The Crap We Missed – Tuesday 6.2.15

Welcome to Tuesday’s The Crap We Missed, fresh off my trip to the Sunshine State where I didn’t see a giant python have sex with an alligator and/or oxy addict, so it sucked. That’s why I lead with Stephen Dorff pressing his face into what are currently America’s best boobs, because if I’m in a shitty mood, you’re going to be as well. And to keep that train rolling, there’s a bunch of pics from the Entourage movie just to remind you those guys aren’t dead. Still didn’t do the trick? BAM! Giorgio Armani’s dick. I can do this all day. You might want to start thinking about dead relatives, I don’t give a shit, I’m not stopping until I see tears. MR. BELDING’S WEDGIE!!….

Photo: AKM-GSI, Fame/Flynet, Getty