Charlotte Gainsbourg putting on a bikini

May 25th, 2009 // 139 Comments

Here’s French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg putting on a bikini in St. Barts Monday, and Christ, what a week she’s having. First, she wins Best Actress at Cannes, and now in an even more impressive feat, Charlotte’s vagina ends up on The Superficial. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone gave her the Nobel Prize, you know, knock her down a peg or two. It’s a cold, jealous world, my friends.

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions unless you design women’s razors for a living.

Photos: Flynet

  1. The only thing wrong with that fuzz muff is, it looks kinda gray which i know it isnt she look like a youngen still! Hey it may not be currently in vogue and cosmetic companies would like to keep it that way, but we all the truth dont we…razors are so expensive now a dayz…

  2. kerri

    this is what a real woman looks like guys. pre-fake boobs, pre-fake tan, pre drawn on clown faces, pre-lazer treatment. she has self confidence and i bet you she’s better in bed than any of the plastic whores you all seem to love so much.
    get a life losers.

  3. Jon

    I don’t see a vagina anywhere. Seriously, you need to stop saying there are vaginas in any pictures you post unless the shot is clear enough that you can see their labia.

  4. French Revolution

    Thanks for leaving out the face pics, butter face for sure.
    I find humor in the assumption that if it is female and from France its defaulted as an automatic fucking machine. What a joke.

    She looks like a walking arm pit and I would bet her fragrance matches.

  5. 8" of shaved meat

    to 49 – I shave my cock, but since you’re a fat bushy beavered lesbian, you probably don’t care.

  6. This bitch has more Bush than Kennebunkport…

  7. larrimore

    @55 Wouldn’t that be your balls? I didn’t know there were any hairy cocks out there, yuck!

  8. nillamonster

    That’s not that much bush, definately not 70′s bush. What are all you people yammering on about, settle down and be for real.

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  10. Must See!! NSFW ;)


  11. Must See!! NSFW ;)


  12. Must See!! NSFW ;)


  13. French Revolution

    These chic’s always love ass to mouth and she obviously does even with her own fingers.

  14. IrInU

    Je t’aime?


  15. chlöe

    for those of you who have limited international experience, this is the daughter of Serge Gainsbourg- perhaps one of the most famous French singers of the 20th century.

    This is what a real woman looks like, and i know that is hard for many people to handle.

    She is considered a sex symbol in the thinking parts of the world.

    I will let you get back to your silicone and fat women now.

  16. French Revolution

    “She is considered a sex symbol in the thinking parts of the world”

    I do not believe the thinking parts of the world consider this walking arm pit a sex symbol, nice try though.

    Maybe she could use a little more of daddy’s money to convince us?

    She would lick her own dried butter bean right off the tip and then kiss the stupid s.o.b that pulled it out.

    How many “real” winners has France put on the world stage since inception?

    The French should be speaking German anyways……

  17. Nat

    There is nothing sexy about these pictures. This woman has Holocost ass. Its like looking at pictures from Dacau from 60 years ago.

  18. #66 – Fuck the French… although I do hear the word “French” is German for “surrender monkey”…

  19. boobies

    her body is shaped like a rectangle

  20. JPRichardson

    Why the animosity against France???

    Oh! Americans…

  21. Julie

    I think that Charlotte doesn’t need your superficial advices. She’s one of the most talented actress in France, she’s a great singer, her campaign for Gerard Darel was a huge success (the “Charlotte” is one of the most famous it bag in France) and well, she is classy, and apparently you don’t know what it means.

    You will never be the half the woman she is. Deal with it.

    And excuse my english, I’m French of course.

  22. sam

    These are lovely for the following reasons and in such stark contrast to Americans:

    * No implants (Pamela Anderson)
    * No fake tan (Paris Hilton and thousands of others)
    * No POSING (Kim Kardashian, Paris)
    * No stripper heels at the beach (what’s her name)
    * No inappropriate beach accessories like a headband and jewelry (Paris)

    She looks like a natural woman enjoying herself at the beach and as a bonus got her bare ass photographed for the benefit of all you pervs out there. What’s not to love about that?

  23. bench2000

    That’s more like a whip lash to me… She must have pretty bad that day…

  24. Krassy McKrass

    I have a hankering for hairy pie.

    Someone get me some dental floss too.

  25. chlöe

    She is lovely and has a beauty that is over the heads of the majority of people on this board.

    The women in America have allowed themselves to be bullied by the media and tricked into thinking that specimens like Megan Fox, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Kardashians, etc. are what a beauty is.

    To show a classic women to most of the patrons of this board is like throwing pearls to swine.

    Many people would rather eat the shit that the media feeds them then to have an original idea.

    It is so typically American to harbor a vile, blind hatred of France….of course that is just in line with the inability to have an original thought.

  26. chlöe

    by the way, this woman has had two children and has not had plastic surgery of any kind.

  27. Pat c

    We hate France because they stubbornly refused to believe that Saddam Hussein used his Weapons of of Mass Destruction to destroy the World Trade Center.

  28. Jen

    What has the world come to, where we are so judgmental on others? I think she looks like a normal natural woman. Don’t run her down because she doesn’t look like all the other plastic celeb out there. Shame on all of you mean shallow people.

  29. Jen

    What has the world come to, where we are so judgmental on others? I think she looks like a normal natural woman. Don’t run her down because she doesn’t look like all the other plastic celeb out there. Shame on all of you mean shallow people.

  30. max

    Pat C. – NEWSFLASH!!!!

    Saddam Hussein had ZERO to do with 9-11 and ANOTHER NEWSFLASH!!

    There were NO WMD in IRAQ.

    Go read a book you, fool.

  31. Pat C.

    max – you don’t like sarcasm, do you?

  32. max

    Pat. C.– I’m apologize. One can never tell on this site. I will try to lighten up.

  33. max

    Pat. C.– I apologize. One can never tell on this site. I will try to lighten up.

  34. Susan

    I think it’s one thing to be tearing apart and scrutinizing the likes of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian because they’re useless. But this woman is talented and she doesn’t go out of her way to be photographed everywhere. Leave her alone.

  35. French Revolution

    I can smell your foot and ass deodorant along with your Fart Fragrance perfume from here.
    Go ahead and pump your fellow francs up over this walking armpit but the rest of the world realizes “Yep, just regular ole crackers there, next.”

    Speak German much?

  36. Hey “chloe”… your “o” looks like a frightened smiley…

    I don’t think she’s nasty because she’s not plastic… she’s nasty because she’s not attractive. Get it? Now go stuff Le Twinkie in le mouth…

  37. Iambananas

    To the French, nudity really isn’t a big deal… we’re making a huge deal out of it, but it’s very natural in Europe. Plus, she has a great body, so, I don’t get why we’re even making this news.

    Plus, no one knows who she even is.

  38. Something reeks

    87 comments for this Euro trash?

    She was only worthy of the first 7 and one of those is a double post.

    WTF already?

  39. Icehawg

    So, wait, Wolverine had bone claws?

  40. dude

    That rash on her ass is what happens if you sit in the same theater seat at Cannes that Paris hilton sat in.

  41. Delish

    I think it is funny how everyone is saying she isn’t “plastic”. There are women with non plastic bodies (Katy Perry for example) who I wouldn’t mind seeing naked, even no talent ass clowns like Cassey have sexy natural body (minus nip rings eww) but this chick no matter how talanted she is, just has a gross body. I am not gonna lie I have implants and stretch marks and am sure I don’t havea perfect body (having a kid can do some damage) which is why I don’t go prancing around naked and if I did I still look 100x’s better than this oh-so-talanted little number right here. And since she is getting nude in front of everyone she should be fine with being nude on the internet. People are just writing the same shit people who were actually there to see her body in person were thinking. I’m sure there were some people at the beach like “ewww is that a rash on her ass?” lol So all of you whining about people being “mean” (boo-fucking-whoo) must be too retarded to realize this is a GOSSIP site and should go play in traffic !!

  42. Just_As_it_Is

    I can’t ask for anything else on a woman…. I’d marry her in a heartbeat.

    She’s simply perfect for my taste.

    BTW #40 – you’re my hero

  43. Just_As_it_Is

    50% of the negative comments are from jealous women who can’t wear a bikini at the beach like this one right here without being mocked.

    The other 49% of the negative comments are from fat men sporting a huge stomach, which should be prohibited at beaches.

    And the remaining 1% of negative comments are from homosexual haters.

  44. Whistler

    I like how her pubes stick out in pic #17. This woman is sexy as hell.

    Personally I love women with small breasts. They are so fucking great in bed and can do well in ANY position during intercourse. Something a fatty can’t do.

    Pubic hair can be removed at any time. Or not. Don’t see it as a curse, you American fat fucks. I like to enjoy both sides of the coin. It can’t get better than that.

  45. Mister Bored

    That chick needs to go back to her cave. Ugliest troglodyte I’ve seen since in a while.

  46. Icehawg

    @91 Delish has implants AND stretch marks? Hot diggity goddamn!

    moar noods plz.

    Pix or it didn’t happen.

  47. Talent Rules

    You can make fun of how she looks all you want. But the fact is, she got herself a decent looking and successful husband. Look at what Heidi Montag, Kim Kardarshian, Jessica Alba, and those playboy bunnies could accomplish in the love department.

  48. Rhialto

    Typical French,they love to be nude in public.

  49. Darth

    Who slapped this Montauk Monster’s ass?

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