Charlize Theron loves drag queens (Who doesn’t?)

Charlize Theron received the Hasty Pudding’s Woman of the Year award yesterday at Harvard. Surrounded by drag queens and pumped full of hard cider, Charlize was asked which is better: Her Hasty Pudding pot or an Oscar? People reports:

“I know you want me to say that the Oscar sucks and this is better,” she said. “There are no men in drag at the Oscars like there are here. I’ve never been surrounded by so many fake breasts.”
Then again, considering Hollywood’s penchant for plastic surgery, she added, “Actually, I think I was at the Oscars.”

What’s wrong with fake boobs, Charlize? Why you be hatin’? Those fake mounds of awesomeness put food on my table. And by food on my table I mean Pabst Blue Ribbon in my mini-fridge. I don’t even own a table. Or furniture. In fact, I’m sitting on a homeless guy’s back right now. I pay him in Doritos.

NOTE: If I dressed in drag, do you think Charlize Theron would let me smack her ass? You know, without pressing charges or pepper spraying me in the nostril.

Photos: Pacific Coast News