Charlize Theron gets her bikini on

March 13th, 2007 // 49 Comments

Charlize Theron was spotted in her bikini hanging out at a Malibu beach over the weekend. And she has a nice body and all, but from the neck up she’s starting to look like an old homeless woman. People with millions of dollars shouldn’t have hair that looks like that. People with twelve dollars shouldn’t have hair that looks like that. It’s like instead of using a brush in the morning she just rubs her hair down with garbage.

charlize-theron-beach-malibu-02-thumb.jpg charlize-theron-beach-malibu-03-thumb.jpg charlize-theron-beach-malibu-04-thumb.jpg charlize-theron-beach-malibu-05-thumb.jpg charlize-theron-beach-malibu-06-thumb.jpg charlize-theron-beach-malibu-07-thumb.jpg charlize-theron-beach-malibu-08-thumb.jpg charlize-theron-beach-malibu-10-thumb.jpg


  1. TrippyGoogler


  2. TrippyGoogler

    I never thought I’d be lame enough to do that, but damn it IS exciting!

  3. She was good in “Sweet November” (even tho Reeves carried the movie) and that was it! And she played a frumpy hippie, which is the only way she looks decent! Aeon Flux was tolerable, but if it weren’t for the prior cartoon series on MTV, that would have bombed…

  4. I thought dogs weren’t allowed on the beaches in Califorinia?

  5. BarbadoSlim


    that is one nice looking dog, probably on a Purina One diet.

  6. Where was the paparazzi photographer standing when he took the pics, Redondo Beach with a 5000mm lense?

  7. endometriorama

    huh? i think she’s hot

  8. FMeRunning

    Jesus, could we have something on this site besides bikini shots?

  9. shanonorato

    Bad hair aside, she’s a beautiful woman and she keeps a low profile. She’s not skanky like most of the people we see on here.

  10. p911gt10c

    but see, once you’ve done Playboy, you can let yourself go cause then it’s on record that at one point, you were hot…except her pussy wasn’t shaved when she shaved….

    I’d still hit it.

  11. p911gt10c

    you were hot…except her pussy wasn’t shaved when she posed….

  12. BarbadoSlim

    Charlize is ‘aight.

    And I agree with #6, where the fuck was this guy? Must’ve been in orbit somewhere near Pluto to get this shitty shot.

  13. jpjrocks

    I’d pay 5 bucks to see her do the dog.

  14. rrd

    how can you say she has a nice body when you just said that Evangeline has no curves? This chick has no curves. Personally I think they both have nioce bodies.

  15. BarbadoSlim

    Make that $10, #13 I want some of that action, I’ll throw in another $5 if you throw in a midget wearing a sombrero.

  16. BarbadoSlim

    That’s cause Evangeline is a tranny.

    Get over it.

  17. 86

    Watching paint dry might be more interesting.

  18. schack

    crackle paint, especially!

    UMMM- i kind of doubt that this is charlize theron at all. i think we’re being BABOOZLED

  19. elf

    are you sure thats her? i didnt realize she was so thin…she’s a classy lady:)

  20. schack

    i loved her in the devil’s advocate.

  21. DrPhowstus

    Some tits, some tits, my kingdom for some tits.

  22. lambman

    The Superficial guy is gay, it has now been confirmed. Bikini pictures of one of the most beautiful and successful actresses in the world pop up and he talks about her hair?

    All that talk of banging supermodels is clearly overcompensation for his latent homosexuality.

  23. whackjob

    in which the caption for the photo with the dog’s upturned face reads: “Jeez lady, yer breath smells like ass”

  24. Hemlock Queen

    Boooring! Who cares if she’s having a bad hair day. Throw us a real bone fish!

  25. BarbadoSlim

    The quality of the Fishdoode’s writing has gone down CONSIDERABLY as of late.

  26. Fifth Stooge

    We need sid to write the posts.

  27. Lowlands

    The dog’s haircut looks indeed better.

  28. MrSemprini

    #22, better latent than never…

    Charlize, you need to gain some weight. You are skin and bone and your sweater kittens are just a meow. Either gain some weight or go see Dr. 90210.

  29. veggi

    that’s not her. thats me. damn i look hot.

  30. jesseeca

    who cares if her hair is messy. it’s the damn beach! maybe she went in the water? i know that’s hard to believe that she doesn’t have a hairsytlist like Ken Paves to blow her hair out every minute of the day.

    what’s more disturbing is neat hair at the beach & 20lbs of make-up.

  31. Lowlands

    The dog must be thinking she’s a poodlebitch.

  32. TashaVin`

    …If she gains weight, you’ll call her fat. She’s Hot!!

  33. HollyJ

    bad hair or not

    (my nod to Seuss)

  34. rrd

    wait. doesn’t she have blonde hair?

  35. mrs.t

    Shit. I was feeling so terrific about the killer ab work I did this morning, and now I’m faced with THIS. I’m not even going to go to the obvious “Let’s see her after four pregnancies…”, because it’s clear that she is genetically superior to me.

  36. imran karim

    what’s she sitting on

    imran karim

  37. whitegold

    she looks hot, neck down.

    isn’t she the girl that used to have the blonde hair? she looked way better as a blonde (assuming i’m thinking of the right person)!

  38. velveethra

    Zow. She looks incredible. Damn her to South Africa and back.

  39. kamihi

    small boobies but great legs is what strikes me.

  40. I WOULD PUNISH HER! she would be my slave whore.


  41. licklick

    Still trying to figure out which one I’d rather fuck, the dog or her.

    I imagine the pillow talk would be more interesting with the dog.

  42. milk*n*cupcakes

    That is not Charlize Theron

  43. k naz

    how is this in any way clear to be charlize theron……….it’s far enough away where it could be her but far away even lindsay lohan looks decent

  44. DrDanny

    I certainly hope you didn’t pay for those horrid photos.

  45. lovescontroversy1

    @30. i couldn’t agree more… perfectly styled hair, etc. would be ridiculous in this setting. i don’t see how anyone can deny this woman is a natural beauty.

    secondly, everyone stop hating on Fish. His writing style is uniques, hysterical and the reason i am hooked on this site. if you don’t like it… well let’s see, there are plenty more. i hear perez has his own “fabulous” page as well.

  46. Meritocrat

    WTF, only retards style their hair to go to the beach. Get over it.

  47. pancakes

    she’s lookin more+more like her character in monster every day..yuck.

  48. Vanessa

    She keeps a low profile hmm?All right .That’s why she is posing naked all the time and for no other reason except money, and of course her vanity.She is not pretty and her mind is filthy ,oh unless you buy her stories and you are that naive!

  49. Voukefalas

    lampman are YOU REALLY BLIND ?I doubt it!I think you’re joking!ha,ha,ha!THAT WOMAN LOOKS LIKE A MONSTER EVERYDAY.LET’S FACE IT !she was born ugly and repulsive and all the things she does are repulsive too.It’s a pitty!She should learn to be more calm like all we normal people are and have the maturity and the carriege to stop bothering people with her nonsense and just act like an actress and not as a whore.We realize what she is but she has to learn to have patience too and realize that she should behave like a human being and not like a sick jealous bitch who is desperated for more money, money ,money and fake ”glory” !

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