Charlize Theron, let me help you with that

May 17th, 2010 // 62 Comments

Here’s Charlize Theron shopping in West Hollywood yesterday and I’m pretty sure that has to be one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve never wanted to be Keanu Reeves before, but apparently the mentally handicapped are stealing all the hot ass. Is this how you repay us for all those high fives? I’ll kill you!

Photos: Flynet

  1. ginger

    almost first.

  2. ginger

    shit fuck damn, i was first!!!

  3. Cindy

    Thirdston B. Howell the 3rd!

  4. Hugh Jorgan

    On the FORTH day night and day was created

  5. ppl

    she’s old. She just doesn’t know it yet, hiding behind those dark shades and chemical burns…

  6. bahlder


  7. Artists United Against Apartheid Actors

    1 “star” who does nothing for me. Weak chin, palid skin, high hairline, no chest, no muscle tone.

  8. codiacbear

    what a beautiful woman.

  9. yeah she’s fine…

  10. I was able to see a pre-screening of this movie thoroughly enjoyed it.

  11. wow..what a nice view!

  12. friendlyfires

    anything without Lohan is manna to this mutha’

  13. timber

    Damn, she is hot.
    And damn, you “first”, “second”, “third” people are retarded.

  14. Let’s get Grillin’!

    No, I’m just thankful it’s not a “without makeup” picture. *shudder*

  15. Theron Ice play essentially the sex kitten again, but she demurred, further displaying his versatility with an about-face the marriage of the girl Prissy mind of a drummer (Tom Everett Scott) in Tom Hanks' directorial debut, That Thing You Do! (1996).

  16. Jack Mehoff

    She looks pretty good but could use a little more muscle tone. I would still love to sniff her cornhole.

  17. captain america

    ……..thoughts of “Lifting”?

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  19. cc

    Yay for Monday morning and Charlize’s legs and ass.

  20. dude

    i want those thighs wrapped around my neck….

  21. who makes those sunglasses?

  22. See Alice

    Nice Wheels !

  23. ROUGH never sleeps

    Yeah charlize, let’s see your make up artist ugly those up, in the name of Oscar…

    And she got 2 sniffs up from me too.

  24. Fig

    Shes the most perfect creature. that face and those legs… damn!!

  25. whew! those are some nice legs!

  26. fsdfsdfsdf very nice

  27. IT'S MINE

    Are you sure that’s not KIM KARDASHIAN’S butt??? Not bad for someone I’ve never, ever heard of before.

  28. UrbanBee

    legs perfection

  29. Parker

    It’s like I woke up and found it’s my birthday. These pictures are the kind of pictures priest use to prve there is a god. Speaking of god, god would I like to plant a stiff one in her tight little ass. If that can somehow be arranged without too much trouble then I’d appreciate it amigo. Hot stuffed buns would look so good on her.

  30. pappy

    the movie monster ruined her for me… :(

  31. pappy

    the movie monster ruined her for me… :(

  32. s. hemp mergatroid

    GREAT pic, but you realize that the pap didn’t exactly catch the shot through any skill/craftiness on his part, right? charlize was totally doing the “exaggerated bending over” thing on purpose. a little publicity jump-start never hurts, right?

    i mean, c’mon, seriously. shit this good doesn’t happen on accident. this one? it’s like I’m watching Benny Hill….

  33. Taz

    nice stems

  34. Kangaroo

    She’s neat.

  35. Nero


  36. Darth

    Good girl!? Where’s the crate of beer!?

  37. sborrainboc

    faaaaaaap faaaaaaaap faaaaaaaaap

  38. Gando

    I would be standing always right there behind my wifey ofcourse if i was her husband ..

  39. My god she is beautiful……… I would totally buter her bread….no homo :)

  40. jimmy carter

    hey, do you know those french pastry things called brioche? they have a ball on the top, and the rest looks like a muffin. what if you warmed and buttered one up, and stuck the ball part in her ass, then fucked the part sticking our of her ass? i think that would be pretty cool. thoughts?

  41. Tek

    Not bad. Not bad at all. More please cuz not only is she nice to look at, but she’s actually a star (meaning that she’s worth writing about.)

  42. This is really interesting.

  43. Creature

    Can I make fuck with she?

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