Charlize Theron gets her bikini on


Charlize Theron was spotted in her bikini hanging out at a Malibu beach over the weekend. And she has a nice body and all, but from the neck up she’s starting to look like an old homeless woman. People with millions of dollars shouldn’t have hair that looks like that. People with twelve dollars shouldn’t have hair that looks like that. It’s like instead of using a brush in the morning she just rubs her hair down with garbage.

charlize-theron-beach-malibu-02-thumb.jpg charlize-theron-beach-malibu-03-thumb.jpg charlize-theron-beach-malibu-04-thumb.jpg charlize-theron-beach-malibu-05-thumb.jpg charlize-theron-beach-malibu-06-thumb.jpg charlize-theron-beach-malibu-07-thumb.jpg charlize-theron-beach-malibu-08-thumb.jpg charlize-theron-beach-malibu-10-thumb.jpg