Charlize Theron loves drag queens (Who doesn’t?)

February 8th, 2008 // 69 Comments

Charlize Theron received the Hasty Pudding’s Woman of the Year award yesterday at Harvard. Surrounded by drag queens and pumped full of hard cider, Charlize was asked which is better: Her Hasty Pudding pot or an Oscar? People reports:

“I know you want me to say that the Oscar sucks and this is better,” she said. “There are no men in drag at the Oscars like there are here. I’ve never been surrounded by so many fake breasts.”
Then again, considering Hollywood’s penchant for plastic surgery, she added, “Actually, I think I was at the Oscars.”

What’s wrong with fake boobs, Charlize? Why you be hatin’? Those fake mounds of awesomeness put food on my table. And by food on my table I mean Pabst Blue Ribbon in my mini-fridge. I don’t even own a table. Or furniture. In fact, I’m sitting on a homeless guy’s back right now. I pay him in Doritos.

NOTE: If I dressed in drag, do you think Charlize Theron would let me smack her ass? You know, without pressing charges or pepper spraying me in the nostril.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. Frank Lucas' Bitch

    Oh yeah…

  2. samuel

    kinda makes me want to wear a dress…

  3. ramanthe

    yes first

  4. ramanthe

    yes first

  5. slut

    First you bag of dicks

  6. Those scientologists sure know how to party.


  7. slut

    First you bag of dicks

  8. samuel

    NO! I’M FIRST!!!!

  9. samuel

    NO! I’M FIRST!!!!

  10. zane

    Take a good look at the girls in the background of some of the pictures. That’s the thing about Harvard – a guy can dress up in drag and compete very well with the female students.

  11. You are all first in my book!!

  12. 'Cliffie

    That student has his own office. Second floor men’s bathroom at the Coop. You know what I’m sayin.

  13. wow, we might have a record here……#3,4,5,7,8 & 9 are all dumbasses! congrats you brainless twits!

  14. woodhorse

    @6 TCL his own C

    It’s amazing but those guys seem as happy with their own breasts as the drunks in the titty bars are with the whore’s breasts. – No, I didn’t work there,one of my brothers did, and no, he wasn’t a tranny dancer, he was a DJ and yes, it was fun. I only went once so it doesn’t count.

  15. Auntie Kryst

    What is this gay ass Limey tradition of privileged WASP males prancing around in women’s clothes that these Boston nancy’s are trying to uphold?

  16. This is from a celeb site I won’t mention that got that last picture (of her bending over) from the CORRECT angle!

  17. TS

    FRIST, you are way too kind. I, on the other, hand think they’re all fucking idiots.

  18. I know, TS, I’m bi-polar, that was my happy moment. Now I’m pissed again.

    You’re all LAST in my book!!!!!

  19. FCS

    Fuck me she’s gorgeous.

  20. What page am I on FRIST??

  21. Vang from I.T.

    FYI the new CRT screens are going to be installed this weekend. We cannot put in the new screens until all the old monitors have been returned to I.T. At the close of business today please disconnect your old monitors, bring them up to the 11th floor and stack them next to our department. The elevator is out so please use the stairs. Do not forget your keycard so you do not get locked in the stairwell. P.S. We’ll also be doing a random check to see who has installed unauthorized programs on their machines. iTunes and other streaming media are not to be accessed at work, so consider this a helpful warning.

  22. channing

    Why is Charlize spanking Christina Aguilera?

  23. Awww, McLoven, you know that you are the cover!!

  24. veggiwhore

    The more important question is WHAT book is it? A Bartenders guide?

  25. Like I would need a “guide”..


  26. my comment

    Not a huge Charlize fan, although she was superb in ‘Monster’.

    But I MUST say, her coat, scarf, gloves and hair are perfect here. Stylish. Fabulousness.

  27. Movie Stealer

    #10, is that your excuse for the time when you invited a guy to your room after a big party ?

  28. Champ

    She is gorgeous.

  29. ummm

    “why you be hatin’”? umm…the superficial writers clearly are not black, or else the stories featured on this site would not include this one, so what the fuck is this randomly inserted piece of urban colloquialism?

  30. Ted from LA

    Is it just me or is she putting her wee wee in Pee Wee? That’s my take on the main picture. I know you are, but what am I?

  31. She’s so awesome.

  32. Texas Tranny

    That’s right who doesn’t LOVE a Drag Queen!!!!!!!!!

  33. Auntie Kryst

    @30 Judging from the pasty faced rich boy’s costume, I was thinking Charlize was thinking I Dream of Weanie…fuck it, that was weak.

  34. Frank Lucas' Bitch

    What’s with all the dumbasses thinking they were first to comment? Can’t you have anything smarter and not make idiots out of yourselves? Hahaha…morons.

  35. sameshitdifferentyear

    You can change the heading to

    “Charlize Theron spanks Amy Winehouse”

    and no one would write in to correct it.

    Looks exactly the same.

  36. spoon

    charlize thereon is the most beautiful woman alive.

  37. spoon

    charlize thereon is the most beautiful woman alive.

  38. Dick Richards

    Too bad Charlize wasn’t being led to a gallow for her public hanging.

    Those wacky college children. What will they do next?! Hey, man, college is the best time of a person’s entire life. You graduate when you’re around twenty-two, get a shit job with the shit degree you didn’t even want because you still have no idea who you are, then live out the next fifty years of your life thinking about the good ol’ days of dressing like a woman, projectile-vomiting hangovers, and ruining coed lives with date rape. Fun.

  39. (*)(*)

    Those aren’t real drag queens, those are homophobic over privileged little trust fund douchie frat boys dressed as “girls”. Like someone else said these are the prettiest ladies you’ll ever see at Harvard.

    Now Charlezy is looking good
    DISCLAIMER: objects of the female persuasion may appear to be hotter than their actual hotness due to close proximity to hideous fake shemales.

    Yeah Charlez was on here a while back in a bikini sans makeup and it wasn’t pretty. She’s a 7.

    The moral of this story is ALWAYS hang out with people who are uglier than you. In my case that would include all of human kind, actually all living things and well actually just everything in the universe pales in comparison to my fucking unparalleled super molten hotness.

  40. AnGell


  41. die already

    she’s a total stoner.

  42. (@)

    Jesus fucking shit I didn’t even scroll up to see the early comments. Shit you tards it looks like the fucking special olympics of commenting first.

  43. Strife

    #16, you asshole tard, thanks for polluting my brain with that image. Brain-dead troll.

  44. asshole

    Man!!! Those Harvard guys are a larf riot!!!
    Men dressing up as women????!!!! Furget it!!
    What’ll those guys think of next?? I wish I could’ve gone to Harvard.
    Them with their smarts and their funnies.
    Oh….by the way……..NERDS!

  45. Pete

    #16′s image is HOT! I was wondering if somebody caught that pose from a better angle!

  46. Ted from LA

    #44 Hey Asshole,
    Are you calling me a nerd? I’ll smack you write in the fucking head with my rook.

  47. (*)(*)

    #44. LOL. “Furget it”. That’s awesome and you are correct .

  48. Winston P. Goodhouse, IV

    Well son, how are your grades this semester? Remember, that school is not free! Have you been pursuing any activities outside of your studies WHAT THE FUCK?!! MILDRED, THIS IS YOUR FUCKING FAULT! “EVERYBODY WEARS COOLOTS AT SUMMER CAMP” MY ASS!

  49. Ted from LA

    Hey Dumb Fuck,
    Don’t you mean “right” instead of “write?”

  50. fake boobs

    No wonder Harvard is one of the top universities in the world.

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