Charlotte Church has a butt

charlotte_church_bikini.jpgCharlotte Church has laughed off suggestions that her boyfriend Gavin Henson must be gay because he’s obsessed with his looks, saying, “He does not pluck his eyebrows! He’s not gay. He’s very, very not gay.” If plucking your eyebrows makes you gay, then I must be the most homosexual homo in all of homoville. Not that I pluck my eyebrows or anything, I just figure all the gay sex I have sort of qualifies me. No? Straight? Whatever, man.

This is only marginally related, but thanks to Allie for sending in these scans of Charlotte Church defending her title as the sluttiest of the chubby beach bunnies. I don’t know who else is in the competition, but based on Charlotte’s previous outings, they don’t stand a chance. And unless Gavin Henson has Charlotte confused with that fat kid from The Goonies, the way he’s grabbing her ass should be proof enough that he’s not gay. Plus he clearly has his penis inside another man’s butthole so that’s pretty good proof too.