Chaz Bono is Topless

September 20th, 2011 // 111 Comments

Here’s a topless Chaz Bono lumbering around the set of Dancing With The Stars yesterday, and I honestly don’t know what I’m supposed to do here. Those nips started out as a woman’s, so protocol tells me I should censor them. But technically they’re on a man now, so that makes them acceptable for public view because ours don’t serve drinks. Except here’s where it gets weird(er): Somehow they’re not attached to moobs which makes me suddenly comfortable with all those accusations about Chaz playing God. “That’s right. Make me an obese man but without the breasts that go with it. Muahahahaha! Oh, and I want a dick you don’t have to shake after peeing.”


Photos: GSI Media


  1. ChinaSuperficial

    This comment thread has attracted some dipshits, so let me clear it up for you: America means the pursuit of happiness. If he wants to be a dude, then you all should shut up and accept it. Nobody controls Chaz’s body, except Chaz. Good for him.

    • Funny isn’t it how one persons expression of freedom seems to require other people to think the appropriate thoughts.

    • freaky

      I’m with McFeely on this one, sweetheart. Living in the land of the free means freedom to be an asshole. And I do love my freedom.

      • Freaky, that’s not really my point…although I do agree with you. My point is in order for “Chaz” to exercise his/her freedom to be who he/she wants to be, political correctness requires the REST of us to not have any opinion on the subject that doesn’t warmly and wholeheartedly support the freakshow.

        I thought freedom was something that applied to everyone equally…but I guess my definition is old fashioned.

  2. Chaz Bono Shirtless DWTS
    Commented on this photo:

    If you think what you can see is a mess, just think about what’s under those pants.

  3. Urbanspaceman

    What a sad, pathetic, grotesque approximation if a human being this is.

  4. Chaz Bono Shirtless DWTS
    Commented on this photo:

    He is overweight but looks GREAT and is confident with himself!

  5. I don’t care what you think about transgender issues, on any objective scale this is straight up fucking gross.

  6. grobpilot

    Holy. Fuck.

  7. blah

    Every single person here is stupid as hell.

  8. fcslboy

    All of you idiots referring to her as a “he” are just as fucked up as she is.

  9. Mark

    That bitch is one ugly dude.

  10. Anon

    Kevin James has been working out.

  11. bingledings

    Boy he’s really going all out with the fat douchebag look isn’t he? Is this how he wants to look or did he realize it’s the only one he can pull off?

  12. Mitch

    Michelle Obama ought to set her anti-obesity sights on this fat fuck and try to slim it down. Speaking of fat, anyone seen the Obama girls lately? This two must be sneaking french fries off Michelle’s plate when she is busy beating Barack to a pulp.

  13. “Of course I’m not happy! Look at me, I’m a big fat slob. I’ve got bigger titties than you do. I’ve got more chins than a Chinese phonebook. I’ve not seen my willie in two years, which is long enough to declare it legally dead. I can’t stop eating. I eat because I’m unhappy, and I’m unhappy because I eat. It’s a vicious cycle. Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s someone I’d like to get in touch with and forgive… myself.”

  14. INMATE 12236969

    Fat disgusting piece of shit, all this motherfucker ever did was sit on her fat ass and play video games had other people pay to get her tits cutoff, and man injections and some people think this bitch is come kind of hero.

  15. What

    I can not believe the comments I’m reading. I thought people would be a little more open minded since it’s the 21st century. Chaz was born this way and is finally figuring himself out. Go Chaz don’t listen to all these close minded people just do what’s best for yourself and what makes you happy.

    • freaky

      No, in fact Chaz was >not< born this way. Chaz was not happy with himself until he had his body butchered to look like something that he was not. Maybe if we had been more supportive before the scalpel fell, we wouldn't be talking about this right now.

      • My, what power you have, that your simple and patronizing approval would have made his life as a woman worth living! I don’t which is worse, your deliberate and blatant pig-ignorance, or your judgmental delusions of grandeur.

  16. Jesus

    What a waste.

    He/she didnt even get the bottom surgery so his name till then is Chasitity.

    Kill it with fire!

  17. Lydia

    *que the Problem Child barf scene* That’s how I felt after seeing this. WTF is this thing?! And I’m not saying “thing” to be outright rude, but can you really call it male or female considering “it” still has a vagina?! I thought the requirement of being a dude was having a dick! Whole thing is just creepy!

    • Geez, Lydia, I bet you have a cunt – and reading what you wrote, I sincerely hope that’s not the only requirement necessary to be a woman.

      • farting old man's wife

        no, tits and the ability to walk in high heels, manage a household, a full time job, children, stress, periods, emotions, A BRAIN, and be a nurse, a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a teacher, a referee, a driver, a cheerleader, a coach, a counselor, a mediator and do all of this at the same while dancing back words, in the a fore mentioned high heels, as fast as you can trying to keep everyone happy and only making yourself miserable and depressed so that we can take the antidepressants that the Dr.s prescribe so we can keep moving forward and hold the family together while we are falling apart!! THAT is being a woman!! NOT just tits and ass!!

    • And here I was going for the point that it takes more than having a dick to be a dude and a real woman wouldn’t judge their child to be an “it” if they were transgendered. Whew.

  18. Carolyn


  19. Chaz Bono Shirtless DWTS
    Commented on this photo:

    Hell, if she/he (actually born a she) is going to pack on the pounds what was the point of a sex change i.e.cutting off the tits and forming a small penis out of a enlarged clit?!?
    That body is going to end up with titties and a fat vagina anyway., any penis would be sucked into the fat to the point it would be useless..

  20. kulit

    weird. a fatty transgender without man boobs. at least make it realistic.

  21. Mel

    Men that fat have breast, Chaz. The absence of boobs on a man that fat is a dead give away.

  22. Cindy

    I can’t believe a surgeon agreed to do it when she/he/it requested “change me from a woman to a male internet commenter.”

  23. Doug Glass

    She has female DNA, she has no pen is that functions for reproduction, she has no testicles and she cannot produce sperm. No matter how you cut it (pun intended) this person has been changed only cosmetically and is still a female in essence and in biological fact.

    She’s obviously a strange person and I guess given today’s state of consciousness in Hollywood, and the entertainment industry in general, that qualifies her to be a “star”.

    But hey, on DWTS she “did good”. Dancing bears do good too in the circus with all the other freaks.

  24. diddleysquat

    This is all kinds of wrong

  25. cc

    There’s one elephant seal that has no chance of escaping a polar bear…or a snail.

  26. jjbarnett

    Fuck, she’s FAT! Shame about the tits.

  27. jasminerice

    so she went through all that self-mutilation just to look like an obese trailer trash? clearly, there is some serious issue she hasn’t yet confronted in herself.

  28. Patty Baird

    Leave the poor guy alone.He could use a diet .But why pick on him because he use to be a cute little girl.God must of made her feel like a man.To want tp be come one.We have a lady that works at Wal*Mart here in Pittsburgh,Pa.That use to be a guy.It bugged me at first.But not spo much any more.PeoPle are people Gods children.How would u like it if someone made fun of u or u r child.Just saying.

  29. p4nTsm4n

    I think it’s really good to see that the surgeons and therapists have been able to give Chaz a perfect representation of the average American males body.

    • Jenna

      Ladies, this is what 50% of your boyfriends/husbands either look like now or will look like down the road.

  30. cdawg

    Fuck all y’all. Chaz is the man!!! Love you Chaz, keep rockin’.

  31. Chaz Bono Shirtless DWTS
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like a guy to me. Can’t say that I see ANYTHING feminine there in these photos.
    While it’s very unlikely I hope Chaz wins that dancing show contest. That would make a lot of people’s heads explode.

  32. zomgbie

    very obese person.

  33. LRonHoover


    What Would Sonny Say?

  34. Scarred......

    Listen…we all have our issues to deal with (clearly, like it or not we enjoy this site and not because of its positive content). I’m all for freedom to choose and I’m choosing to be honest instead of PC. Chaz’s ass is a woman. There is no sense in pretenting that she is a he. She is a female and she made the choice that she is happier masquerading as a male. Fine…but don’t expect everyone else to buy into that bullshit theory. Regardless: We should all be able to agree that she is disgusting. Pointing out that fact is the true nature of this website.

  35. Chaz is one of the few people who when you tell him to go fuck yourself can actually do it.

  36. Jenna

    Oh, seriously, can’t any of you snark about other things besides the trasngender issue? Fat person on a dancing show – if you wanna gossip, why not talk shit about this? Or do you all feel the urge to sink as low as you can and hurt people who are different on the most personal level possible, like the bully in first grade who would hit and tease the boy whose parents were really poor or the girl with a big nose?

    Seriously, how many of you would have known had this been some random’s kid and not the offspring of Cher? Chaz looks like a dude. A fat dude. Which is want he wants. If none of us knew he was born a girl, w’d all be making fun of Chaz’s weight or bad performance, like you damn well should be rather than making fun of his genitalia or his desire to live as a man.

    By the way – to everyone claiming that Chaz ‘is a woman’, ‘if you have a vagina you’re a woman’, and things like ‘used to be a little girl’
    - Do any of you realize that there are tons of hermaphrodites out there? Boys with girl parts and girls with boy parts? Girls and boys who could have been either, but the doctor made a choice for them at birth with surgery?

    “No,” cry the idiots, “That’s rare and different and must be some sort of weird genetic fuckup!”

    Meet me, you assholes. My name is Jenna, I have a vagina, but I was born with a penis too, and all my life I’ve been made fun of because I’m not girly and I don’t enjoy being a girl and I want to date other girls. My voice is deep and I used to be able to grow a patchy ‘stache (now seems to be gone – I had electrolysis at 18, in a shameful shallow teenage burst of wanting to fit in.) I probably have as much testosterone as any dude here. The doctors made a choice to call me a girl when I was born even though I’m not completely one.

    People just can’t fucking deal with the very real differences that happen in some people and we who are different have to pay for your disgusting attitude. People like me, where other people made choices for me and decided that I simply must be cosmetically and surgically altered as a baby to make sure I was either 100% boy or 100% girl!

    So grow up and stop using terms like ‘it’. Gender is a very unusual concept and there is a lot of proof that people just aren’t naturally 100% female or 100% male, with all the biological and psychological traits of each that our society has constructed.

    • Schmidtler

      somehow, when i read your long winded rant, i imagined it being read in the voice of Herman Munster.

  37. Winston T. Grant

    i saw her on TV once as a child…(sound of crickets)………..I got nothin’.

  38. Chaz Bono Shirtless DWTS
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Am enjoying the irony of seeing Chaz’s topless post right under the site’s “so freaking hot” banner.
    You know Chaz is getting more pussy than most of the people who comment here.

  39. TomFrank

    I don’t care what anyone else here is saying. All I can think of now is how much I want a dick you don’t have to shake after peeing.

  40. antonio


  41. PHARO


  42. forrest gump

    let’s hope you didn’t eat yet.

  43. gumption

    you guys are truly cruel. We do not know Chaz. There are a multitude of genetic variations and deviations so why can’t people believe that there can be a genetic issue of people being born the incorrect sex? That they do not feel like the gender of the body they are in? It is absolutely scientifically plausible. I know myself to be clearly heterosexual and have never thought differently so I have it easy in regards to gender and sexuality. I have no clue the difficulties that gay and transgenders go through to get to a place where they feel they are being who they are. Why do you have to beat these people down? Why so damn hostile? I am sure he went through the proper procedures necessary to be eligble for sex reassignment. Clearly he must have demonstrated a sound case for himself. So you do not think he is hot, so what? But people are using that as an entre into bashing his transformation. I mean really people, get a grip. I agree some cases are psychological and I hope that such individuals are screened and not given the sex reassignment, however; there are legitimate medical cases of individuals that desire and pass the screening for sex reassignment. What is it to you? Do you know in the Middle East many of the countries offer sex reassignment for those who demonstrate a clear case and mental stability around the issue? The government pays for it and they have all the rights of anyone else. If Chaz was the get married there, he would be fully accepted as the husband and have all the benifits that married couples receive. I mean who is really the backward country here? People there accept it as they would any other medical issue. No one wails and moans why cancer patients receive chemo, so same with someone that feels they have a medical issue that their body is incorrect. It is rather straight forward. Chaz has guts and he will be just fine. Some of you lack guts and basic humanity.

    • Poppy

      Are you kidding me? Those same countries stone women to death for adultery and don’t let them drive. So I guess it’s more important to let someone change their gender then give biological women respect? Just more sexist bullshit if you ask me.

      • gumption

        wow you are an idiot. the only country that doesn’t let women drive in the M.E. is Saudi Arabia and they are your good, dear friend. The u.s. is tight with them so get your facts straight! The women in the region are FAR more educated than women in the U.S. and that is a fact. They drive whatever the hell they please including deisel trucks and cop cars because they are everything from cops to doctors to singers to professors. But I guess an entire country full of single mothers with the father’s long gone or who have “weekend visitations” is much more advanced and promotes feminism. A woman in the u.s. is either a “whore” or a “butch dyke” right? Look at how Hilary Clinton is addressed “Hilary” and “dyke”. Most sucessful women in the u.s. are called names and told they wish they “had a dick”. So much respect. And 99% of the sex crimes are committed against females, rapes and murders. So you do not know shit about respecting women. It is true women do not have equal rights ANYWHERE on this earth but clean up your own shitty sexist, degenerate bullshit before you start pointing fingers elsewhere you redneck twat. The point about sex reassignment is that it is handled as a medical issue as it should be not something to mock and laugh at.

  44. gumption

    the screening of comments on this site is ridiculous. What, you can’t post my comment because I didn’t bash Chaz? You are fucking lame!

  45. amy

    This reminds me: buy new Michelin tires.

  46. Sol

    Hey Superficial, cut it out! I’m trying to eat my breakfast here.

  47. Chaz Bono Shirtless DWTS
    Commented on this photo:

    Personally, I think he looks pretty good. I am sure he knows he has to lose some weight but apart from that he doesn’t look bad. Maybe part of why he is doing ‘DWTS’ is to get in shape. It’s not like he needs the money! Whatever the case I wish him luck. I think if he started hitting the gym hard he would be a great looking guy!

  48. Chaz Bono Shirtless DWTS
    Commented on this photo:

    If he was a man trapped in a woman’s body, that woman must have been huge.

  49. Chaz Bono Shirtless DWTS
    Commented on this photo:

    The thing is, if he lost weight then we might see what’s underneath, which might not look like a typical dude’s body. By keeping himself fat we can’t tell if there’s a woman’s shape underneath the fat or not… He probably doesn’t have as much muscle mass as a normal fat dude would have underneath the fat since genetically he wasn’t born a man. Would he end up looking like a non-muscular skinny dude or end up with a skinny chick body with the hourglass thing but minus the boobs? I’m not sure how much synthetic hormones can do in terms of actual body structure…?

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