Charlize Theron is one of us

September 25th, 2008 // 59 Comments

While doing press for her new movie Battle in Seattle, Charlize Theron told Josh Horowitz of that she can’t figure out why the hell people watch The Hills:

Theron: [Long pause, laughs.] So I watched a couple episodes. I was doing a world tour at the time, so I watched them in a couple languages. I realized that this f—ing show is huge. Now I’m going to ask you a question: Why?
MTV: Why what?
Theron: Why is it so big? It’s about nothing! This is a free country. Freedom of speech! You can tell me right now to my face that “Reindeer Games” was a piece of sh–. That’s totally fine. But “The Hills” is about nothing. I think the girls are beautiful and when they cry their mascara runs and that’s real, but I don’t get it!

Charlize Theron: Smoking hot and hates The Hills. I don’t want to alarm anybody, but I have an erection. Don’t panic; it’s more scared of you than you are of it.


  1. Nathiest

    I liked “Reindeer Games” I thought it was a good watch one time movie and CT showed her tits so whats not to like?

    The Hills…… wtf is that? Never heard of it.

  2. HorribleJudgment

    Theron is massively fucking boring. Oh my God, she made a “stand” by saying she doesn’t like The Hills. How fucking original. Reindeer Games was a piece of shit. Go suck an egg.

  3. NY Ted

    This is the most fucking serious statement I have ever made in my life!

    Charlize…will you pretty fucking please marry me…???

    I’ll await your reply sugar-pie-honey-bunch…!

  4. sarah

    I have such a girl crush on her – and this, is just another reason to love her.

  5. Lola

    Brian T what’s your problem with south african’s? Trust me, Charlize is not ashamed of where she comes from.

  6. Fashion Nazi

    who advised her she wears pink lipstick & knee revealling skirts well?

    that stylist should be given the death penalty

  7. Fashion Nazi

    who advised her she wears pink lipstick & knee revealing skirts well?

    that stylist should be given the death penalty

  8. cold hearted speech

    i have no idea about what is this ”The hill’s”show ’cause i’ve never actually saw it,but i’ve seen charlize and i have a very bad and not romantic image of her in my mind.I mean she thinks that she’s got to behave like a diva to everyone person she meets and that is so very boring.The cold hearted ugly looking cocksu**er bitch is so passe??or what?sure we meet that kind of attitude in pets and not in real people.Real people have feelings which seem to be normal , we never say ”hey my mom is a hero ,she killed my father who by the way belonged to the garbage,he was nothing!”I just don’t understand who she thinks she is to critisize people like that.I’m sorry but I don’t think she is a nice person at all ,she probably doesn’t have the brain to think what is good or bad and that’s what it makes her an hypocrite.She doesn’t have deep feelings for noone is she?that’s what it makes her a pet,so similar to a fat fat healthy pekinoua for example.She also barks a lot!

  9. Frankly_my_dear_I_don't_give_a_damn!

    she knows she sucks ,she doesn’t think that noone give a shit about her movies or anything and it’s better that she doesn’t think that!The only talent she has is to scream !!!!!!

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