a lesbian because she felt he was bioolgically a man trapped as a young lesbian until her surgery. I hope this clears it up for those you who can’t figure it out!

  4. I feel like I’ve gone back in time after reading all the shit on here. He should no more have to seek therapy than someone who is gay, and it would be no more effective. Have none of you people never met or spoken to a transexual person before? Because right now you sound like you’d fit right in with the ignorant backwoods rapists from Deliverance.

    • Poppy

      Umm….ever hear of Gender Identity Disorder, genius? I suggest you look it up.

      • Umm … yes? I know a number of trans folks personally (two of whom I work with), and not one of them consider it worthy of inclusion in the DSM (which I own) any more than homosexuality was when it was included. *All* FTM and MTF transgendered people go through some form of therapy to start, that’s not a fucking secret. It’s not to ‘reverse’ it like some twisted version of gay camp the way the people on here were insinuating though. Nor should it be. Which was my point. That you missed.

        Good job making yourself look like an arrogant ass though.

  5. Poppy

    I thought this was a site where people bash celebrities? I guess you can only bash them if they’re old, drug addicts or mentally ill. God forbid you bash them if they’re trannies. What hypocrites you are!

  6. LOL


  7. Don

    Why is this in the “So Freaking Hot” section? Why? And I’m not talking about the whole transgender thing.

  8. John

    Cher, I feel the pain….

  9. John

    Cher I feel your pain…

    • Aussie Mama

      something weird must have gone on in that household. i’ve seen pictures of chers son elijah blue, in full drag, the big lashes n all, gay as gay, womaly, then the girl wants to be a guy….

  10. Donkeysaurus

    disgusting f.ucking freak is part of what is wrong with america

  11. Aussie Mama

    Weird world we live in….
    Masculine women, femine men.
    Which is the rooster, which is the hen?

  12. Aussie Mama

    I think obese people should be slugged more in carbon tax….

  13. Chaz Bono Shirtless DWTS
    Commented on this photo:

    He’s taking male hormones so technically, if he lost the weight, he should pretty much gain the male brawn as well. He’s already got some good shoulder muscle. It’s subtle, but it’s there. For it to be showing through the weight, shows he can grow a male figure. Good for him man, shows how far we’ve come as people to be honest. He’s really not getting the insane amount of ridicule I expected from such a controversial subject.

  14. Chaz Bono Shirtless DWTS
    Commented on this photo:

    I understand that she’s a guy now, but your still fat and fat should not be taking off their shirts in public.
    I find her very annoying.

  15. bubba

    what silky smooth skin! Perhaps she should add some self-inflicted scarring to complete the transformation, or should i say… shimformation! mwahahaha…

  16. Chaz Bono Shirtless DWTS
    Commented on this photo:

    ONE sock and TWO watches???

  17. Soviet Snow

    If we spoke about a black man or a woman the way some of you are talking about Chaz would ….

  18. Cardinal Fang

    OK Chaz we get it; you are a guy! That doesn’t mean you have to be fat and disgusting and wave it in our faces.

    About the only thing that could erase that picture from my brain is topless photos of either Katy Perry, Jennifer Love Hewitt, or Christina Hendricks – It might take all 3.

  19. RoyGang

    I would kill this sorry sack of shit

  20. RoyGang

    diss fuckin gusting

  21. Mardi

    She is NOT “technically” a man. She’s a fat woman who got her tits cut off and started taking hormones to grow some patchy facial hair. It’s still got a vagina. How does THAT make you feel??? Rosie O’Donnell’s not lookin so bad right now, is she??

  22. Beaner

    Man or Woman, This person is unattractive as either!

  23. disgusting fat broad. her damn neck is thicker than her head and the throat beard just adds to the horror show. she got her boobies hacked off and she should be ashamed of herself!

  24. a.j.

    reading these comments and this article for an essay. i must say that the website’s name truly shows just how superficially driven the world is and especially the very many bigoted and hateful comments. i wonder what ppl would say about Balian Buschbaum who is also a female to male trangendered man….

  25. Teresa

    DISGUSTING!!! Whether he is a man or she is a woman… That’s just gross!

  26. future leg banger

    My female english bull dog behaves very studly at times. I think that I’ll research the possibility of this surgery for her. Its what she wants.

  27. My female bull dog behaves very studly at times. I’m going to research the possibility of this surgery for her. Its what she wants.

  28. Jen

    Your queerphobia is showing.

  29. HouseMD

    I think the most offensive thing as he decided to make the transition so that he could have the oh so attractive chin strap.

  30. Mo

    Grody… Thats all i can say.. Well.. No its not. It has nothing to do with gender bending or anything but Chaz Bono is nauseating to look at… Blah!!!

  31. Normal Person

    That is not a man, that is a very confused person with the financial means to explore “happiness” by changing their gender/ Its actually disgusting to me to see it, but I’m even more disgusted to see Cher supporting her freak of a daughter/son/whateverthehellit is. I guess you cant expect anything less from a woman who’s fan base is homosexuals and cross-gender nutcases, so I guess he can’t show mush disdain since her daughter decided to become one.

  32. Normal Person

    Omg, i must navigate to another page… Chaz Bono is NAUSEATING AT BEST!!!!!

  33. Trish

    We wanna see her joint!

  34. Chaz Bono Shirtless DWTS
    Commented on this photo:

    I don’t get all the BS with people calling “chaz” a HE. Chastity is still a WOMAN and always will be. Let me make it simple. If, thousands of years from now, they find “chaz’s” grave during an excavation, and they tested whether it was a woman or a man’s body, they would find it was a woman’s. No amount of slice and dice will change that double X Chromosome.

  35. gaybistraight

    So gay as a woman. Dating a woman as a gay woman. Changed from a gay her to a he. My question is this the girlfriend I read was gay staying with her now male partner does this mean they are bi sexual? Or straight? I just question this because really tired of the I’m gay pride crap. Who cares who you prefer. Example we had a parade called pride parade. Had so many angry gays they changed the name. Tired of homos

  36. Chaz Bono Shirtless DWTS
    Commented on this photo:

    He/She is crazy. I remember Chaz as a little girl and she should have stayed that way…not a circus sideshow. Sorry! her mind just is not right.

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