Charlotte Church to model lingerie

cchurch_toplesslotion.jpgCharlotte Church is set to sign a lucrative six-figure deal to model lingerie for underwear giant La Senza after she was photographed in a bikini while on holiday in Antigua with her boyfriend Gavin Henson. A source revealed that, “They think Charlotte would be perfect”.

I’m actually not familiar with La Senza, but if they think Charlotte Church would be a perfect model for their underwear, I can only assume that their products look like crap. There’s a reason Victoria’s Secret hires the thinnest supermodels in the world – besides trying to make regular-sized women hate themselves – and that’s because it makes their lingerie look good. You’re never going to see a Victoria’s Secret thong modeled by some lumpy opera singer whose only appeal are her large boobs. Well you might, but that’ll be the day before Victoria’s Secret stock drops 8 billion percent and their head of marketing is fired for being an idiot.