Charlotte Church is a tank

April 10th, 2007 // 274 Comments

I know Charlotte Church is pregnant, but this is pushing the limits of human comprehension. If she puts on any more weight my brain won’t even register that she’s a person anymore. It’ll just be, “Hey, why is that car wearing a bikini?”


  1. mia

    Sarcasm, you are so misunderstood.

  2. brightgrey

    Mia, you have any proof that our universe came about purely by chance and was not created? Or are you just another James Randi zombie?

    As science gains greater understanding of the universe and it’s workings don’t you think it’s strange more and more scientists are arriving at the conclusion it’s not possible such an elaborate and interdependent construction could happen by chance?

    Perhaps all the primitive people of the last 4,000 years (that you relish condescending in a way that demonstrates perfectly your ignorance) weren’t so stupid? Perhaps it is you, after all, who’s lack of understanding limits your ability to comprehend an intelligence so great that it could create something like the universe, so you dismiss it out of hand, like a petulant 4 year old child would dismiss something beyond its understanding as stupid? I know it is not a thing your ego has allowed you to consider so far, but maybe it is you who is l’idiot?

  3. brightgrey

    Oh, and on the subject of Charlotte Church.. a blubber whale by anybody’s standards.

  4. mia

    It would be l’idiotE cause i’m a woman.
    But you can think what you want about me, but I hate religion. I don’t say that I will never believe in god, but religion, has a form of government, especially, christianism is a nonsens.
    About those primitive people that you are talking, I have a lot of respect for them. Celtics, Scandinavians, Slaves, Romans, Greeks, Babylonians, Sumerians, Persans, they are all great, and all there beliefs are reflected in our culture. But Chistianism have stolen a lot from them. Specifically holydays : Halloween (Samain), Christmas (Yule, Saturnales, winter solstices celebration), Chandeleur (Imbolc)Easter (Equinoxe celebration, name from the saxon goddess Oster) Saint-john (summer solstice celebration) and lot more. Christianism is a big lie not because of its beliefs but because of its ways to find believers. Christianism destructed and erased a lot of great cultures, christianism was once the invaders during the crusade, christianism maintain sexism and ignorance by telling bedtime stories about creation. A religion (being something really different than spirituality) is a way to maintain ignorance. Christianism is like Raelians, Scientology, Kabbal. It just have more followers.

  5. mia

    I don’t hate god or Jesus, I hate the way religion show them, i hate the way stupid believers believe in them by thanking them every hours. I hate religion, specifically Christianism because it is corrupted.

    And no, I don’t have scientifical proof for the creation of the universe, but there are not religious proof either.

  6. mia

    I believe that religion is an excuse to stop asking questions. You don’t understand something, well, it must be god and that’s all. I’m not the one with a lack of understanding limits. Believers are. Believers don’t want to search the meaning of life, how univers was created, how everything was created

    Christianism is anthropocentric, making the humain the ultimate being who has the right to pollute the environment and kill other species. Christianisme is also geocentric, making the earth the center of the universe. If nobody had ever questioned religion, there wouldn’t be space travels, science, a place in public life for women, communication with other culture. We would live in the middle-age.
    By the way, non christian cultures during the middle age were far more interesting and intelligent than christians.

  7. mia

    But hey, you are believers, of course you don’t want to agree with me. Maybe someday you’ll find that religion is just a big metaphore that ”explain” our selfish existense for uneducated people.

  8. mia

    Maybe that stuff i say is hard to understand, but i’m sorry, i’m not bilingual. But if you want to make a religious debate in French, maybe i’ll kick your ass.

  9. mia

    What I really don’t understand is what such good christians do on this site…?
    You are not suppose to be helpful, to love others, to be forgivness? What are you doing on a site that say mean things about people who aren’t here to protest? You criticized God’s creatures, aren’t you ashamed? Jesus will jugde you and you will go to hell I think…
    (If you think that stuff makes no sens, well, you should start questioning religion, because all I said is in the bible. Amen.)

  10. mia

    And if you say, I have the right to be mean sometimes, I can’t follow god’s rules every minutes. Well, maybe, you are not such a good christian. Maybe you shouldn’t criticized me. Maybe you should stop hiding behind your bible, cause you are not worthy of it.

  11. Hey asshole, no one claimed to be a christian!! Just becoz I believe in God and love him and I live in America, doesn’t mean I am a christian. I don’t hide behind my bible and everyone has sin…we are not perfect, that’s why we’re here. Sounds to me like u r mad coz u never had our holdidays to celebrate..most Americans hate Easter and all the rest of them, so , who r u to talk about what we celebrate…and yes there is a mom is dead for a long time now and she has come to my dreams to warn me of things that did happen, and exactly how she said it would be…so, if there is the other side where dead people are, then there is definately a God… that!

  12. mia

    For your information, we have the same holidays than you except that we don’t thank god for it.

    And you really talk to dead people? Like this kid in Sixth sens? Well, i’m sorry, I hope you’ll forgive me for calling you a Christian… You’re just an idiot.
    You’ve never think that maybe this side where dead people are is just madness? Dans tes dents toi aussi crisse d’

  13. mia

    But enough about that. You are hopeless. You’re definitly not smart and not strong enough to live free without all those god stories. Some people need them. Without god, people like you will run in the street naked saying they talk to deads while eating there own excrements. You need god’s rules to have self moderation.
    I’m glad you believe in god, cause without him, i don’t want to imagine what crazy thing you could do, like being capitalist, or being a creationist, or a nationalist or eating at Mcdonalds. Wait… You guys do all those shit. Man, humanity is lost…

  14. mia

    Wait, you really say that god exists because you can talk to your zombie mother??

    I’m sorry, you are definitely not a christian or an idiot. You are a teenager. That’s worse…

  15. mia

    Speaking of that zombie mother of yours, i suppose you’ve never heard of my friend ”autosuggestion”?

  16. I will pray for your sick ass,, what r u? Your nothing, really appreciated u calling my mom a zombie, thanks bitch…u really do hate your stupid country,,I can plainly see that…….OPEN YOUR FREAKIN EYES..U MIGHT LEARN A FEW THINGS….

  17. mia

    My eyes are open and they see a lot of things. Especially that you ignore my supposition of you being a teenager. Obviously your not interested to meet my friend autosuggestion. Well, too bad, it seemed that it will always be a one way relationship.

  18. mia

    Well, i leave you, i haven’t sacrificed enough babies today, and Lucifer won’t satisfy my needs if I don’t do it. And by needs i mean sexual bondage, with him, in a cemetary, with cruciform dildos,on full moon, on a priest tomb, at christmas, with a bunch of black cats looking at us. You can come, and invite your mom, I love lesbian zombie sex too. So, have a nice day.

  19. ONE SICK BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  20. IanYes

    “The Superficial is a brutally honest look at society and its obsession with the superficial. It is not satire. It is not social commentary. It is the voice of our society at its worst.”

    Saying Charlotte Church is fat when she’s pregnant and a ‘big-boned’ bird anyway is just cunty, not brutally honest or the voice of society. You’re just being a cunt.

  21. someone special

    shes a whore


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