Charlotte McKinney Is Probably Banging Scott Eastwood Now

Pro-tip: There’s a buttload of Charlotte McKinney pics below all of these words that I wrote for some reason. Beats me.

During an interview with Esquire that was supposed to promote his role in Suicide Squad, but instead became an internet smorgasbord of Clint Eastwood complaining about these darn kids today making a big hoodoo out of racism, Scott Eastwood was asked his opinion on politics and flippantly responded, “That’s for the birds.” And in his case, it actually is because not only is Scott Eastwood the son of a legendary actor – who sorry, I can’t let this go, rants about handouts, yet conveniently has a son starring in the latest blockbuster for the studio that lets him direct all of his films – but according to TMZ, he’s now balls deep in Charlotte McKinney. So who gives a shit who’s running the country at that point? Goddamn Dracula could win the Republican nomination, and Scott Eastwood’s bucket o’ fucks-to-give would still be empty. Clint Eastwood, on the other hand, wishes more people walked around asking to work for sandwiches:

CE: When I harken back to my dad, I remember we left Redding and drove down here so he could get a job as a gas jockey at a Standard Station on the corner of PCH and Sunset Boulevard. But you travel five hundred miles, bring your family, rip up everything, and do that because that’s the only job that existed. So I think, What would happen if he’d have said, “Oh, I can’t do that?” Well, we’d have been begging for sandwiches at somebody’s backdoor. Which is, I remember, one of the most affecting things that ever happened in my life. I was a little kid, five years old, and a guy comes to the back of our house and says to my mother, “There’s a bunch of wood in the back. Could I chop that up for you, ma’am?” And my mother says, “We don’t have money.” And he says, “I don’t want any money. Just a sandwich.”

[Clint goes silent; his eyes well up.]

Suicide Squad starring Clint Eastwood’s kid, in theaters now.

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